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When Wen Zheng said that he was Wen Zheng, that evil man laughed heartily.

"With just you? "Haha, I'm dying of laughter!" The evil man clutched his stomach and laughed loudly.

"Old Zhu, give me your Ninetooth Nail Rake!" Wen Zhengchao and Old Zhu said, and Old Zhu threw it to Wen Zheng. Looking at the rake in his hand, Wen Zheng continued, "Alright then, it's fine if you don't believe it. It's not impossible for them to leave. As long as you can catch this rake, we'll evacuate. What do you say?"

"Scram!" You do not have the qualifications to negotiate with me right now! " The man cursed again and was about to fight with Wen Zheng. In his opinion, Wen Zheng's frail body was like a gust of wind, and he would probably lose Wen Zheng's life with a single punch.

Usually, Wen Zheng would scold someone else, but today, he was scolded so many times by this person that Wen Zheng's heart had reached its limit. Just as he was about to make a move, he heard Old Master Zhang's voice behind him, "Young master, do not make a move. Let's leave. Please do not injure anyone!"

Wen Zheng shook his head. Master Zhang was too kind, so he turned to Master Zhang and said, "Master Zhang, you don't have to worry about it. Don't worry, I'm fine!" After he finished speaking, the Demon God's Qi was released from his body, enveloping the subordinates of the evil men who were standing there. Not long later, the zhen Qi dissipated, but those subordinates were gone.

"I said that those who bully the kind will die!" Wen Zheng said in a cold voice, without a trace of emotion.

"You, you really are righteous!" The man didn't show the slightest arrogance as he stammered and pointed at Wen Zhengdao. Upon seeing Wen Xun nod his head, the man abruptly kneeled on the floor and kowtowed as though he was kowtowing.

"Do you know that you scold me the most in this world? In order to show that you have provided me with this information, I can give you a chance. As long as you can catch this iron rake, you can leave!" Wen Zheng said coldly.

He stretched out his hand and waited for Wen Zheng to give him the nail rake and place the rake in the man's hand. Wen Zheng smiled and said in a voice that could be heard by both men, "Those who oppose me will not even have the chance to be reborn!" After he finished speaking, without waiting for the man's reaction, he let go and dropped the nail rake into the man's hand. He didn't even make a sound before being crushed into meat paste.

"Prince Wen, aren't you being too ruthless?" Master Zhang could not help but ask.

"Don't talk about mercy when dealing with these evil people. Do you really think that your ending will be better than mine when I'm not here today?" To even hit an eighty year old man, I really don't know if he has any humanity left! " Wen Zheng said and turned to leave.

Looking at Wen Zheng's back, Master Zhang suddenly had a new opinion of Wen Zheng who looked like a boy. As for Wen Zheng's words just now, Master Zhang was slowly nodding in his heart.

When he arrived at a place where no one was around, Wen Zheng sent out his Spiritual Force. Not long later, an illusionary shadow floated before his eyes.

"Young master, you've entered the demonic energy!" The shadow said excitedly. He knew that the people who could contact him in this way were all at least at the Quasi-demon god level, and to him, Wen Zheng's strength was even higher than his own Quasi-demon god level.

"Yes, Situ. Are there any matters at home?" This shadow belonged to Old Man Dugu, Situ Ya.

"No, what can happen now? The entire Central Region is in our hands. The next step is to advance towards the East, South, West, and North regions!" Situ Ya said.

"En, it's good that you're fine. Later, you can discuss this with Wang Yun and tell him that Kaizhou, Danzhou, Zhengzhou, and Zhengzhou are going to rebel. You can think of a way to eliminate them yourselves!" Wen Zheng was still fuming over what had just happened. Without waiting for Situ Bu Fang's reaction, he immediately withdrew his mental energy.

"Pan Gu, this is the human you brought out!" Wen Zheng said as he stared at the sky with a pair of blood-red eyes. He thought back to the past, when humans were under his rule, they could not say that they were all innocent and kind, but none of them had malicious intents.

"Brother Wen, Old Zhu's mother can't take it anymore!" The red robed man's anxious voice rang out from behind Wen Zheng. When Wen Zheng heard it, he hurriedly got up and walked over to Old Zhu's house. Old Zhu knew that he was very filial. If his mother died, it would be a huge blow to Old Zhu.

"Mother, look at your son. Mother, your son has promised you that he will never be greedy again. Mother!" Even before entering the house, Wen Zheng could hear Old Zhu's heart-wrenching voice.

The veins in the old man's body had already aged a long time ago, and he was kicked by the man. He could not cure it at all, so he looked at Old Zhu helplessly. At this time, Old Zhu was also staring at Wen Zheng with his eyes wide open, wanting to hear what he had just heard from Wen Zheng. However, Wen Zheng had let him down and shook his head helplessly.

"Mother!" The entire Zhang Jia Wan heard Old Zhu's shout.

That night, the old man passed away. When he passed away, he even said that the thing she regretted the most in her life was not to see her daughter-in-law. However, the old man didn't know how big of a mistake his son would make with her words ? In the open field, there was a new grave, which belonged to Zhu's mother, and now Zhu was kneeling there. The old man had been dead for almost six days, but Zhu had not taken a drop of tea, and he had been kneeling there ever since the old man was buried three days ago, not moving, not speaking, not crying. His tears had dried. His mother had brought him up at the age of forty, his father had died at the age of five, and for the past forty years, he and his mother had relied on each other for support. His mother had painstakingly brought him up, and he could still vaguely remember being in his mother's arms when he was young, listening to her tell stories.

"Mother, when I grow up, I'll definitely become a marshal and let you enjoy life of luxury!" That was what Zhu had said to his mother at the time, but he had not fulfilled his oath to his mother. Or rather, his mother had left before he had even made it.

"Sigh!" All grass and trees are ready! " Wen Zheng let out a light sigh and suddenly cast a low level wood type spell. After he cast the spell, the plants all turned into a single person. Under Wen Zheng's guidance, they all knelt on the ground.

"Water!" "Ning!" Wen Zheng called out again, and the sky gradually became filled with dark clouds.

"Go!" With another loud shout, snow began to fall from the sky. Not long after, the world turned into a vast expanse of white.

"Big Brother Zhu, take a look at how many people have dressed themselves in mourning for the madame!" Wen Zheng patted Old Zhu's shoulder and said.

Old Zhu looked around and saw a crowd of people kneeling on the ground. Snow was falling on them as if they were in mourning. Further away, everything in the world was covered in white.

"They are all here to see the madame off!" Wen Zheng said.

"Thank you, brother!" Old Zhu choked with emotion and said gratefully to Wen Zheng.

"Madame!" You can go! I will definitely make your son good! "All living things in the world, listen to my commands and bow to my old lady!" Wen Zheng shouted as he knelt down towards the old mistress' grave. Those who had been summoned by Wen Zheng also followed suit.

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