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"Zombie?!" Wen Zheng turned pale with fright. The zombie on the other side of him was pleased with Wen Zheng's expression. He liked to show fear when others heard his name, but ?

He never thought that his own reputation, even the highest of the demon race would be so afraid of him. His current mental state as a zombie really made him the number one figure in the world.

"That's right, I am one of the ten protectors of the Demon Emperor's Sacred Sect, the zombie protector!" The zombie proudly said.

"Piss off!" I thought that I didn't know that the Demon Emperor's Sacred Sect had ten protectors, not bad, but they were still ranked. Since he said that he's in the top ten, then he's probably ranked tenth. " Wen Zheng

However, its face still showed fear. Seeing Wen Zheng's cooperation, the zombie acted as if it had already defeated the Devil Ancestor.

"But, but I haven't heard of it?" Wen Zheng said 'innocently'.

"What?" Kid, you actually haven't heard of this Protector? " The zombie's mouth was wide open. It had never heard of this, nor had it ever heard of why you were so shocked!

"Hehe, I heard that your name was strange and scary, so I gave you a lot of face and shouted loudly. Actually, it wasn't just you, even your Demon Emperor's Saint Sect's father had never heard of you before.

"Even laozi doesn't want to hear it." Wen Zheng said honestly.

"Brat, you're courting death!" You guys keep an eye on him. Without my permission, no one is allowed to interfere! " The zombie was furious and its body flashed. The next time it appeared in front of Wen Zheng, it looked at him and said, "I can."

Dying by my hands can be considered your luck. "

"To be able to die in your hands, it must be something my ancestors did!" Wen Zheng was indifferent as usual. Just now, when he heard the zombie giving orders from the other three, he said that without his permission, no one would ?

Since he couldn't make a move, Wen Zheng was more at ease. This zombie's strength was similar to Wen Zheng's, so he could naturally defend against Luo Yang's reinforcements. Although his rank wasn't as high as Luo Yang's, it was still enough.

In terms of numbers, however, there was an advantage.

"Corpse Refinement Formation!" The zombie's heart skipped a beat and the sky quickly darkened. On the ground under Wen Zheng's feet, there were corpses covered in pus constantly. Some of them were still rotting ?

As it rotted, large chunks of flesh fell from its body. White maggots crawled out from their eyes, ears, and mouths. Moreover, when these zombies appeared, Wen Zheng immediately stood upright ?

The horse smelled something that made people want to puke, so it knew it was coming from these zombies.

"Ugh!" Wen Zheng could not hold on any longer and vomited.

"You f * cker, if you want to fight, then fight! I have nothing to say when you guys gang up on me, so please don't make these things for me, okay?" This old man will feel disgusted just by looking at it! " Wen Zheng said as he spat.

"Haha, boy, now you know fear?" When the zombies saw this, they laughed out loud. Wen Zheng was still in the middle of vomiting, while the zombies were right below him.

He reached out his hand to grab Wen Zheng, but because Wen Zheng was too far away, he couldn't grab onto Wen Zheng at all. Therefore, he could only grumble on the ground in anger.

"Afraid, afraid your grandmother will become a watermelon!" Wen Zheng cursed out and casually threw out a bag.

"Hidden Weapons!" The zombie let out a loud scream and tried to avoid the attack, but the concealed weapon broke through Wen Zheng's bag and covered the zombie in an instant.

"What ? what is this thing?" The "hidden weapon" that landed on its body gave off a strange smell.

"It's all because of you!" Wen Zheng said.

"Because of me?" The zombie was confused.

"Yeah, look at you. After calling out so many disgusting things, I couldn't help but vomit. But, the things I eat are all delicacies, so naturally I can't waste them right?"

So, just use which bag to catch them all, and then I'll share them with you for you to eat, how about it? "In my opinion, people at your level probably won't be able to eat any good food, right?"

Wen Zheng said with a smile.

"I, I, I will kill you!" The zombie finally couldn't hold it in anymore and rushed towards Wen Zheng. In the Demon Emperor's Sacred Sect, he was famous for his obsession with cleanliness. Being covered in stains by Wen Zheng, this was worse than death!

He still made him uncomfortable.

As the zombie spoke, it linked its ten fingers. The rotten corpses on the ground were like stimulants as they crazily roared at Wen Zheng. Wen Zheng discovered that the corpses were gradually transforming ?

Previously, the corpses had all been chunks of meat. Now, they were chunks of meat. Moreover, both of their eyes were glowing with a green light. In addition, the green light was becoming more and more intense.

"Go, zombie out of the cage!" The zombies that were roaring at Wen Zheng suddenly felt as if they were inflating. They started to get bigger and bigger. And, one by one, they gradually increased ?


Although his speed was very slow, Wen Zheng was still covered in cold sweat. With so many dirty things, if he were to pounce on them all at once, even if he managed to kill them all, he would still end up killing himself.

Is your body dirty and smelly? Heavens! At this time, Wen Zheng was still thinking about his own image.

Looking at the corpses with green light shining in their eyes, Wen Zheng did not dare to be careless. This should be a corpse that had been raised by a zombie for a long time, it was much stronger than what he could summon under normal circumstances. Seeing the approaching corpse, Wen Zheng took action first, instantly smashing the head of the corpse in front of him.

Wen Zheng came to realize that the corpses were useless as a decoration. He felt a headache coming on. Eight of them came at once; he had no power to destroy them alone! Unless he blew it all up at once!

"Blast it!" Wen Zheng suddenly paused. If he were to blow it up, it might not be impossible, but if he were to perform the Nine Heavens Demondance, then so be it. But the problem was, where would he find the power of the outside world? One had to know that the Nine Heavens Demondance relied on the strength of others to master it.

Wen Zheng was still standing there, deep in thought. The eight corpses, on the other hand, were getting closer and closer to him.

"Little Gold, it's up to you. This is my first time using it as well!" Wen Zheng came to his senses and decided to take a gamble.

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