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Wen Zheng flew all the way. With his current mana, it didn't take him long to arrive at the bottom of Luoyang City and land. They headed towards the city.

"Stop, what are you doing?" The city guard felt that Wen Zheng looked familiar, but he couldn't recall from where he had seen him, so when he saw Wen Zheng, he shouted for him to stop.

"I'm from outside. I came to Luoyang to play!" Wen Zheng chuckled and placed a silver ingot on his palm. The soldier's eyes lit up when he saw Wen Zheng take out such a silver ingot. He suddenly thought of something and shouted, "Someone, tie him up!"

"Hey hey hey, you didn't even ask why I was tied up?" Wen Zheng asked after hearing this.

"Hmph, after entering Luoyang City, I was only questioning you, yet you're bribing me with such a large amount of silver. Don't you have something on your mind?" The city guard snorted coldly.

"What's wrong? "What's wrong?" At this moment, a voice rang out. A middle-aged man with a slightly fat body, looking like a lieutenant, called out when he saw the people surrounding them. He then looked at Wen Zheng, who was surrounded by soldiers, and his face immediately turned pale.

"Plop!" The middle-aged man knelt on the ground.

"We pay our respects to Your Majesty! He's a recruit, so he doesn't know anything! " The middle-aged man said while kneeling.

"Your majesty?" The surrounding soldiers, passersby, and spectators were all dumbfounded when they heard the lieutenant say that this young man in front of them was the emperor. Who would have thought that this young man in front of them would unite the entire Central Region's Wen Zheng in just a few short months!

The soldier from before had a pale face. How could he be so familiar with this person when he saw him? It turned out that this person was the current emperor.

"Plop!" The soldier was also kneeling on the ground, kowtowing like he was pounding garlic.

"Ha ha!" Wen Zheng laughed as he helped him up. He looked at him with admiration and said, "Your reaction is indeed fast, and it is not easy to react to the temptation of money. With all of you soldiers, I am relieved. Wen Zheng chuckled and walked inside.

"Head, what does the emperor mean by this?" the soldier asked miserably.

The lieutenant slapped the soldier's head, "What do you mean? You're rich! "Damn!" He didn't know whether to be excited or jealous of his subordinates being admired by the emperor.

It was so lively that it was like something big was about to happen. Wen Zheng was walking slowly on the street, it was so lively that something big was about to happen, and in his heart, he thought it must be Liu Legend who scolded him and went back to teach him a lesson. Suddenly, he saw Liu Legend riding over, and when he saw Wen Zheng, he called out, "Do you still have the mood to go shopping?"

Wen Zheng looked at Liu Legend. He still had a nervous expression on his face. He felt uneasy in his heart. "What is going on?"

"You'll know when you get back!" Liu Xin gave Wen Zheng a deep look, seeing him fly towards the palace, he murmured, "I heard from Situ that Miss Zhu is your life, I hope you don't go crazy!" After he finished speaking, he spurred his horse to follow.

"What's wrong? "What's wrong?" After flying into the palace, Wen Zheng shouted loudly. He headed towards the main hall, but there was no one there. Just as he was about to leave, he coincidentally ran into Ying Lan.

"Inlan." What happened? " Wen Zheng asked anxiously.

"Miss Zhu ?" When Ying Lan said the three words' Miss Zhu ', she lowered her head and stopped talking. When Wen Zheng heard this, he heard a loud bang in his head.' Zhu Xing'er is my life. If something were to happen to her, how am I going to let Wen Zheng continue living? ' Wen Zheng grabbed Ying Lan's hand and asked anxiously, "Xing'er, what's wrong with Xing'er?"

"Aiya, you're hurting me!" Inlan tried to struggle free, but Wen Zheng held on tightly.

"Miss Zhu has been captured. Those people are very powerful. Even Situ was no match for them. When they left, they only left this note!" Wang Yun walked over from the back and handed a slip of paper to Wen Zheng. He hastily opened it and saw three words written on it: "I haven't even gone to find you, yet you've already come to provoke me?" Wen Zheng said coldly in his heart. The paper instantly vanished into nothingness.

He turned around and was about to leave when he was pulled by Wang Yun. "Since they took Miss Zhu and left behind this note, I don't think Miss Zhu will be in any danger. Don't worry, you should go see Huangfu girl first!"

"Youqi, what happened to Youqi?" Wen Zhengzheng said.

"Sigh, I don't know why, but it seems as though someone poisoned me and I've been unconscious all along! "Moreover ?" Wang Yun said halfway and then shut his mouth.

"And what about it?" Wen Zheng's bad premonition grew stronger and stronger as he hurriedly turned around and asked.

"Moreover, Huangfu Haoyue's face was cut open by someone. His face was covered with knife marks, making him look miserable! And there's also Princess Tian Xiang, who, for some reason, has become like this, locking herself in her room every day. Even Legends aren't allowed in. " Wang Yun said.

"Hu!" Wen Zheng let out a breath of air, but he was unable to calm down. He had been fine on the phone with Situ Ya, and it had only been a few days, but so many things had happened in succession! He turned around and headed towards Huangfu Youqi's room.

When he pushed the door open and entered, he saw Huangfu Youqi lying there with a face full of blades. Wen Zheng's heart ached; only now did he discover that in his heart, Huangfu Youqi already had a place.

"It's fine, it's fine!" Wen Zheng muttered to himself as he wildly rubbed his hands together. Then, he suddenly recalled that he was now in the presence of a demonic god! Thinking up to this point, dark red true energy appeared and covered Huangfu Youqi's entire face. Waves of true energy deepened, and Wen Zheng's complexion also became increasingly pale. As the true energy gradually became fainter, everyone could vaguely see Zhu Xing'er's face gradually returning to its original appearance.

Taking out the Magic Spring Water and giving it to her, Wen Zheng stood up and sighed, "Alright, it's alright now. Let's go take a look at Tian Xiang!" Wen Zheng spoke very easily, but everyone could hear the suppressed anger in his voice.

Arriving at the Tian Xiang Sect's gate, Wen Zheng signaled for everyone to not enter, including Liu Legend. He opened the door and entered, followed by Ying Lan. However, Wen Zheng glared at her and left her outside the door.

"Tian Xiang, Tian Xiang!" Wen Zheng shouted. He saw that Tian Xiang was rolling up her body and lying on the bed. Hearing Wen Zheng's voice, Tian Xiang's body suddenly shook as she turned around. When she saw Wen Zheng, she quickly jumped out of the bed and threw herself into his arms, crying loudly.

"Brother, why is it like this outside?" I'm not here anymore, I want to go home! " Tian Xiang cried in grievance.

Outside the door, Liu Legend bitterly smiled and rubbed his nose. He had been with Tian Xiang for a while, but she still had feelings for Wen Zheng.

Actually, Tian Xiang was not to be blamed for this. Wen Zheng had played with Tian Xiang since he was young, and now that his father was not by his side, Wen Zhengwen felt like a father to him. Even if Wen Zheng wasn't, he was still a father to Tian Xiang.

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