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Seeing that Lady Wen was too shocked to say anything, Wen Zheng smiled and nodded his head.

"Hu!" No one could stand the sight of her own son, the piece of flesh that fell off her body. No one could have imagined that it was someone from thousands of years ago, and it was also possible that he was the first person to appear on this continent. Who could accept this? It was unknown if Madame Wen's current mood was one of pride or of inferiority.

When Wen Wu and Wen Zheng walked out of their mother's room, it was already late at night. Wen Zhengliang looked at the sky, and after chatting for a while, they went to bed.

On the first day of the imperial court, Wen Zheng announced his father's return and sat on the throne of the Supreme Emperor. In the absence of Wen Zheng, he and Wang Yun managed the imperial government together. After this matter had been spread to the martial arts world, those who were still hesitating for the sake of being obedient had all pledged their allegiance. After this matter had been spread to the martial arts world, those who were still hesitating for the sake of being obedient had all pledged their allegiance.

Even though the ministers had not all left, the main hall immediately became much quieter, but there were still some brothers who stood there. In front of all the officials, they were the monarchs, but in front of their own people, Wen Zheng was their lackey.

From today on, leave the political affairs to Brother Wang Yun, tell my big brother that I want to make a trip to the underground city of Hol, Brothers, you guys can all go to your own fiefs, especially Northern Sky King Liu Yunchuan, your fief is at the point of intersection between the Central Region and the Northern Region. Right now, the Northern Region's Hunters are eyeing me covetously, and I'm afraid that they will attack us the moment they have the chance. As for the other Five Elements brothers. You all have to help and see, if there's anything wrong with it, you can do it according to your own thoughts! " Wen Zheng said as he looked at the crowd.

"Then, are you planning to not bring anyone with you?" Guo Chen asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"I alone am enough!" Wen Zheng didn't feel Guo Chen's anger at all. His heart was already in the underground city, hoping that those people wouldn't do anything to Zhu Xing'er. Otherwise, even if he risked his life, he would still kill them all.

"Wen Zheng, you bastard!" Wen Zheng was deep in thought when he suddenly heard an angry roar from Guo Chen. He gave the latter a puzzled look only to see Guo Chen point his finger at Wen Zheng and yell angrily, "That year, when we made our vows, what did you say? "Everyone says that good brothers can only share hardships with each other, but now, we are both in the same boat with you. It was not easy to get a chance to share those hardships with you, yet you leave us behind. Are you looking down on our abilities or what?"

Looking at Guo Chen's furious appearance, Wen Zheng's heart burned with passion and his eyes reddened. Turning his head to the side, he saw Wang Yun, who was currently stroking his beard with one hand and fanning himself with the other as he sang some song. When Wen Zheng listened carefully, he felt that the song was somewhat familiar, but he couldn't recall it.

"Wang Yun, stop pretending!" Hurry up and help me explain! " When he heard Wang Yun groan with laughter, Wen Zheng really wanted to go up and pull out his beard one by one.

"Ah?" Is brother calling me? " Seeing Wen Zheng's expression, Wang Yun guessed that Wen Zheng had heard his song, and his face was a little red. This song was sung by that lackey of Liu Legend when he was free and felt that it was very pleasing to the ear, so he let Liu Ming teach him. Now, looking at Wen Zheng's expression, he probably didn't misunderstand.

"Cough!" Wang Yun gave an awkward cough before asking as if nothing had happened, "Brother, what's the matter?"

"They all want to stop me from going to the Underground City. Please help me talk!" Wen Zheng said in a deep voice.

"Oh, that won't do. If I were to speak up for you, no one would call me a pauper in the future. Therefore, I choose to be neutral and not help anyone!" Wang Yun's words almost made Wen Zheng want to bite him.

"Brother, I'm not angry that you didn't call me over. There are so many brothers here, if you want to go, I won't blame you even if you don't bring me. But you still have to bring one or two people, right? If anything happened, everyone would look out for each other, right? "We had agreed that we would follow your lead. If anything happens to you, the one to be defeated will not be you alone, but the rest of us, the citizens of the entire Da Qi Kingdom." In the past few days, Guo Chen's skills had not improved, but his eloquence had reached perfection.

"Let's go!" Just as Wen Zheng was deep in thought, a voice came from outside the main hall, and then Zhong Li, Ruyu, and Bing Jing walked in. Initially, Wen Zheng had gone to the valley to ask the two of them to come to Luo Yang to wait for him, but upon Wen Zheng's return, he had matters to attend to and did not have the opportunity to meet the two girls. When the two women heard that Wen Zheng had returned, they were extremely happy to see that Wen Zheng did not go look for them. Ye Zichen thought about it for a moment, then decided that they should be heading up. After the morning assembly ended, the two girls would already be standing outside the door. They only came in after hearing what the others had to say.

"No!" You can go, but it's a girl's house. Wen Zheng must bring one or two men with him! " Guo Chen said.

"I say, big brother, why are you even stricter than my father? Alright, alright, let's go with Legend and Sindar! " He was a lion, and had stayed in Luoyang for more than half a year. He could not bear it any longer, and at the beginning, he went to find Black Bear to 'spar', and Black Bear was willing to accompany him. After all, the two of them were adults of the beast race, and he could not bear the silence, but after Black Bear created the 'Ice Bear', he no longer dared to spar with him. Not even if he was beaten to death! This was Black Bear's most thorough rejection of Sindar!

"Me too?" Legend Liu had a face full of unwillingness.

"Take a look, big brother. It's better if you care about me. If you don't want to become a legendary, then forget it!" Wen Zheng chuckled. The reason why he picked the name 'Liu' was because he knew that Tian Xiang's mood wasn't stable yet. Liu Xiang was determined to take care of Tian Xiang, so he definitely wouldn't go.

"Aiya! "If he doesn't go, then I ?" Before Guo Chen could finish his sentence, another deafening voice came from outside the door, "I'll go!" Wen Zheng frowned as he listened. With such a loud voice, who else could it be other than the black bear? His original plan was to follow after Legend Liu, but Guo Chen would definitely follow. He thought Guo Chen was good and wanted to stay here to assist them. Unexpectedly, there was still another restless Black Bear.

"Why the f * ck are you shouting so much? If you don't want your ears, laozi still wants them! " When the black bear appeared, Wen Zheng cursed loudly.

"Hey, little girl, what's wrong with me?" Black Bear asked Ruyu.

Ruo Yu was also upset. She thought that no man would follow her, but who would have thought that this reincarnation of 'Cheng Ya Jin' would appear in the middle of the road. She snappily said, "You want to go yourself!" Then he turned and walked to the side.

"Who the heck did I offend?!" The black bear was screaming.

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