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Seeing Hua Yanfeng's shocked expression, Wen Zheng coldly laughed: "You finally remembered? I had originally planned to take revenge on you guys one by one after I recovered my abilities, but who would have thought, if I met you today, I would have killed you first. Hmph hmph, the Heavenly Court has already set up a Heaven Realm, without the support of the Heaven Realm, let's see what kind of trouble you can create now! "

However, after confirming that Wen Zheng was Ren Xing, Hua Yanfeng's heart could not help but jump up and down. With Wen Zheng and Ruyu's strength, although it was difficult to deal with them, but for the current him, it was nothing, and if he were to kill the reincarnated devil servant of Ren Zheng Xing, his Hua Shan Sect would receive the attention of the God Realm and at that time, the Hua Shan Sect would no longer care about his three great sects! As she thought of this, her hand loosened for a moment. The scimitar was released like the rain. Seeing Hua Yan Feng's hand relax, Ruo Yu did not attack anymore but slowly stepped back to block in front of Wen Zheng.

"The people of our Hua Shan Sect don't even need a silly girl like you to kill them." Hua Yanfeng looked at Ruyu and said coldly.

"Dao Sect, kill them! Kill them!" She, she sealed the zhenqi in my body. How am I going to live in the future? " The Changqing Son let out a pitiful cry.

"If we can't live, then we can only die!" After Hua Yanfeng finished speaking, he smacked his palm on the top of Changqing Zi's head, and the latter too, had an expression of disbelief on his face.

"Dao Sect, why ? why are you doing this?" Changqing Zi spat out a mouthful of blood and said with great difficulty.

"Your meridians have already been sealed, what's the use of keeping them!" Hearing Hua Yanfeng's emotionless words, Changqing didn't move an inch. From the looks of it, he had lost all signs of life. His eyes were wide open, and he died with grievance. For someone like him, the contributions he had rendered to the Hua Mountain Sect were all in exchange for these heartless words and a slap. No one would be able to accept this. When the crowd, who were fighting with Hei Xiong, saw this scene, they stared at the stage in a daze. They did not expect that the Sect Leader, who they had always respected, would actually be so ruthless. With a wave of his hand, a wave of true energy that was a hundred times stronger than the eldest son gushed out and flew towards the crowd below. Black Bear's reaction was the fastest, and with a leap, he also arrived in front of Wen Zheng.

When Wen Zheng saw this scene, he was also greatly shocked. What he was surprised about was not Hua Yanfeng's ruthless methods, but his true energy, True Immortal Aura. In order to reward those who had better aptitudes in the mortal world, the God Realm specially studied the True Immortal Qi. After cultivating the True Immortal Qi, one would then break through the Great Rudra True Qi, the effect was at least a hundred times stronger than that of those who had only cultivated the Immortal True Qi. However, there were pros and cons, and the True Immortal Qi was divided into a total of fifteen stages.

"Haha, Ren Xing, today, you are mine." Hua Yanfeng laughed complacently. As his laughter faded, the surrounding space became distorted again, and four figures appeared. The auras of those four figures were at least at the Mid Rank Undying Zhen Qi stage! However, Hua Yanfeng, who was in the midst of complacency, felt a powerful energy, which made him turn his head abruptly and look at the entrance of the inn. At this moment, at the entrance of the inn stood two young men, the one in front, dressed in a golden robe, with golden hair and sharp beaks, giving off the first impression of a huge upright bird, while the one behind, his entire body seemed to be covered in a tiger-like leather, his round face did not have any special features, and the feeling he gave off was that of a tiger. No, it shouldn't be called a tiger, because he didn't have the king's grandeur like a tiger. At most, he was just a ? cat!

"Third brother, it seems like we've missed out on a good show?" The golden man said to the others with a smile.

"Of course not, second brother. From what I see, the real show hasn't started yet, right?" The man behind him also said.

"My two friends, please do not disturb the Hua Shan Sect. Otherwise, it will alarm the entire Wu Tai Mountain. Even I, who am in the Hua Shan Dao Sect, will not be able to plead with you."

Seeing how domineering it sounded, he could actually drag in Wutai Mountain. With just a glance, he was clearly threatening them, warning them not to wade in this muddy water. However, the two of them are still smiling happily. " He hadn't come to this mortal world for over a thousand years, but who would've thought that there would be another person who would be so shameless? Third brother, go teach him a lesson. The golden robed man said to the people behind him.

"Yes sir!" "Yes!" the man behind him responded, flying forward.

"Brat, you're too arrogant!" Hearing them scolding him for being shameless, Hua Yanfeng was furious. No matter how strong their auras were, they also flew towards the cat-faced man. While he was in midair, the cat faced man revealed his true energy. When Hua Yanfeng saw this, his body that was rushing forward suddenly stopped as he stammered: "Demon, demonic god energy?!"

"Meow, congratulations, you got it right. Watch this move!" The cat-faced man giggled and threw a palm towards Hua Yanfeng. This palm did not have any spell. A simple palm strike wasn't even effective on true qi. However, when his palm struck Hua Yanfeng's body, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and was sent flying far away.

