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The people who had appeared were none other than Liang Shan Po, the one hundred and eight generals who had acted on behalf of the heavens!

"Junior is Cao Zhou City's righteous chinese, and is considered your hometown. I have the temerity to come to your Liang Shan, your subordinate does not know anything, please do not take offense." Wen Zheng clasped his hands and said politely.

"The one who is known as Cao Zhou's living Bodhisattva Wentong's son, Wen Zheng? That Hei Si is my brother Black Tornado Li Kui, forgive me for offending him. " Song Jiang cupped his hands and said.

"This junior is the one who should be disturbing senior. Senior, you cannot be blamed. How did senior know that I'm Wen Zheng?" Wen Zheng's face was filled with doubt. He, Song Jiang, and the others had been dead for over two hundred years. His vengeful spirit had always been in this Liangshan Lake. How could he know the father and son duo in Cao Zhou?

Seemingly seeing through Wen Zheng's doubt, Song Jiang explained, "Although my brothers live in this place, there's no way we wouldn't know some news about this martial arts world. Otherwise, we would have become good men that year."

"Oh!" "So that's how it is. Leader Song, there's something that I don't understand. Can you tell me?" Wen Zheng cupped his fist and said to Song Jiang. But in his heart, he had other plans.

"As long as I know about it, I'll definitely inform you!"

"Here, please." Wen Zheng extended his hand and invited Song Jiang to the side to speak. He then looked at the people behind him and said, "There's no need for all of you to come."

"Brothers, accompany these guests and have a few cups of water and wine. I'll be right back." After Song Jiang finished speaking, he followed Wen Zheng out of the Loyalty Hall. Behind him, Lu Junyi, Wu Dai, and Gongsun Sheng looked at each other before also walking over to Wen Zheng and the other student.

On top of the Tiger Head Peak, Wen Zheng stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the three illusory shadows that were coming for him, and smiled faintly.

"Sir Wen, may I ask if you have any questions for me?"

"As far as I know, there are a hundred odd generals on the beam, and there seem to be a star in the sky. Although the vengeful spirit cannot be reborn after death, but there seems to be a star in the sky, no matter how big of a grievance there is, a person can still ascend to a star in the sky? It was just like the great Roc God Yue Fei, who had returned to his divine position after death. Wen Zheng asked the four.

"Brother, theoretically speaking, back then, the Heavenly Monarch Purple Vine told us a hundred and eight newly formed demons to reincarnate and go against the imperial court. He promised us that no matter what the outcome of the rebellion was, we would be given an astral seat, but in the end, he said that we should not have welcomed the imperial court and refused to give us the title of god. "Sigh ?" Lu Junyi said angrily without waiting for Song Jiang to speak.

"Heavenly Monarch Violet Myrtle? He should be the founder of the Kingdom of Chen in the Violet Myrtle Ying Yuan Palace? Could it be that Taizu Zhao Kuangyin was killed by Second Brother? " Wen Zheng asked doubtfully.

In the entire Heaven Realm, in the Second Sky of the Purple Wei Space, the lowest ranking member of the Palace was the Sovereign of the Violet Twin Stars. Their duty was to be the late emperor of a country in the mortal world. Above them was the Divine Monarch Violet Vine, an emperor of the mortal world. Above her was the Heavenly Monarch Violet Vine, all of them playing the role of founding emperors, the highest level Heavenly Palace's Martial House Master, known as the Divine Monarch Purple Vine. In the past several thousand years, he had only been in the mortal world once, had been born once, and was the first emperor of the world.

Therefore, when Wen Zheng heard about the Violet Sky Sovereign, he immediately thought that the only person who had a grudge against him in the Song Dynasty was the founding emperor of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin. Which one of them didn't know that Zhao Kuangyin was killed by his younger brother, Zhao Guangyi, and became his dragon throne?

"That's right." Song Jiang said.

"So you are also monsters of cultivation. Do you know who I am?" Wen Zheng looked at the four of them with a dignified look in his eyes.

"If you say you are Wen Zheng from Cao Prefecture, we will believe you. However, this is only one of your identities." Wu waved his fan and stroked his beard with both hands.

"Hahaha, as expected of the Military Advisor Liang Shan. I won't hide it from you all. I am indeed the Devil Ancestor Magic Scholar who disappeared from the mountain a thousand years ago."

Thunder from a clear sky!

Although the four had already guessed that Wen Zheng wasn't an ordinary person, they never imagined that he would be the one to create the demon race, the ancestor of all demons that had indirectly created the five great worlds! The four of them stared at Wen Zheng in a daze. Wen Zheng did not care about their shock and continued with a smile, "So, the one hundred generals of the legendary Liang Shan Po actually belongs to my demon race? However, Leader Song, you said that the grievances are getting bigger and bigger, let me give you a bet. Even if I let you try again, or should we say, start from the beginning of history, you will still accept me, because deep down in your bones, you have a loyal and righteous blood! "

Wen ? Devil Ancestor, what you've said is incorrect. For me to have such a day, it's all because of the misdemeanor of the imperial court. It's caused by the treachery of an official.

"Then let's make a bet. I'll bet on you. Even if you do it again, you'll still win." Wen Zheng looked at the four and smiled.

