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Looking at Wen Zheng's rapidly healing wound, Ying Lan's face was filled with dissatisfaction.

"Master, I'm sorry!" It wasn't as if she had never seen this kind of method of death before, but, this wasn't something that a human should have. That is to say, the people who sent Ying Lan to kill Wen Zheng weren't ordinary humans, the Heaven Realm was currently controlled by the Heavenly Emperor, so Wen Zheng could be ignored, then, the most suspicious thing should be the demons in the Demon World, but in the past thousands of years, there hadn't even been a decent clan leader, so why did a group of demons suddenly have the guts to kill him?

Looking at the sky above Inlan, a transparent shadow loomed. Wen Zheng knew that it was Inlan's soul, and with a swipe of his palm in the air, Inlan's soul was frozen there uncontrollably. Wen Zheng looked at the shadow's face filled with grief, feeling a little unwilling.

"Ying Lan, as long as you tell me who told you to kill me, I will let you go. You know that a person can have no body, but they absolutely cannot have no soul!" Wen Zhengzheng said.

"Since I was killed by you, then there's nothing left to say. If you want to kill me, then kill me!" Inlan said, closing his eyes.

"You're not a human, it was your Demon Emperor that sent you, right?" Wen Zheng asked in a seemingly casual manner. Ying Lan was startled and asked, "How do you know?" The moment she said this, she knew that something was wrong. As expected, a smile gradually appeared on Wen Zheng's face. I'm just testing it out! You Demon Emperors sure have guts, coming to kill me. Could it be that he doesn't know who laozi is? "

When Ying Lan heard this, she had a mocking expression on her face, "That's why I wanted to kill you. This is the order of our Demon Ancestor!"

"Demonic Ancestor?!" Wen Zheng was puzzled. In his heart, this demon clan's most powerful being was the Demon Emperor. But, why was there a Demon Ancestor? Even Wen Zheng did not know, looks like when the demon race came to the Divine Continent, they said that there was no place for them to stay, it was only an excuse. They also hid a Demon Ancestor, it sounded like a powerful expert, but just as they were about to ask, Ying Lan opened her mouth and said, "Haha. Wen Zheng, you didn't think that we had a Demon Ancestor, right? It's all your fault that we, the demon clan, are having such a difficult time right now. Just you wait and see.

It seemed that he did not have a good image with the demon clan. He should have received an education when the demon clan members were very young, and said that they lived in such a place because of their good culture. Thinking about it, Wen Zheng couldn't help but think about the human side. He was just about to speak again, but Wen Zheng shook his head. Forget it, what should come will come eventually, there was no need to think about it. Besides, even if he asked, Ying Lan would probably not say anything.

After some thought, Wen Zheng raised his head and said, "Okay, you can go. In your next life, be a good person and not go to any demon clan. Everyone there is a freak!"

Ying Lan's disdainful smile suddenly froze on her face. She looked at Wen Zheng blankly and asked, "You, you're telling me to leave?"

"You are my woman. I have already destroyed your body, will I still destroy your soul? I am too inhumane. Also, the devil race is not like what you people said! " This was also the reason why Wen Zheng had always been unwilling to use demon qi in the human world. If his identity was exposed, then the people's hearts that he painstakingly gathered would disperse.

"I hope that in the next life, I won't ever meet you again!" Looking at the empty space where Ying Lan had disappeared, Wen Zheng let out a deep sigh. At this moment, a maid hurried over, saying that Huangfu Youqi had woken up. Wen Zheng, after listening to her, walked towards Youqi's sleeping quarters without a word.

At this moment, Huangfu Youqi was lying on the bed, trying her best to recall exactly what had happened. She had just drunk a cup of water and fainted. She didn't know anything else.

Seeing Wen Zheng coming over, Huangfu Youqi's face revealed a pleasant surprise. She was about to get up, but she felt that her body lacked any strength. She could not get up at all.

"Brother Zheng, you're back!" Huangfu Youqi had previously called him Young Master Wen, but after spending so much time with Zhu Xing'er, she had also called him Big Brother Zheng. This word of hers caused Wen Zheng, who had been rushing over, to suddenly stop and stand there in a daze. In his heart, he felt that Zhu Xing'er shouldn't have suffered any injuries.

Seeing Wen Zheng standing there, Huangfu Youqi thought it was because Wen Zheng was suddenly sick and felt pain in his heart. She felt sweetness in her heart and called out again, "Brother Zheng, Brother Zheng."

Ah!" Wen Zheng reacted and walked over, then sat down in front of Huangfu Youqi's bed.

"You Qi, how is it? Are you feeling better now? " Wen Zheng asked in concern.

"Hmm, I feel much better. What happened to me?" That's right, where's Sister Zhu? " Huangfu Youqi asked. It was only after Huangfu Youqi had fainted that Zhu Xing'er's accident occurred. As a result, she didn't know that Zhu Xing'er had been taken away.

Wen Zheng exhaled and told him about Zhu Xing'er's matter. Huangfu Youqi was extremely anxious when she heard this and was about to leave, but because she was weak, she only moved her arm a few times.

"Hurry up and go find him!" What are you doing here? "I don't have anything else to do. If anything happens to Sister Zhu, I will suffocate to death in the future!" Huangfu Youqi urged.

When Wen Zheng heard this, his heart stirred. He didn't expect that in his eyes, Huangfu Youqi was just like a young miss, playing with a rascal from time to time. He never thought that he would be so concerned about his' love rival. 'From this moment onwards, Wen Zheng truly accepted Huangfu Youqi in his heart.

Huangfu Youqi saw Wen Zheng staring at her in a daze, her face slightly flushed. She lowered her head and laughed, "What are you looking at? You're still not going? " When Wen Zheng saw Huangfu Youqi's appearance, he was also stunned. This was the first time this little girl had displayed her appearance as a little girl in front of him. However, she was indeed very moving. Smiling and patting her head, Wen Zheng stood up and said to the maidservants by his side, "Take good care of Imperial Consort. If she is lacking even a single strand of hair, I'll test you all!" When Huangfu Youqi saw this, she smiled and shook her head, as if she were still playing with him in front of everyone's eyes. No matter how much he pretended to be dignified, no one was afraid of him, this was probably the place where Wen Zheng failed the most. Of course, there were also exceptions, as if his domineering attitude as the Devil Ancestor himself, normal Demons, would not yield under his domineering aura!

Walking along the corridor, Wen Zheng suddenly felt a familiar energy, as if it was calling to him. Closing his eyes to sense that it came from the northeast, it shouldn't be too far away.

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