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The five of them were shocked when they heard that Wen Zheng had five attributes. This kind of strange talent was not even considered rare, however, how would they know that this continent was considered to have been created by Wen Zheng? A mere five attributes within his body meant nothing to Wen Zheng.

At first, Wen Ming didn't want to go to the top of the Dragon Mountain, but now, he wholeheartedly wanted to obtain the items he left behind to increase his current strength. However, the battle with Wang Zhi earlier had used up almost all of his true energy, so he had no choice but to agree to the invitation of the five people and go to the Dragon Mountain Village to rest.

On top of the mountain, Wen Zheng sat cross-legged. Waves of natural energy were sucked into his nose, turning into true energy that gathered in his Dantian. In less than half a day, he had already filled his Dantian and slowly stood up. Seeing that it was already late, he shook his head and turned around to return to the Second Dragon Mountain's Convergence Hall, only to find that the three of them had already been waiting behind him. However, there was no sign of Wang Zhi, who had been battling him during the day.

"I wonder how Brother Wang Zhi is doing?" Wen Zheng asked.

Seeing Wen Zheng ask about Wang Zhi at the first sentence, the two dragons and four chivalrous warriors were also slightly happy. It seemed that the person in front of them was truly a worthy brother.

"Don't worry brother, my fifth brother only suffered some superficial wounds. He'll be fine after a few days of rest." Behind Guo Chen, Wang Yong cupped his fists and said.

Although Wang Yong's words were light, Wen Zheng knew in his heart that his punch might not be able to kill Wang Zhi, but it would definitely inflict some serious internal injuries to him. Right now, he was probably recuperating in seclusion, so Wang Yong said this to prevent him from feeling guilty. When he thought of this, Wen Zheng's heart warmed slightly.

"Since brother has recovered his true qi, then let's go back." Guo Chen gestured an inviting hand gesture at Wen Zheng, who didn't bother to be polite either, heading straight for the memorial hall. Along the way, Guo Chen asked, "Brother, I see that your innate energy has already reached the requirement of advancing to Undying Zhen Qi. I wonder why little brother isn't going to advance?"

"The time has yet to come. However, I never intended to advance to the Immortal Zhen Qi stage."

"If you don't want to advance to Undying Qi, do you want to go against the rules and cultivate that demonic energy?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking!"

"Brother, the devil aura is already extinct in our mortal world. Moreover, if you really study the devil aura, I'm afraid it will be detrimental to you in the future!" Behind him, Liu Wen's face was full of worry as he heard Wen about cultivating demon Qi.

"Brother Liu, you don't have to worry. It's because of little brother that I didn't cultivate immortal true energy. Moreover, in this mortal world, there are many people that practice devil energy. Aren't there two in front of you?" After which, Wen Zheng turned to Black Bear and Ruyu.

Seeing Wen Zheng looking at them, the two of them understood what was going on. Then, as the True Qi in their bodies leaked out, the two dragons and four warriors saw it and shouted in unison: "True Demonic Qi! "Demon energy!"

"Brother, how can you have a devil expert by your side?" Amongst the four of them, Guo Chen was the first to wake up.

Looking at the four's puzzled expressions, Wen Zheng smiled slightly and said, "May I know if you trust the theory of reincarnation?"

"Brother, you can ask those poor commoners these questions, but we are Rogue Immortals without Immortals, so we naturally know the secrets within. How could we not believe the words of reincarnation?" Guo Chen said.

"I also believe you. Moreover, I am one of the few people in the Forgotten River who escaped from Grandma Meng's eyes and didn't drink Grandma Meng's Elixir." Wen Zheng laughed.

Ah!" The four were shocked. The Nether Realm, River Forgetfulness, Bridge of Helplessness, and Grandma Meng's Soup. For thousands of years, it was a lie to say that no one had escaped, but those who had escaped the Guardian by the Bridge of Forgetfulness were all people with sky-high magic power. According to the book, he must have been one of the top experts in the world in his previous life.

"I wonder if the few of you have heard of the Devil Sect's Head of the Stars Sect who was secretly murdered by the Three Great Sects of Cultivation a hundred years ago?"

"Bro, don't tell me you're the reincarnation of that Ren Xing?"

"No, indeed!"

"Hiss!" The four of them sucked in a breath of cold air. In the Divine Continent, even Golden Immortals wouldn't dare to fight against Ren Xing on their own. In the end, when the three major sects joined forces, hundreds of thousands of people could only make him exhaust his Zhen Qi. In the end, it was only Shaolin who ambushed him and killed him. At that time, Ren Xing had already fought for seven days and seven nights, and out of the three great sects, over two hundred thousand had also died at his hands. It could be seen how terrifyingly powerful Ren Xing's martial arts were back then! It was said that he was the first person in the past few thousand years to be promoted to the Demon God's Qi. And at that time, he was only in his thirties! And the person in front of them was the reincarnation of that freak. How could this not shock them?

Guo Chen rubbed his face and said with a wry smile, "What happened today? What happened today that shocked everyone?" No wonder this brother had five attributes, it turned out to be the reincarnation of that Sect Master! Other people might not believe it, but Brother said that brother believes it! " Seeing that Guo Chen didn't say anything and didn't despise him because of his past life, Wen Zheng just smiled. However, he did not tell them who he was in his first life. Otherwise, all four of their jaws would have dropped.