"So, so powerful. But you are so small, my Hua Shan Sect." Hearing the meaning in Hua Yanfeng's words, it was clear that he had higher level spells or magic treasures. The cat-faced man lowered his attack and looked at Hua Yanfeng. He wanted to see when in this mortal world there would be magic spells or magic treasures that could defeat him. While the cat-faced man was looking at him, Hua Yanfeng suddenly moved backwards. His target was Wen Zheng, who was injured. Hua Yanfeng had already guessed that the two people in front of him must be related to Wen Zheng. But when he was just half a meter away from Wen Zheng, a golden light shone out, and when the man in golden clothes appeared in front of Hua Yanfeng, Hua Yanfeng's face was filled with fear, because right now, the man in golden clothes had one hand on his neck. As long as the man in golden clothes used a little more strength, his life would be forfeit.

When the four people who had just appeared saw that the Dao Sect had been captured, they all cried out, "Dao Sect, release the Dao Sect!" When the man in golden clothes heard this, he angrily snorted, "Cough cough!" With the wave of his other hand, a dark red aura surrounded the four of them. Four muffled groans could be heard before the sound was no longer audible.

He slowly leaned on Hua Yanfeng's ear and asked in a low voice, "Do you know his identity?"

At this moment, Hua Yanfeng's face was full of fear. He was no longer as arrogant as he was before. He said in an intermittent voice, "Ren ? Ren ? Xing ?"

"I'm talking about his other identity."

"Wen Zheng."

Wen Zheng is only his third identity, Ren Xing is the second.

"No, I don't."

"A thousand years ago, the ancestor of all demons who never returned to the summit of the mountain and disappeared, the Demon Soldier!"

Ah!" Hua Yanfeng's face was filled with horror. However, this horror was forever fixed on his face and his body gradually stiffened.

Seeing Hua Yanfeng's body stiffen, the man in gold waved his hand in the air and an illusionary shadow appeared in his hand. He looked at the illusionary shadow and squeezed his hand to shatter it.

"Phew, from now on, there will no longer be anyone in this world who could be called his reincarnation." After the golden-robed man finished speaking, he slowly turned around. His current expression was completely different from the cold expression from before.

"Big brother!" The two of them shouted at Wen Zheng in unison.

"Phew ~ You're here, Ah Cat, Ah Peng." Wen Zheng slowly exhaled as well, traces of suppressed excitement in his tone.

Hearing Wen Zheng call out to the two Ah Cat Ah Peng, Ruo Yu also began to ponder. As if she had thought of something, she raised her head abruptly and exclaimed, "Demon Protectors?!"

The two people in front of him were Wen Zheng's personal protectors, venerated heaven defying golden-winged great roc, and venerated earth attribute tiger cat king!

As mentioned before, Wen Zheng had two Lifeguard Protectors. They were powerful and weak, but when compared to Wen Zhengming, they were relatively weak. Moreover, they would always follow Wen Zheng. As long as they were summoned, they would immediately appear.

Back then, Wen Zheng had remembered his vow to let Pan Gu live for a thousand years before the Great War of Gods and Demons. Therefore, he summoned the two of them before going back to the mountain, saying that no matter what happened to him, he should not rescue them until the next time he was summoned. A few days after Wen Zheng left, their bodies gradually became transparent. The primal chaos true energy that was a part of Wen Zheng's body also gradually dissipated, finally stopping at the Demon God Qi, unable to take another step forward. At that time, they already knew that the magic soldiers' bodies had already been destroyed. The Demon God Qi that Wen Zheng had cultivated since he was thirty years old was also due to his intermittent connection with the two of them. Later on, when he recovered his memories, only then did his life connection recover. However, as long as Wen Zheng hadn't reached the Primal Chaos true energy, the true energy of the two Protectors would forever remain above that of the demonic god's true energy. "Although the destruction of Wen Zheng's body only affected the true qi, if his soul were to disappear, then the two of them would also disappear along with Wen Zheng, forever disappearing into the void and chaos.

"Big brother, you haven't called us in a thousand years. Why are you calling us today? Aren't you afraid that the god race will discover us? " The golden-robed man, or rather, the Golden-winged Great Peng, asked.

Wen Zheng did not answer, but asked, "After my second life, did you find out any news about the god race? Especially Pan Gu. "

"The god race is under that old guy, the Celestial Emperor, and that's why they didn't kill you in this life. The heavens can't do that, and although the heavens won't kill you, the god race will always be looking for you, if it wasn't for the heavens, they would have already done something to you. The second year after you died, Pan Gu suddenly asked for your second brother, who was also looking for you. However, one day, he went into seclusion and fell asleep, for some reason. That Pangu is truly malicious. Not only did he harm you to this extent, but he also wants to kill you for ten lifetimes. No matter how powerful the Fiendgods are, after experiencing ten lifetimes, they will all turn to dust! "

Wen Zheng let out a sigh of relief when he heard this. With the Celestial Emperor in charge of the Heavenly Court, and without the obstruction of Pangu, that Heaven's Perception was definitely picked up by the gods. However, Wen Zheng frowned again. Why? Wen Zheng's brows furrowed even more.

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