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When the Purple Robe Fox King heard Ruo Yu's words, his entire body trembled. Seeing her expression, Ruo Yu also frowned, not knowing what kind of illness she was suffering from. Before Ruo Yu and the others could react, the purple-clothed fox king flew towards the prison where Wen Zheng was imprisoned with a "sou" sound.

"Quick, follow him. Don't let him play any tricks." Ruo Yu hurriedly shouted to the three people behind her, and her body flashed as she followed them.

In Wen Zheng's cell, only Wen Zheng, who was tied to the cross, was left. His clothes were all torn by the whip and his body was covered in blood, but not a single drop of it flowed out. When Ruo Yu arrived, she discovered that the purple-clothed fox king was standing there, staring straight at the wounded man in front of her. Soon after, Black Bear and the other two arrived as well. When Black Bear saw Wen Zheng throw out the whip, his face was immediately filled with anger. "Forcing his ancestors to do this, they are truly ruthless. They actually used the skin of a drum beast as a whip to beat the boss."

The Drum Beast lived in the northern part of the Divine Continent, it was an expert in tail attacks. Once its tail swept over its body, a heart wrenching pain was inevitable, the blood under the skin would instantly congeal and turn into a highly toxic blood clot. If it did not expel the poison in time, the poison would travel through the entire body's meridians, and in the end, its entire body would itch until it died.

When they heard that Wen Zheng's strange injuries had been caused by the tail of the Northern Drum Beast, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Wen Zheng's entire body was large and small, almost a hundred times larger than normal, just how much perseverance would he need to have, if his willpower was slightly weaker, he would definitely be a corpse now. Zhu Xing'er looked at Wen Zheng, unable to hold back her tears. He slowly walked up to Wen Zheng and gently caressed the bulging bumps on his body. His body couldn't help but tremble slightly.

"Tell me, why did you let us go? If you capture us here, we'll be fine, right? "You're so stupid."

"Girl, you, you don't hate me anymore, do you?"

"I don't. I've never hated you. I just wanted you to get back on the right track."

"It's fine ? Ruyu, you have ? you have the Samadhi True Fire in your body, so you can use it to neutralize the poison in my body," Wen Zheng said in an intermittent manner.

"Young master, hold it in." After Ruo Yu said that, she extended out her hand and a purple flame appeared on her palm. Not long later, it turned into a hand emitting purple flame, the moment her hand touched Wen Zheng's body, a stench quickly filled the entire prison.

"S!" "It hurts, it hurts!" Wen Zheng screamed at the sky in pain.

Luo Yu's palm gently caressed Wen Zheng's body, the moment the bulging blood clot made contact with the purple fire palm, it immediately disappeared with a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, she caressed Wen Zheng's body, her face was red, there were no injuries on her body, only she had the Samsara True Fire, so she was the only one who healed.

Ah ? uh ? puu!

"Brother Chen!"

Wen Zheng spat out a mouthful of black blood, falling into a coma due to excessive pain. Before falling unconscious, he clearly heard Zhu Xing'er call out 'Chen-ge', a name that belonged solely to him from his previous life.

By the time Ruyu had expelled all the poison from Wen Zheng's body, he was already drenched in sweat. After casting the Heart Cleansing Curse, Wen Zheng slowly woke up. Seeing Zhu Xing'er at the side, he was just about to speak, but was interrupted by Ruyu, "That Changping King must have received the news of the jailbreak. There's no time to lose, let's go."

Wen Zheng nodded and let Black Bear carry him. The few of them quickly ran to the entrance of the prison.

"The main street of Cao Zhou is in chaos." Wen Zhengzheng was in the middle of breaking out of prison when he saw someone reporting and received a bounty of 100 taels. "A general led his soldiers and cried out as he walked.

Looking at the streets full of soldiers and soldiers, the few of them hiding at a corner, Black Bear raised his axe and was about to go kill, but he was stopped by the Purple Robed Fox King. Seeing the purple clothed fox King following him, Wen Zheng asked in confusion, "What is this?"

"I-I'm Zi Yi, you don't recognize me? That smiling fox that you saved two thousand years ago. " The purple-clothed fox king said excitedly.

"Purple Robe." "?" Wen Zheng didn't seem to remember. At this moment, a jade hand patted Wen Zheng's shoulder. Everyone jumped in fright. When they turned around, they saw it was Miss Shui who was saved by Wen Zheng on the street some time ago.

Last time Wen was taking Miss Shui home, she found her cousin a few days ago, so she went to her cousin's house. She didn't expect to appear at this time.

"Follow me." Shui Ruo knew that now was not the time to speak, she said a few words softly and turned to leave, Wen Zheng and the others following behind her. After a few alleys, Miss Shui stopped at a house and opened the door. The few of them quickly entered the yard and entered a simple and crude yard. They entered the house but there were only a few daily necessities inside.

"Ladies and gentlemen, don't mind this humble house. This is all that can be done for repaying my kindness. Rest here for the time being, I'll go and prepare some food for you."

