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After the leader had recovered from his shock, his face returned to normal. He snorted and said, "Wen Zheng, even if you have reached the advanced level of Undying Zhen Qi, you will lose your life here today." After he finished speaking, the zhenqi around his body also leaked out, showing that he had broken through to the advanced stage of undying zhenqi! It was easy to break through with his Innate True Qi, but to break through with his Innate True Qi was indeed a little difficult. If one did not have any opportunities or the talent to scare others, it would be impossible for him to do so in this lifetime. Therefore, on the human path, there were a lot of Rogue Immortals who practiced the Innate True Qi, but those who practiced the Great Rudra True Qi were almost negligible, and those who trained to the Great Rudra True Qi had already ascended to the Immortal World. Those who didn't enter the Immortal World were the protectors of the sects or Dao Sect leaders. However, although both of them were of the advanced stage of Undying Genuine Qi, Wen Zheng's rage had increased tremendously. The other had been stuck here for more than a hundred years, so their use of true qi was definitely much higher than Wen Zheng's.

"Leave your name behind. If you die, I can set up a monolith for you." Wen Zheng said coldly.

"Heh heh, junior, don't say such useless words. Today, I shall let you die so that you will understand. Do you still remember General Chang Wei?"

It looks like you are the Chief Elder of the Hua Shan Sect, the Chief Qing Zi. However, since you are the Chief, you are only at this place in terms of strength. Why are there so many pieces of trash? " Hearing Wen Zheng scold the Hua Shan Sect with a single sentence, and the faces of everyone in the hall turned red with anger. The facial muscles on the Chang Qing Zi's face trembled, and today, he was proud of himself for reaching the advanced stage of undying true qi at this age while Wen Zheng called him a loser. How could he not be angry?

"Brat, don't talk like that. Let this old man experience your martial arts!" It was likely that the son of Changqing was afraid that Wen Zheng would attack him again. He no longer cared about his reputation and took the initiative to dash towards Wen Zheng.

"Humph!" "Black Bear, I'll leave those bastards to you!" Wen Zheng spat out these words as he leapt up and faced Changqing Zi. The sharp sword Qi swept in front of Changqing Zi, and he only felt a familiar energy pouncing towards him. He did not think too much about it, instead using his entire body's true qi to block that sword Qi. What kind of sword is this? Why do I feel a familiar energy? " Because the Demon Soul Sword was covered by Wen Zheng's zhenqi, even if Changqing Zi wanted to discover it, it would be impossible.

"The sword that wants your life." As Wen Zheng finished speaking, he swept the Demon Soul Sword in his hand once again. An even sharper and sharper sword aura emanated from the Demon Soul's body as it approached Changqing Zi.

"Elder Evergreen, I'm here to help you!" A loud shout came from below. A middle-aged man flew up and brandished his sword to block the sword qi of the devil soul. Wen Zheng saw him and shouted, "Scram!" He reached out his right hand and a powerful aura came out of his palm and hit the middle-aged man.

"Puchi!" The middle-aged man coughed out blood and fell to the ground. His body instantly stiffened. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to live for long.

The eldest son blocked that powerful blow and turned to look at the middle-aged man on the ground. In his heart, he was enraged, "Junior, this old man will definitely kill you today." With that, he waved his right hand again, and a purple sword made of Qi appeared in it. This was a spell he had seen before, when he killed Chang Wei, he had also used the Purple Clouds Spirit Sword. The sword was three feet long. As soon as it was formed, the Evergreen tossed it away. The sword did not fall to the ground, but floated above his head.

"Go!" With a loud shout from Changqing, the Purple Clouds Spirit Sword shot towards Wen Zheng like lightning. When Wen Zheng saw the purple longsword flying towards him, his expression turned serious. This time around, it was much stronger than what Chang Wei had displayed. Golden true energy appeared around his body as he defended against the Purple Dawn Spirit Sword. He knew that this Purple Dawn Spirit Sword was not afraid of slashing. The more you cut, the worse it would be for him. The last time the black bear had chopped down an axe, it had turned into two, but there was nothing it could do. Wen Zheng could only defend. As for the Purple Clouds Spirit Sword, it stopped two meters away from Wen Zheng.

"Explode!" The Sword of Rushing Purple Clouds rapidly expanded in size. "Bang!" With a loud explosion, he saw the purple sword explode. Although it did not cause any damage to Wen Zheng, he was not happy because of it. He knew that the power of the Purple Clouds Spirit Sword was after the explosion. Sure enough, the explosion in the air turned into a Qi Qi Qi that was hard to see with the naked eye, and not long later, over a thousand Violet Sunlight Spirit Sword that looked exactly the same as before appeared in front of Wen Zheng, while the Evergreen's right hand made another move, and a substantial treasured sword appeared in his hand, rushing towards Wen Zheng. However, his target seemed to be not Wen Zheng, but Wen Zheng's Purple Clouds Spirit Sword, waving the treasured sword in his hand, and Changqing slashed out at each treasured sword at least ten times. After he finished chopping, he returned to where he had been standing a moment ago. Wen Zheng was shocked to see this; he had already guessed what the Sword Son was planning to do. Indeed, the thousand swords instantly transformed into tens of thousands of swords that danced around the young man's body.

"Ten Thousand Swords Return to Sect! "Go!" With Changqing's shout, tens of thousands of swords flew towards Wen Zheng. Seeing these ten thousand swords flying towards him, the five types of true qi within Wen Zheng's body instantly surged out, forming a protective barrier around Wen Zheng.

The treasured sword faded away, and the smile on the Evergreen's face instantly froze. This was because he saw a sneer on Wen Zheng's face as he glared hatefully at him.

