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Hearing Wen Zheng agree, Scroll laughed honestly and began to train. Wen Zheng told them in detail about how to get lucky, how to let the Qi flow through the muscles and veins, and how to send the Qi back into the dantian. Then, he jumped onto the white poplar tree, sat down cross-legged, and entered into a meditative state.

At this moment, Wen Zheng's body was frantically absorbing the energy between heaven and earth. The energy absorbed by his body turned into two tiny qi dragons, one on the left and one on the right. They entered Wen Zheng's body through his veins and then fiercely collided with him.

Boom!" When Wen Zheng saw this, he was shocked. However, after a moment of shock, it gradually turned into joy because the scattered veins were healed again, and compared to the previous time, they were much thicker and more spacious. Then, another two qi dragons clashed, and the veins once again relaxed and healed... He repeated this process over and over again. After an unknown period of time, Wen Zheng continued to grind his teeth and endure with great difficulty.

Old Zhu and Scroll would always feel comfortable when they saw Wen Zheng's expression change. One moment it was ugly, the next moment it was comfortable. The skin on their faces undulated up and down like waves, causing the two of them to be shocked, thinking that Wen Zheng's cultivation had gone berserk. They immediately called out "Brother Wen" and ran towards the bottom of the white poplar tree, but before they were even one meter away from the white poplar tree, they heard a loud bang. Just like that, Sui Xiong was sent flying out.

Look at Wen Zheng." At Wen Zheng's forehead, a golden light gradually expanded and turned into a golden flame moments later. The flame broke away from Wen Zheng and gradually took human form; it was Xiao Jin who had overexerted himself and fell into a coma. Wen Zheng felt a little better as the Heaven Flame zhenqi slowly entered his body to protect him. His complexion also gradually regained its rosy color.

Suddenly, a qi dragon that was even more motherly than before shocked even Xiao Jin. It was good that Wen Zheng was able to survive, but if he couldn't, then he would probably stay here and become a cripple!

When he thought of this, Xiao Jin protected Wen Zheng with all his might. The two Qi dragons clashed, making a loud noise. Wen Zheng felt the world spin around him, and gradually, he lost his intuition, while Old Zhu and Old Zhu both looked at Wen Zheng without moving. At this moment, Wen Zheng's clothes were completely shredded, revealing his fiery red skin as he fell face down.

"Ah, Brother Wen!" Both of them turned pale with fright. They hurriedly ran over to catch it, but they were still sent flying far away.

Wen Zheng fell face first onto the ground. Fortunately, Xiao Jin had woken up. With Xiao Jin's protection, he didn't suffer any injuries. However, Wen Zheng's body was currently in a mess.

Seeing Wen Zheng fall, the two of them hurried forward again, but with the previous lesson, the two of them did not dare to casually rush forward, they were very careful, but this time they did not get blown away, Wen Zheng was already unconscious, the technique he used was naturally useless, he picked Wen Zheng up and was about to leave, when Wen Zheng suddenly opened his eyes and jumped down from Old Zhu's hand, quickly sitting cross-legged.

The two of them were confused and could only look at Wen Zheng from the side.

At this time, in the distant village of Zhang Jiawan, dozens of people were walking. The leader of the group had a fierce-looking face, and he didn't look like a good person at all.

"Haha, I never thought that there would be such a hidden paradise in this mountain!" The man laughed heartily and waved his hand. All of his subordinates understood and ran into the village to grab everyone who was at home.

Wen Zheng sat on the floor. His muscles and veins had reached an unprecedented level, and his true qi had reached its peak state. Wen Zheng knew that the time had come for him to advance!

In the past, when he absorbed spiritual energy, he would try to filter out the spiritual energy. Those that weren't too good were all rejected by the spiritual energy outside his body, but this time, he didn't do so and continued to absorb the spiritual energy like crazy. Gradually, the clouds in the sky changed to a dark red color. Old Zhu and Old Li both vaguely understood that it was due to Wen Zheng.

In the village, Old Master Zhang and the red-clothed people were all pulled out by those villains. When they suddenly saw the change in the sky, everyone was shocked and didn't know what happened. The dark red blood clouds gradually converged together, turning into a crimson pillar of light. As it flowed down, the red clothed people could see that they were more nervous than the rest.

"That's where Brother Wen is!" The red-clothed man screamed and ran towards that direction, disregarding everything else. However, he was stopped by that evil young master.

"Yo, you're so beautiful. Let me laugh!" The evil young master's voice was so loud that he was about to pull the red dress away. The red dress struggled as it broke free from his grasp and ran towards the forest.

Seeing the red clothed man run, the evil gongzi didn't hurry to chase after him. Right now, the mountain was being surrounded by their heavy soldiers. Was he still afraid that the evil gongzi would run away?

The two elders did not know what it was and thought it was bad for Wen Zheng so they quickly tried to stop him. However, no matter what, they could not enter even an inch around Wen Zheng's body. Instead, under Wen Zheng's powerful aura, they quickly retreated, and within a short while, they were dozens of meters away from Wen Zheng.

Feeling the powerful aura filling his body, Wen Zheng forcefully suppressed the happiness in his heart as he slowly refined the dark red pillar of light that had entered his body. After a long time, he managed to temporarily suppress the dark red pillar of light into Zhen Qi. When he opened his eyes, he saw the two anxiously gazing at him.

"Eh, where's Scroll and the others?" Wen Zheng asked doubtfully.

"Big Brother Wen, this is bad. A group of villains came from the village and wanted us to move away immediately. Otherwise, we would set this place on fire. Honest Qi has passed!" Noticing Wen Zheng opening his eyes, the red-clothed man hurriedly said.

"Let's go!" Without a word, Wen Zheng got up and walked into the village.

"If you don't say anything, I'll start killing!" The man said fiercely.

"You f * cker, if I cut you into a thousand pieces, you will definitely receive your retribution!" An old man said.

"F * ck off, your father will be punished by the heavens. Let me tell you, your father is the crown prince!" The man kicked the old man away just in time to be seen by Wen Zheng and the others who had rushed over.

"Mother!" When Old Zhu saw that the old man was his own mother, he let out a loud cry and was about to rush forward, but Wen Zheng stopped him. Wen Zheng walked over slowly and stared at him. "You are the crown prince? I heard that the current Emperor Wen Zheng is only around 20, so how could he have a son that's your age? "

"Pfft, what does Wen Zheng count as? "I don't mind telling you, my father, the Governor of Zhengzhou. He has already discussed this with the officials of Kaizhou and Danzhou. The secret military training and the killing of Wen Zheng are very suitable for our military training." When the evil man heard Wen Zheng mention Wen Zheng, his face was filled with disdain. In his heart, Wen Zheng was just using his unorthodox methods to win. As long as he trained his troops, killing Wen Zheng would be no different from killing a chicken.

"You are that confident that you can kill Wen Zheng? "What if his martial arts is very good?" Wen Zheng asked with a smile.

"What the f * ck are you talking to me like that?" The evil man did not tire of listening to Wen Zheng's questions.

"Sorry, if I remember correctly, my name seems to be Wen Zheng!" Wen Zheng said with a smile.

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