When the few of them arrived at the hall, Wang Zhi was also pestered by his underlings. When he saw Wen Zheng, he cupped his fists together and Wen Zheng followed suit.

The few of them chatted for a while longer. Seeing that it was late, they went to rest.

Seeing that Wen Zheng had made up his mind, the five of them had no choice but to send Wen Zheng and the other three to the exit. Guo Chen regretfully said, "A talent like you, although your reputation was not great in the past, but I think you have something that's difficult to say. I really want to kowtow three times to the sky with you and be a strange brother to you."

When Wen Zheng heard this, he was also overjoyed. "Big brother, why go kneel if you want to be a brother? Then let's head towards Cao Zhou. Even if we kowtow to my father, today we will be sworn brothers!" After he finished speaking, he was the first to kneel on the ground, facing towards Cao Zhou. The five people of Guo Chen's group were also overjoyed. They all knelt down on the ground and kowtowed three times towards Cao Zhou. Among the five, Wen Zheng was the youngest. The first five didn't change, but there was one more sixth brother Wen Zheng.

"Haha, in the past, Liu Bei and the other two made a promise and passed down ancient legends. Today, we six will become sworn brothers. I wonder if we will be like them and have our descendants follow suit." The usually silent Cao Qing also laughed heartily.

"Brother, our brothers are all inferior to you. Moreover, you are the reincarnation of that person, so in the future, our brothers will be relying on you. Even if we fight against the Great Wei Empire, as long as our brothers notify us, our brothers will immediately rush over!" This is our communication letter, if you need us, burn it and we will be there in an instant! " Guo Chen said as he took out an envelope and handed it over to Wen Zheng.

Wen Zheng cupped his fists towards the five of them and did not say anything else. Without saying anything else, he turned around and walked away. The five of them looked at Wen Zheng who was walking away and had a thought. With this brother of theirs, they would become famous throughout the world!

The four of them continued on their journey for nearly a month, and the amount of people by the side of the road became increasingly sparse: "We should be outside the pass soon. Once we're out, we should quickly go find the Wang family and find the things that we left behind. After walking for a while, a small inn appeared in front of everyone. When they arrived at the inn, it was empty without a single person inside.

"Is there anyone panting? One will come out. " Black Bear shouted as he entered the inn.

Just then, a fierce-looking middle-aged man walked out from behind them. When he saw Wen Zheng and the others, he immediately revealed a merchant's smile. Or do you want to eat? "

"Eating and staying at the same place. Boss, isn't the business here good?" Why is it so quiet? " Wen Zheng asked casually.

"Then please go to the guest room upstairs. I'll bring you the dishes right now. The store is like this all year round, there's no business here. If it weren't for the ancestral house, I would have already transferred the dishes." The boss explained as he led the way. When Wen Zheng finished listening, he frowned slightly.

He led them to a room. It was a very big room with two rooms. This was exactly Wen Zheng's wish. If there was anything at night, he could look out for them.

"Everyone, let's drink a few cups of water. The food will be here soon." The boss poured some water for Wen Zheng and the others before turning around and leaving. Amongst them, only Zhu Xing'er had the lowest cultivation, so she was the most thirsty. She grabbed the cup of water on the table with one hand and gulped it down. It was already too late when Wen Zheng reached out to stop her.

"Why are you drinking water so randomly?" Wen Zheng asked reproachfully.

"It's just a small shop, what are you afraid of?" Zhu Xing'er pursed her lips.

"A small store. Have you noticed that the owner doesn't even want to look at business? He has a sinister smile on his face, and this is the only way out. There should be a lot of people doing business, but his store is deserted, isn't there a problem?" You, like before, don't think too much when you do things. "

"Humph!" "You're the one with a lot of thoughts. Don't you see that I'm fine too?" Just as Zhu Xing'er was about to retort against Wen Zheng, she suddenly felt waves of pain in her stomach. Her face instantly turned pale, and beads of sweat the size of beans dripped down.

"Colourless Dispersal!" Wen Zheng gritted his teeth and said word by word. As for the air around him, it instantly descended. Colourless and tasteless, just as its name implied, colorless and tasteless. Within three days, the consumer's internal organs would be completely corroded. At this moment, Wen Zheng felt several strong auras locking onto his room.

"Ruyu, bring me the Demon Soul Sword." Wen Zheng's cold voice rang out.

"But, aren't you ?"

"I told you to bring it!" Before Ruo Yu could finish her words, she was cut off by Wen Zheng's shout. Helpless, she used both hands to hand over the Demon Soul Sword to Wen Zheng. At this moment, the main hall of the inn was already filled with people. When the leader saw Wen Zheng come out, he was also surprised. He had previously received news that Wen Zheng's cultivation was only at the advanced level of Xiantian Qi, but now, he was at the advanced level of Undying Genuine Force! Since Wen Zheng had yet to go against the flow of true energy, even if his strength had risen sharply, it would still rise according to a normal sequence. And under his rage, Wen Zheng's true qi had directly risen by a level!

"Today, all of you must die!" A cold voice sounded out, and the temperature in the inn plummeted. Even those who were eyeing Wen Zheng covetously felt a chill run down their spine.

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