"Is this your strongest spell?" "It might be a little too big, but its power ?"

That's not necessarily true!" Before Wen Zheng could finish his words, a shout sounded out from behind him. Before he could react, he felt a surge of zhenqi striking him in the back. "Puchi!" He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as the true qi around his body was scattered by this palm. Turning his head, Wen Zheng saw a grinning Changqing. "Just now, that young man had turned into a wooden bench.

He instantly understood what was going on. The eldest young man used a wooden bench to transform into his own, while he himself had long since hidden behind him, waiting for his full attention to be focused on the ten thousand Violet Sunlight Spirit Swords before launching a sneak attack.

"You're so despicable!" Wen Zheng glared at the eldest son.

"You're asking for it!" The young man laughed sinisterly.

"Is that so!?" Another shout came from behind Changqing Zi, he also felt a huge wave of true energy hit his back, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. Turning his head to look, he saw Zhong Li Ruyu, who had temporarily sealed away the colorless and tasteless Qi in Zhu Xing'er's body, staring at him with an angry expression. Seeing Ruo Yu's body emit true energy, Changqing Zi's face paled, "This ? this is ? this is demonic energy, you're a demon!"

"Congratulations, you got it right." As Ruo Yu spoke, she waved her hands and two curved blades appeared in her hands. Taking one step at a time, he walked towards Changqing, and upon seeing the approaching Zhongli Ruyu, he retreated one step at a time. Suddenly, another loud shout rang out, "Myriad Swords Reappears!" The ten thousand sword rays of the Purple Dawn appeared again!

"Go!" The ten thousand violet light swords, under Changqing Zi's order, gathered together once more and flew towards Ruyu. Seeing the incoming Purple Clouds Spirit Sword, Ruo Yu did not panic at all. She waved both of her hands, and two streams of purple Zhen Qi flowed out of the blade. The purple Zhen Qi became bigger and bigger, and in a short while, it had covered the ten thousand treasured swords. The purple gas dissipated. Although the ten thousand Violet Spirit Swords were gone, the Changqing Sword was also gone.

"Go to hell!" Behind him, the son of Changqing shouted in a cold voice.

Ruo Yu also ignored him. She waved the machete in her hand, "Ah!" The Evergreen howled, his left arm holding the right half of his arm as he howled. Just now, when Changqing had performed his Myriad Swords Return to the Sect, Ruo Yu had already guessed what he was trying to do. As expected, Changqing had launched a sneak attack, but he had never expected that the moment his palm came into contact with Ruo Yu's body, the sharp glint of the blade would cause him to become one of the disabled people. Because, when cutting off his arm, it would also follow the wound and seal all of his meridians.

"Do you think we'll suffer the same loss twice?" The cold voice was emotionless. The current Ruo Yu didn't even have the shadow of the girl who was tearing apart documents everywhere in Cao Zhou's Wen Mansion.

"Today, the one who lost his life here should be you." After Ruo Yu said this, the scimitar pierced through Changqing's throat and chest. However, when the tip of the blade was only an inch away, two large hands grabbed onto it. When he raised his head, he saw an old man appear in front of him. The old man was wearing a hempen robe, and with a glance, anyone would think that he was an ordinary old man from the countryside.

Seeing the old man approaching, the crowd below that was also fighting Black Bear also had expressions of awe on their faces.

Before Ruo Yu could say anything, the hempen-robed elder saw the Demon Soul Sword in Wen Zheng's hands and was greatly shocked, "Demon Soul Sword, you, you actually have the Demon Soul Sword!" He understood the Demon Soul Sword very well. A hundred years ago, he was part of the subsidiary gangs of the three major sects that besieged the Devil Sect. Thousands of people in his sect had died under the Demon Soul Sword.

Back then, the three major cultivation sects had besieged the devil sect. On the surface, they said that they were the three great sects, but among them, there were many large and small affiliated sects. The Hua Shan Sect was one of the subsidiary sects of the Five Taishan Buddhist Sect. If it were not for the sheer number of cannon fodder, Ren Xing would have killed more than 200,000 people. Even if the three sects combined their forces, they would have barely gathered enough.

"Hua Yanfeng, I haven't seen you in a hundred years. It hasn't changed at all." When Wen Zheng saw the newcomer, his eyes became colder and colder. This person was the Sect Leader of the Hua Shan Sect, Hua Yanfeng!

"You're still so young, and yet you say that you haven't seen me in a hundred years? You talkative brat, do you think this old man can casually tease you?" When Hua Yanfeng heard Wen Zheng say that they had not seen each other for a hundred years, his eyebrows knitted together. Wangchuan River had trained for eighty years and experienced the tornado of the Rebirth Tunnel, so Wen Zheng was now very different from any of the stars of the past. How could Hua Yanfeng tell that it was him?

"Hahaha, Sect Leader Hua sure is forgetful. I didn't go looking for you, but instead you delivered yourself to my doorstep. Do you remember the so-called matter of you people besieging my Devil Sect?" Wen Zheng laughed heartily towards the sky. His laughter contained a sorrowful taste.

"Devil sect, hmph, they were destroyed a hundred years ago. Don't tell me they want revenge on you three?" Hua Yanfeng frowned again. He seemed to have heard this laughter before.

"You are truly forgetful. In that case, do you remember someone saying a hundred years later that they would resume today's battle!"

"You, you, you are Ren Xing!" Hua Yanfeng lowered his head and pondered for a moment. Then, he suddenly raised his head. Finally, he heard some clues. His face was filled with disbelief.

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