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Looking at this opportunity in horror, Wen Zheng swallowed his saliva with great difficulty. He turned his pleading eyes to his brothers, who raised their heads to look up at the sky when they saw Wen Zheng thinking of them. The weather today is really good! " The others also joined in. When Wen Zheng saw this, he scolded them in his heart for not showing any sense of loyalty.

"This is the interior of the house, what a fart!" Wen Zheng shouted.

"You are bragging when there's nothing to do. It's your turn!" Everyone was gloating in their hearts.

Seeing their furious expressions one after another, Wen Zheng felt like dying. Feeling helpless, he walked up to Zhu Xing'er with a thick face and chuckled, but before he could say anything, he heard a snapping sound. Afterwards, a scorching pain came from his face, and Wen Zheng was momentarily stunned; he had not expected that Zhu Xing'er would actually hit him.

"I'll give you a chance. If you go to the Dragon Palace, it will be like what you said just now. Wait for your return, hmph, hmph!" Zhu Xing'er didn't finish her sentence. Wen Zheng shuddered involuntarily when he saw the murderous look in her eyes. He immediately shifted his gaze away, no longer looking into his eyes.

"I'm telling you, I know. You definitely won't let me follow you. Don't mess around with me. If you let me know, come back and wait for me ?" Even though Zhu Xing'er had said this, Wen Zheng was actually worried for him in his heart. One must know that Wen Zheng's trip this time was not to any humans, but to the territories and territories of the dragon race, and that the dragon race's powerful physiques naturally appeared in the Divine Continent as a race. It was likely that they were unrivalled in all three realms, and they were a race that had never helped anyone in their life as a neutral race between gods and demons. They had always lived a low-key life at the bottom of the sea. This time when Wen Zheng went, no one would give him any face as the reincarnation of the devil ancestor. It could be said that the odds were against him.

"I have some connections to the bottom of the sea. I want to go with you!" Ice crystal spoke up. At this moment, Ice Crystal was standing to the left of Zhu Xing'er, and Wen Zheng purposely avoided looking at her because he was afraid that if he saw the caring look on her face, Zhu Xing'er would soften his heart and not go to the bottom of the sea. He slightly nodded his head, and actually, Ice Crystal was not against it.

Suddenly, Wen Zheng's feet shook and he lost his balance. He almost fell to the ground when he heard a furious roar from below. Wen Zheng smacked his head. How could he have forgotten about this? This time, Guo Chen and Liu Yunchuan jumped in with great familiarity. Wen Zheng didn't have the same impact as last time, so he quickly arrived in front of the great hall. At this moment, the strange beast was still crazily attacking the barrier that was imprisoning him, and the barrier was already several times longer than last time when Wen Zheng had left. No wonder Wen Zheng felt the tremors; it was because the beast was so angry, and was about to expand the barrier to a place very close to the fissure.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey. Did you fucking take aphrodisiac? What the heck? Did you know that you will scare the people up there if you hit them so hard? Even if it doesn't scare people, scared little kids, and scared flowers and plants, it's not right! " Wen Zheng disdainfully said as he looked at the fearless expression on the monster's face.

"Brat, you're finally here, you liar. You lied to my purest feelings! I will kill you! " A month ago, Wen Zheng said that he could release him from captivity, but he had to have a condition. However, when the monster was meek and still like a well-behaved baby, Wen Zheng turned around and left, and at first this brainless monster thought Wen Zheng was going to help him prepare the things he needed to release from captivity. But this month, a month had passed, and no one came back.

"Holy sh * t!" I lied to you about your innocent feelings? Please, can you explain yourself? Maybe I will become the one who deceived your body and soul! " Wen Zheng looked at the way Guo Chen and Liu Yunchuan were looking at him. It was clear that they were trying to deceive this kind of monster. He was crying out in his heart, "Lord, I'm innocent!"

"Brat, you said that you want to help me break free, and I've waited here for such a long time, and you say that you didn't lie to me? If I didn't cause such a commotion, I don't think you would have come down! hmph hmph, I still have a little more to break out of my confinement. When that happens, I will turn your world upside down! " The monster said fiercely to Wen Zheng.

"Ah?" I'm so scared. I was going to save you, but since you're almost there, you can continue. I won't disturb you any longer, so I'll hurry up and pack up my things. It's more important for me to run for my life. "I know that you haven't touched anyone of the same sex or sex for more than 2000 years, you must be very anxious. Just like me, not touching them for more than a month makes you very anxious ?"

"Cough, cough, cough!" Wen Zheng was still blabbering on and on. Guo Chen couldn't stand listening to him anymore, so he coughed to remind himself. He didn't expect Wen Zheng to fail to understand Guo Chen's coughing. He turned around and asked Guo Chen, "Big brother?" Are you not feeling well? Or did you go to the Yi-Rongyuan Inn to order some unclean girls yesterday? "

"I don't want to live anymore!" Guo Chen couldn't stand Wen Zheng's words any longer, so he drew his saber and chopped down. Luckily, Liu Yunchuan resisted the urge to spit and held Guo Chen back, preventing the tragedy from happening ? As the monster in front of him had not been in contact with the outside world for more than two thousand years, how could he know what Wen Zheng meant by his words? As the monster in front of him had not been in contact with the outside world for more than two thousand years, how could he know what Wen Zheng meant by his words.

"Alright, alright. You haven't come in these few days, so I won't mind. If you really are like this, then hurry up and release it. I really want to see what the outside sunlight looks like!" The monster seemed to be afraid of Wen Zheng's saliva and quickly said.

"By the way, don't you have a name? I think the author should write that you're a monster, so how about I give you one on the spot? " Wen Zhengzheng was deep in thought.

"Enough, I'm begging you, hurry up and release me, I'm really begging you, if you keep talking, I'll smash my head into a wall here!" The monster finally could not take it anymore.

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