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"Bro, you don't have any objections to this, do you?" Guo Chen said with a smile.

"Zhongzhong, NND, there is no more useless Emperor like me!" Wen Zheng imitated Henan's words and said snappily.

"Haha ?" Everyone laughed.

In the morning, with the exception of a few people who knew about it, Wen Zheng had quietly left the palace and rushed towards the mountain in the direction of Cao Zhou City. In the morning, with the exception of a few people who knew about it, Wen Zheng had quietly left the palace and flew towards the mountain in the direction of Cao Zhou City. With just a few people's efforts, with the help of a few people, they had quickly arrived at the place where Wen Zheng cultivated his Great Void Inner Qi.

He shook his head and tossed aside all the distracting thoughts in his mind. He pointed downwards and said, "It's right below us. That's the entrance to the underground city. However, it's guarded by experts. Situ Ya and I didn't obtain any benefits that time!" As Wen Zheng spoke, everyone was shocked. They were well aware of Situ Ya's strength. If even Situ Ya couldn't obtain any benefits, then the strength of the people below were truly terrifying.

Seeing the shocked expressions on their faces, Wen Zheng smiled and said, "Situ, you didn't get any benefits because those undercover people are too despicable. Damn it, I was beaten up like a dog, but today my Zhen Qi has reached the level of a demon god. I must fix those two bastards. I wonder if they are still alive!" When Wen Zheng finished speaking, he immediately jumped down. The people behind him saw Wen Zheng jump down, so they too circulated their energy and flew down using their true qi to protect their bodies. They did not have the abnormal strength of Wen Zheng.

Slowly landing on the ground, Wen Zheng looked around. It was no different from last time. It was still pitch black, and large pieces of bones could be seen everywhere.

"Hey, who's that, they're coming out to meet the guests!" He wasn't afraid now, but with his current strength, he had the confidence to take care of these two.

"Who dares to barge into my Hao Er city!" When the old man appeared and saw Wen Zheng, a cold light flashed in both of their eyes. Initially, when Wen Zheng flew away, the two of them thought that it was rain, but when the water hit them, a pungent smell came from them. The two of them knew what it was and hated Wen Zheng to the extreme because when they raised their heads, Wen Zheng just so happened to be pissing on the ground.

"Kid, last time, we let you go. This time, you won't be so lucky!" Before the two of them could even react, they saw an axe rushing towards them from the side. Before they could even stand up, they saw two more streams of air flying over and upon coming into contact with the two of them, the two of them felt a bone-piercing cold. Then, when Wen Zheng lost control of their bodies and slowly, their bodies became covered in ice.

"Haha, Sindar, so you were lenient when you frozen me!" Black Bear laughed out loud. Unexpectedly, Sinda glared at him and said, "That bear like of yours isn't worthy of me using my full strength!"

"Who are you talking about? F * ck, don't think that I won't dare to fight you if I can't beat you!" Black Bear shouted in anger.

"I say, black bear spirit, you don't want to be a bear, do you? Cat like? "Like a mouse?" Sindar said with a smile.

"You ? Forget it, I won't speak properly! " After speaking, Black Bear turned around and moved in the other direction. Halfway through, one could tell that this person wasn't mature enough and had a similar meaning to 250 years ago.)

"Who the fuck are you talking about?" Sindar said angrily.


"Enough, motherf * cker, aren't you all annoying! "Damn!" Wen Zheng shouted, and both of them immediately shut up.

Wen Zheng shook his head, regretting that he only allowed the two of them to follow him. "Go in!" Luckily, Wen Zheng and the others were already strong enough to see things clearly in the dark night. Otherwise, they wouldn't have to bump into walls everywhere, because in front of everyone's eyes, there was only a narrow path, which was crooked and could be seen on both sides of the mountain.

"Boss, look!" Wen Zheng was looking down at the ground when he suddenly heard the black bear's cry. He raised his head and saw a flash of light in the distance. "Hmm, that should be the exit. Let's go!" Wen Zheng was overjoyed. It was not comfortable to stay in this dark place for too long.

The few of them quickly walked towards the light. When they arrived there, they were already familiar with the darkness. There was only a blinding pain. Then, they discovered that it was so white that they couldn't see anything.

"Let's hold on tight and walk inside. Don't get separated!" Wen Zheng turned around and called out, but when he looked back, what he was grabbing was not Black Bear but a skeleton.

"Tsk tsk, you've come. We've been waiting for you for a long time!" Wen Zheng was surprised when he heard the voice of the skeleton. He quickly shook it off and ran in the direction he remembered. However, he still couldn't find where he came from even after running for a while. Wen Zheng finally understood that they had entered a formation.

"If I had known this would happen, I would have asked Wang Yun to follow me!" As Wen Zheng muttered to himself, he suddenly raised his head. This was because a tall figure had appeared in front of him. Wen Zheng's face turned cold as he stared at him, gritting his teeth. "Pangu!"

"Haha, mage, you didn't expect this, did you? After all the evasions, you still ended up in my hands. Life!" Pan Gu laughed out loud in a deafening manner. Then, he turned and ran, because he knew that he was definitely no match for Pan Gu. In a fight against him, there was only death.

"Run, run, run! In my eyes, you will just die as a toy. What I want to do to you, you have to do it! Haha, wait for me to see that you are tired of playing, then I will kill you!" Wen Zheng could no longer see Pan Gu, but his voice was still ringing in his ears.

Ah!" I'll f * * king kill you! " Wen Zheng let out a loud cry as he thought about his own life. He could not help but feel infuriated as he shouted. He summoned his Demon Soul and brandished it wildly, as if he had gone mad.

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