The four of them were the four leaders on the beam back then, so how could they not hear the meaning behind those words? Song Jiang immediately said excitedly: "Definitely not!"

"Alright, I'll bet on it. However, even if you lose, I'll still give each of you one Star Plane." Of course, that's only if I can bear the grudge of my family. "

On the side, Gongsun Sheng, who had not said a word since the beginning, slightly bowed towards Wen Zheng. "We will never forget the grace of rebirth, but this Penniless Priest said that even if I don't become the God Realm God, I can serve the Demon World as long as I have a body."

"Okay, okay, if you trust me, you can leave this place immediately to find my brothers, they can help you recover your bodies, but what they have refined is only temporary. At that time, I will let you become a human again, rebel, and then, I will make you the legitimate one hundred and eight stars of the Heaven and Earth!" This is a drop of my blood, take it and go find the Great Demonic God Chi You, he will help you. "

They thought that they could be reincarnated just because their grievances had weakened, but they did not expect that their grievances would only accumulate and that they could only hide in the mountains or ponds. Now, there were finally people who said that they could help them settle this great matter, how could they not be excited?

Trembling slightly, he took a drop of blood from a glass bottle and was about to kneel on the ground when Wen Zheng pulled him back, "Back in the day, I remember Liang Shan and big boss Shui Po being so formidable. Today, they are going to kneel down in front of a righteous, evil young master like you.

The five of them looked at each other and laughed out loud.

In the hall of the Loyalty Temple, it was bustling with noise and excitement. Black Bear was holding a chicken leg in one hand and his mouth was full of oil.

"Bro, I, Steel Ox, have not seen anyone worse than me in the past two hundred years. Even Brother Song Jiang is not as bad as me. Seeing you today, I finally found some balance in my heart." The iron bull slapped the black bear and shouted boldly, completely ignoring the black bear's already black and red face.

"No, I feel a bit better after meeting you, okay?" Black Bear immediately replied.

"You are worse than me!"

"You are worse than me!"

"Good, good, good. After so many years, I have yet to encounter someone who would fight for me like this. So, I can only use it to solve my problem." Li Kui said as he held up his jacket. Although he was a soul, he was also wearing clothes.

"Just use it, is laozi scared of you?" As soon as Black Bear finished speaking, he also took off his own clothes.

Everyone saw the two of them charge straight at each other. After a while, they prepared to fight, but then they saw the two of them slowly raise their right hands and attack each other.

"The Koreans!" the black bear cried.

"Tiger!" The iron bull shouted at the same time.

"Haha, you've lost. Just admit that you're worse than me after drinking this jar." The black bear cried out in excitement.

"Tch ~ ~!" The crowd gave the two bored people a middle finger. He didn't know where these people who had died for more than 200 years had learned it from.

At this moment, Wen Zheng's group of five returned from outside. When they saw the bustling hall, they all laughed heartily. The imposing aura they exuded immediately vanished as they folded their arms and stood together with the crowd.

At dawn, Song Jiang and the others finally went back to sleep, and Wen Zheng finally realized something. Their ghosts came out during the night, no wonder they were stopped the previous night when he wanted to go to sleep. No matter what they said, they didn't feel the slightest bit tired, so Second Young Master Wen couldn't help but stay up all night. Wen Zheng could only go crazy. Now that he thought about it, he realized that he had been tricked.

Since he had nothing to do, he decided to stay for one more day until Song Jiang was done with his matters. Not to mention, how many things could these spirit bodies prepare?

In the past, he had often heard stories about the heroic deeds of the heroes of Liang Mountain two hundred years ago, and two hundred years ago, he was still drifting about the mountain of no return. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, he had already experienced two lifetimes. Thinking of this, Wen Zheng heaved a long sigh.

"Brother Zheng, why are you sighing?" Behind him, a melodious voice rang out. Wen Zheng turned around and saw that it was Zhu Xing'er.

"Nothing much, just thinking about how we were still drifting on top of that mountain two hundred years ago?" Wen Zheng looked at Zhu Xing'er, his eyes filled with love.

"That's right. Back then, you committed suicide in the Unreturn Mountain, but you didn't reincarnate in a hurry. Instead, you floated on the mountain and cultivated your soul for 870 years. After that, we were reincarnated into the demon realm. However, you were killed by the human world when you were thirty years old and you cultivated in the reincarnation tunnel for over eighty years. Now, a thousand years have passed and Zheng-ge, do you really plan to start a war with that god race? " Zhu Xing'er was also immersed in the past, finally looking at Wen Zheng.

"A thousand years!" A thousand years passed in the blink of an eye. Do you know why I chose not to reincarnate and cultivate? If I don't cultivate, once I'm reincarnated, I will definitely be discovered by Pan Gu. Pan Gu didn't choose to kill my soul in my first life because he knows that people at my level of cultivation, even if there's a trace of my soul, will be reborn. So he wants me to reincarnate and then destroy me time and again. Wen Zheng sighed. There was no longer any brotherly affection in his heart now. There was a trace of resentment in his tone. Having said so, Wen Zheng looked towards the sky.

"Once a thousand years has passed, my items should be returned with interest." Wen Zheng's gloomy voice caused Zhu Xing'er, who was beside him, to shudder.

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