Seeing that Shui Fangwen had left, Wen Zheng closed his eyes and recovered his true qi. The others were bored and all looked towards the purple clothed fox king to see what was going on. Why did it suddenly change so much?

So it turned out that two thousand years ago, the purple clothed fox King was still just a little fox and was shot by a hunter, dying. Coincidentally, Wen Zheng's first lifetime passed by and saved her life, and at that time, he just so happened to have the Demon Soul Sword in his hand. When he found out that the Demon Soul Sword was only in the hands of the Demon Ancestor Demons, he began to search for it. Although she knew that her strength was nothing in his eyes, she had always been searching, but she did not know that at that time, there was no longer a Demon Soldier, and just like that, after looking for a thousand years, when he saw the Demon Soul Sword today, he thought that Ruo Yu was the person he was looking for. He never thought that the person he was looking for would be the one that had given him a second life.

As soon as his voice fell, Black Bear shouted, "You damn transvestite, then are you male or female?" With just one sentence, the purple-clothed fox king's face turned red. It was so shy that it lowered its head to the ground. However, this expression, when placed on a face full of whiskers, was extremely awkward.

"I was originally a female fox, but I used many spells to ask me to find a body with heavy yin qi every two hundred years to place my soul, or else I would turn into a demon beast again. This body looks like a man's, but the yin qi is extremely dense, and at that time I could not find a more suitable body, so I used it. The purple-clothed fox king calmed down slightly as he said this.

"Then how did you work for King Changping? It's impossible for a magical beast like you to do matters of life for humans, right? " Ruyu asked.

"This body of mine was found for me by King Changping's great-grandfather. I promised him that as long as I found a good body, I would agree to three things. Today is the third, but I didn't expect to meet him." The purple-clothed fox king laughed bitterly.

After a while, Wen Zheng woke up. He did not consume much true energy, so he recovered his full strength. However, his body was still feeling weak.

"It seems that I have to restore my Zhen Qi as soon as possible and find the devil soul orb. With just my Xiantian Zhen Qi, there is no hope for revenge." Letting out a breath of foul air, Wen Zheng said slowly.

She looked at Zhu Xing'er. At this moment, she was looking at him with a face full of worry, smiling faintly.

"How do you remember?"

Years ago, when I jumped down, Grandma Meng wasn't paying attention, so I threw up.

"No wonder you have been accompanying me for the past 80 years. I thought that because you drank too little, the effects would only take effect after you were reincarnated as a human."

At the side, Zhu Gui was confused by what he heard. "What are you all talking about?" Drink medicine? Samsara Tunnel? Second Young Master, you aren't beaten silly? "

"Haha, you will understand in the future."

"The food is here, the house is simple and there are no good dishes. Please enjoy your meal." Shui Ruo carried the dishes into the house.

"Eat quickly, leave after you're done eating. You can't give Miss Shui any more trouble." Hearing Wen Zheng's words, Shui Fang Wen's eyes became misty, "Gongzi, I owed you a great favor, and this death was also because of me, so you should stay here. Although my cousin's family isn't too rich, he can still support you."

"Miss Shui, that is not what I meant. If that Changping King finds out, he will definitely hold you accountable. If he finds out that I only acted because of you that day, you will be killed. "Besides, if you don't think about you, you have to think about your cousin. How many taels of silver can an honest and well-behaved citizen get this year? If your parents entrust you to him, how are you going to keep him alive if anything happens to you?" Wen Zheng advised.

"But Young Master."

"No need for 'but', you have already been surrounded." At this moment, an explosive shout sounded out from outside the courtyard. When Black Bear heard this, he picked up his axe and was about to rush out, but he was stopped by Wen Zheng.

"Judging from the sound, it seems to be Lieutenant Lei. He should be fine."

The yard's door opened, but it was only the people of the Thunder Du Family. Everyone was filled with suspicion, and only Wen Zheng smiled without saying a word.

"Bro, Cao Zhou City has already been completely sealed up by that old bastard Chang Ping. I know a place that can let me out of the city. Are you willing?"


"Have you forgotten how we used to play here and there when we were kids?" When he was young, Lei Ming, who was five years older than him, would often bring them around Cao Zhou City. Although Wen Zheng had memories from his previous life, he would still follow them around crazily and play at a place with a dog hole in the east city gate. After pondering for a long time, Wen Zheng gritted his teeth and said, "Fine!" "Drill the dog hole!"

After changing into the soldier attire that Lei Ming had brought for them, they bid farewell to Shui Fangwen and headed towards the east gate. Along the way, they met many soldiers, but when they saw Lei Ming walking in front of them, they bowed and continued to look for their path.

As he walked to the unremarkable corner of the east gate, he looked around to see that there was no one around. Lei Ming quickly opened the dog hole blocked by a rock, took a look at Wen Zheng, then gritted his teeth and crawled out first. Everything was fine, only Black Bear was stuck there. After saying that, without waiting for his reply, she turned around and left.

"Today's humiliation, the next time I come back, I will return it a thousand times over! King Changping!" Wen Zheng's words resounded in his heart, but no one noticed that a teardrop had fallen from his eyes.

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