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The further one flew, the stronger the feeling of being summoned became. Wen Zheng could not only frown, the feeling was very familiar. However, he could not think of what was calling him.

After flying for about half a day, Wen Zheng stopped in the sky above a mountain and looked down at the vast mountain. Wen Zheng, however, did not have the time to appreciate this because the shape of the mountain in the sky looked like a Qilin lying there!

If an ordinary cultivator were to fly past and look at this mountain, they would definitely sigh at the power of nature. There was actually a mountain at the top that looked exactly like a Qilin, but Wen Zheng wasn't sighing like that because he already knew what was calling him. He also knew that this mountain was not a mountain at all ? It was the manifestation of his mount, the Supreme Fire Qilin!

Back then, Wen Zheng was forced to his death, and the Fire Qilin, the Zhi Zun, had already sent Wen Zheng to the mortal world with unparalleled magical powers to be turned into this Qilin mountain. Afterwards, it had also sent the devil race to guard this place, but of course, the devil race couldn't be seen by others either. When they reach a certain age, they will die. Therefore, every generation will have to pass on this matter to the next generation's eldest son before the age of fifty.

"I wonder how many generations they have come for, there should be two generations of people guarding them!" As Wen Zheng spoke, he lowered his body. In his heart, he could faintly hear a voice calling out to him, "Master!"

Just as he was about to reach the belly of Qilin Mountain, he heard two sounds of wind breaking. Wen Zheng didn't need to turn around to know that the two Guardian Envoys of Qilin Mountain had already discovered him.

"Who dares to intrude into my Qilin Sacred Mountain. I urge you to quickly leave!" Behind Wen Zheng, two black-clothed men appeared. Their voices were deliberately suppressed until they sounded hoarse, as if they were afraid that someone would recognize them.

"Haha, a thousand years have passed. I'm only here to retrieve the Qilin! You don't need to protect me in the future! I can bestow you with an immortal body that is rich and honorable, which can be considered as the repayment that your family has given me! " Wen Zheng put his hands behind his back and turned to smile as he spoke.

When the two people behind saw Wen Zheng again, their expressions turned to ones of shock, and when the person behind saw Wen Zheng, he immediately stepped forward and let go of the cloth covering his mouth. When Wen Zheng saw the familiar face, he was startled, but just as he was staring blankly into space, the person kicked Wen Zheng's butt, "Are you pretending to be everything? Is this something you can pretend to be, I'll beat you to death! " That person scolded Wen Zheng while beating him, yet he did not retaliate. Instead, he stood there in a daze with a wry smile.

Looking at the other person who was standing motionlessly, Wen Zheng slowly asked, "He's brother, you should be father, right?" The two people in front of him were actually Wen Zheng's father and elder brother, who had been missing for a long time!

The man smiled wryly as he took off the cloth on his face. Indeed, it was Wen Tong!

"Isn't this too funny?" Wen Zheng shook his head with a bitter smile. He hadn't expected that the descendants under his command would now be his own father. Moreover, so many years had passed, yet he didn't know. He didn't know if this was a mockery, a ridicule for Wen Zheng and the God Realm!

Wen Wu had also somewhat recovered. Pointing at Wen Zheng, he said in shock, "You, don't tell me you are ?"

"That's right, I am!" Wen Zheng smiled bitterly before he finished.

"The heck!" Other than saying this, there was nothing else for Wen Wu to say. He had never expected that his little brother, who he had beaten up since he was young, was actually the ancestor of all demons! What kind of logic was this!

"Dad, don't be surprised. It's just the three of us. Look at your mouth, it's wide open enough for a Fear Dragon egg to fit inside. No matter what, you're still my dad. That doesn't change, does it?" Wen Zheng noticed that Wen Tong was shocked speechless and teased him.

"It's so hard to keep you from us!" Wen Tong shook his head.

"Alright, dad, big brother, let's go back. We still don't have any way to revive the Qilin from being dead yet!" My mother has been reciting the two of you! " After all, there was one more thing Wen Zheng needed to do, and that was that Zhu Xing'er was still in the underground city of Hol, so he had to hurry there. Once the Qilin was revived, then the power of Wen Zheng would definitely decrease, and at that time, when he went to the city of Hol, the danger would increase even more. He could personally witness the city guard's strength being able to defeat Situ Ya, whose cultivation had already reached the level of a quasi-demonic god.

Wen Zheng and Wen Wu held Wen Tong on the left and right between them. The three of them walked far away.

"Dad, big brother, both of you actually reached the Great Luo Zhen Qi stage in such a short time?" Wen Zheng was surprised by their martial skills. Wen Tong's current strength was at the advanced stage of the Great Luo Zhen Qi, while his martial arts skills were at the beginner stage of the Great Luo Zhen Qi. Hearing Wen Zheng's words, Wen Zheng laughed and said, "Wasn't it because you opened up your ancestral meridian and used your mana, allowing our descendents to cultivate at a speed a hundred times faster than ordinary people?"

Wen Zheng had a lot of things he wanted to say to his father and brother that he hadn't seen for a long time, but he didn't know what to say. The three of them spoke a few words and then fell silent. In the end, it was Wen Wu who broke the silence. "Second Brother, where is our mother?"

"Yes, where's your mother?" I truly let her down. After leaving her alone in Cao Zhou, I escaped by myself! " Wencun also added on, his face full of guilt towards the madame.

"It's nothing. When you left, Mother did indeed suffer some grievances ?" After that, Wen Zheng recounted the incident of how he killed Liu Chen, Zhan Changping, and even claimed to be the king of the two prefectures.

"Ah, second brother, you rebelled?" Wen Wu asked in surprise.

Wen Zheng shook his head and said: "In the past, I could say that, but now it's not possible. You guys are always in the Qilin Mountain, so you naturally do not know about what is happening outside. Now, Central State no longer has the Great Wei Empire, but the Great Qi Empire, haha, the founder of the empire is me!" When the two of you go back, father will go and pick up the loot from the Grand Emperor, and big brother will go and become a prince, hahaha! " Wen Zheng laughed out loud.

"Ah?!" Both of them were shocked. They had not seen each other for almost a year and Wen Zheng had already become the emperor? Was the entire Central State unified? When he thought of Wen Zheng's previous identity, he gradually let go of the shock.

"Hey, Old Second, our family's rule is to only pass on our eldest son, so don't be angry. Even your Second Uncle doesn't know about this!" Wen Tong said to Wen Zheng. Wen Zheng nodded. Who could he blame? This rule was set by himself a thousand years ago. Wen Zheng would never have thought that after a thousand years, he would become the second son of this family.

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