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"Creak!" Someone pushed open the door and entered. When he saw that it was Ying Lan, the Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant within Wen Zheng's arms began to tremble uncontrollably. What kind of person was Wen Zheng? It could be said that even ten monkeys could not compare to him. He faintly felt that something was wrong, but he didn't reveal it. He glared at Ying Lan and reproached, "Who let you in? Didn't I say that all of you have to stand guard outside? "Get out!"

"I ?" Inlan wanted to say something, but she was glared at by Wen Zheng, and could only retreat. Before she left, she even gave Tian Xiang a deep look.

"Tian Xiang, what's wrong? Is this about Inlan? " Wen Zheng asked hurriedly after Inlan had left.

Tian Xiang shook her head, not saying a word, but Wen Zheng saw her shaking it with great difficulty, and guessed that it must definitely have something to do with Ying Lan. Sighing, Wen Zheng released Tian Xiang from his arms and looked at her: "If you know anything, just say it. This is good for you and everyone else! Don't hold back, you forgot, you have your big brother supporting you, no one can bully you! " After he finished speaking, he looked at Tian Xiang, but the latter still lowered his head, unwilling to speak. Wen Zheng shook his head and said, "Sigh, in the past, my sister was a hot-blooded young lady. How come she has become so timid now? Forget it. "It seems like I made a mistake!" As Wen Zheng spoke, he placed Tian Xiang on the bed and turned to leave.

"Brother!" A weak voice called out from behind him. A smile appeared on Wen Zheng's face, but when he turned around, his face immediately returned to its usual angry expression.

"Is there something else?" Wen Zheng asked.

Tian Xiang stood there with her head lowered, her two hands fiddling with her beautiful hair. Wen Zheng shook his head, not because Tian Xiang knew something was wrong, but because Tian Xiang, who was usually bold, knew something, or was scared, or was threatened and did not dare to say anything, and Wen Zheng made a decision in his heart. Wait until he knew who did this, no matter who it was, he would definitely make Tian Xiang pay a heavy price!

"Brother, it's, it's Ying Lan!" Tian Xiang swallowed her saliva, and continued, "One of these days, I went to play with Big Sister Huangfu, walked to the door, and saw Ying Lan putting things in the water. I felt that there was a problem, so I didn't go in, and hid in the doorway to look, and after a while, Big Sister Huangfu came out, and Ying Lan gave her a cup of water, and she drank it without even thinking. Not long after that, Big Sister Huangfu fainted on the ground, and Ying Lan took out a dagger. It also changed me into the same appearance as Big Sister Huangfu! "

"Hu!" Wen Zheng heaved a sigh of relief, he did not think that this matter really had something to do with Ying Lan, but just as he was about to call her in, he was stopped by Tian Xiang, who shook his head and said, "Don't scream, I'm afraid that he will make my face go blurry!"

Wen Zheng looked at Tian Xiang, thinking to himself, So Tian Xiang wasn't afraid of death, but rather that his looks would be flattered. Is this woman that fond of beauty? Wen Zheng didn't know, if it was, then what she did to You Qi was too cruel, more cruel than killing her!

"Alright, you should rest well. I'll go out for a while. It's alright, I'll let Legend accompany you!" Wen Zheng comforted Tian Xiang and shouted, "Legend!" Before she finished speaking, Liu Xin entered the room and saw the pale white face of Tian Xiang. His heart ached as he walked over and hugged Tian Xiang, looking at her and said, "You're not allowed to be like this ever again. Do you know how worried I am?" Wen Zheng knew that since childhood, Tian Xiang had been the little princess at home, so when had he ever been threatened like this? He must have felt wronged, and now that he had said all about it, he felt a little better. Now it was time for him to cry and vent his emotions.

Wen Zheng patted Liu's shoulder to let him take good care of Tian Xiang. Liu Xin nodded and said: "I know what to do. If you know who it is, don't show mercy!" Wen Zheng knew that he was really angry this time. Normally, people would not get angry, but the consequences would be very serious. Liu Zhen had never seen Tian Xiang so wronged. It would be strange if he wasn't angry. After patting Liu Legend, Wen Zheng didn't say anything else, but turned around and left.

Outside the door, a few people were still waiting for Wen Zheng. They looked at him and said, "To the main hall!" Then, without another glance at the crowd, he turned around and walked away.

When Wen Zheng arrived at the main hall, he saw Wen Zheng standing there, while Ying Lan also entered, but her expression didn't look too good. Wen Zheng knew what she was thinking, so he coughed and said, "Such a big skill. Entering the royal palace is as if no one is there. Wen Zheng pushed the blame onto the people of Hol City first, just to make Ying Lan feel relieved. As expected, after hearing Wen Zheng's words, Ying Lan's face clearly looked much better.

Slowly pacing back and forth, Wen Zheng wore a contemplative look. As he walked, he kept thinking to himself, "I didn't offend them either, did I? You just took a piss, don't tell me you want me to pay the fine? " When he arrived in front of Ying Lan, she was probably thinking about something else. She didn't release Wen Zheng, but suddenly, Wen Zheng's hand shot out like lightning and grabbed Ying Lan by the neck. His face turned cold in an instant.

"Young, young master, what are you doing?" Inlan asked hesitantly.

"Are you still thinking of killing me? Isn't that right? " Wen Zheng said coldly.

Ying Lan saw that her mask had been exposed and wanted to explain more, but Wen Zheng exerted force and almost broke his neck. She gritted her teeth and said, "So what if I am? I didn't want to do this at first, but that's what I thought when I came to find you. As long as you can give me a home, I will definitely follow you wholeheartedly. I didn't expect that once you ascended to the throne, you would become the emperor. I am just a female guard. Wen Zheng, how did you lead me? " As soon as the English words left his mouth, Wen Zheng fell into deep thought. He felt that he had let Ying Lan down. Even though she had met him in a brothel, she was still a girl from Huang Hua's family. Seeing Wen Zheng in deep thought, a dagger suddenly appeared in Ying Lan's hand and pierced towards Wen Zheng's chest like lightning.

"No!" Wang Yun and the rest had just opened their mouths when the dagger stabbed into Wen Zheng's heart. However, no blood flowed out. Wen Zheng instinctively struck his palm on Ying Lan's chest. Bang! Ying Lan flew far away, blood flowing from her mouth as she looked at Wen Zheng.

"I was going to let you go. After all, you're my woman, but you shouldn't have stabbed me with a dagger!" In front of everyone's shocked eyes, Wen Zheng clenched his teeth and pulled out his dagger. At this moment, Wen Zheng had already reached the Demonic God Qi realm, so all of his organs had been swallowed up by his zhenqi. Right now, all of his internal organs were formed from zhenqi, and that knife of Ying Lan's just now had indeed pierced Wen Zheng's heart, but by the time Wen Zheng had pulled it out, the wound on his heart had already healed. However, when he pulled out the dagger, Wen Zhengzheng was in real pain. No matter what, he had pierced his own flesh. No matter what, Wen Zheng was currently facing an ordinary weapon. Even if it was an immortal weapon, it wouldn't be able to harm him!

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