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Letting out a light sigh, Wen Zheng asked, "How is the situation in the No Return Valley?"

It is just that, some Demon Dwellers formed from Demon Beasts have left the valley. However, the situation isn't very good, because some of them were used by the God Realm, some became demons, and some became mounts for the gods and the immortals. "Only a small number of people stand on the feet of the people in the mortal world." The Golden-winged Great Peng said.

"Used by the God Realm? Are they really slaves, and even reincarnated? How could it become a mount?! As for the god race's harassment, there's also that meteorite tablet that I retrieved from my family. Even if it's Pan Gu, he would consider it. " When Wen Zheng heard this, he was shocked and angry. He was the grand ancestor of the demon race, yet his god race had annihilated him. Why would they go over to the god race? It was fine to not talk about this kind of magical beast, but his god race actually caught a magical beast to use as a mount. This made Wen Zheng really angry. One must know that the result of forming a magical beast was extremely difficult.

Back then, I also wanted to taste what it was like to be a human being, so I placed my physical body at the bottom of an iceberg, found a pregnant woman who was about to give birth, and carried it over that baby's body. Also, when I grew up, I robbed the path, rebelled, and even became an emperor, but after a few days, I stopped being an emperor. On the other side, Black Bear said.

"What?" You've been a man too? Why didn't you tell me? "What's your name? Take a look and see if I know." Wen Zheng asked after hearing this.

"Aiya, why should I tell you this, it was all a few hundred years ago. At that time, I had just become a true devil qi, and I had just gained the ability to detach my soul from my body, so I was curious about it and decided to give birth to it, but I didn't expect that my reputation would also go down the drain. At that time, I was in a chaotic world, rebelling against my brothers, in order to intimidate the enemy, I gave myself a name, Demon King of Confusion. And then it was called the Cheng Zhi Festival. " Black Bear said.

"Damn, Cheng Ya Jin!" That peddler who sold salt, killed a constable, and robbed the imperial guard by himself? The Three Axes decided to set a sentry position and explore the cave alone. He was surrounded by everyone and was known as the Demon King of Confusion. And you're the one who came to the Duke of Lu in the end, don't tell me you're the one? " Wen Zheng was also surprised. Even though the past several hundred years had passed, the reputation of Cheng Xie Jin was still well-known. Nowadays, there were many versions of the legend of Cheng Ya Jin still existed in the world.

"It's me. The axe in my hand was also given to me by an old man in my dreams back in the human world. I think his name is Lu Ya or something."

"Oh, Lu Jingzi, that's a big shot. Even in my first life, his seniority was a bit lower than his. He's an existence beyond the heavens and earth, you sure are blessed." When Wen Zheng heard Black Bear mention that the axe was given to him by a Daolord Lu Pingzhi, the three were shocked. Lu Pingzi had quite a reputation in the primal chaos of the universe, but he loved peace and quiet. He didn't like the trivialities of the six realms.

After recovering from his shock, Wen Zheng stopped thinking about it. After all, he could not restore his strength by thinking about this, so he slowly sighed and said, "It's better if the two of you go back first, lest you be discovered. Although a barrier has been set up in the Heaven Realm, who knows if there will be any accidents."

"But, brother ?" The Golden-winged Great Peng still wanted to say something, but Wen Zheng waved his hand and cut him off, of course, he knew what Wen Zheng wanted to say, if it was his first life, then the two would instantly appear, and now, he had been using the life connection to call for the two of them from the moment he saw the eldest son, and only when Hua Yanfeng appeared did the two arrive. If Wen Zheng met a powerful character, the two of them probably would not make it here, but Wen Zheng had already died, which was also what they were most worried about.

The more dangerous it is, the more it will stimulate the energy in my body. Here, there are only the three of us.

"Yes, I did. Because of this, Little Xing and Old Chi had a fight." Elvis said as he handed over a large gourd to Wen Zheng. The demonic spring water that the demons had yearned for in their dreams was now given to Wen Zheng in a gourd. If the demons saw it, they would be envious to what extent. However, the entire spring was righteous. This gourd really wasn't much.

"The two of them are even fighting?" Wen Zheng asked.

Right now, fighting has become a mandatory lesson for the two of them every day. When they heard that we brought magic spring water to find you, they insisted on coming, but we had to leave one person behind to watch. Because of this, we saw that they were fighting and could not delay their fight, so we came over too late. The two of them had fought since birth, and even now, they had not stopped. Just now, the meaning in the words of the Golden Roc, if the two of them were to continue fighting like that, the Golden Roc and the Golden Roc would stand by the side and wait, and when Wen Zheng was killed by Hua Yanfeng, the two of them would not stop either. At that time, they would regret it.

"Boss, if I don't go to that valley, the birds would have already left the valley in the past. Why would I return it?" I'd rather be happy with you. " When Black Bear heard Wen was about to return to the valley, he too began to protest loudly.

"You're saying, why do you not understand anything? Besides, were you in the valley of no return back then? With that meteorite tablet, you will be able to break through into the Demon Luo Zhen Qi level. I guarantee that you will be able to do it in three more years, and in less than a year and a half, so you won't be able to say that much. " Wen Zheng shouted.

"Alright, I'll go, but boss, if you need anything, just contact them. Black Bear will help you deal with them."

"Mm. Go, go." Wen Zheng waved his hands impatiently.

"Big brother, I'm leaving. Remember, don't hang on until you're in danger." The golden peng said.

"Aiya, are you annoyed? I still want to save your sister-in-law. Didn't I already call you two just now?" "Don't worry."

"Then, let's go!" When Elvis saw that Wen Zheng had become a little impatient, he communicated with him based on their intentions. He knew that he was in a hurry to go and save Zhu Xing'er after they had left, so he didn't dawdle any longer. He spoke to Wen Zheng and grabbed Black Bear's hands.

Although the valley was very far from the human world, if Wen Zheng were to call for these two, they would arrive in a very short amount of time. Therefore, as long as they had the two Protectors by their side, they would be able to meet Wen Zheng in no time at all. That was why there had been two people fighting just now in order to see Wen Zheng.

When he saw the three of them disappear, Wen Zheng hurriedly turned around and walked back into the room. At this moment, Zhu Xing'er had already been placed on the bed by Ruyu. Her face was pale and she had already fainted. Wen Zheng felt his heart ache as he read about it. Ever since she had followed him in his first life, she had never thought about blessings. She had suffered too much, however.

"Ruyu, undo the seal." Seeing Ruo Yu remove the seal, Wen Zheng also took a sip of the Magic Spring Water. The Magic Spring Water was drawn from the rootless water in the sky by Wen Zheng, and could cure all poisons. In other words, with this Magic Spring Water, he did not have to be afraid of being poisoned anymore. Otherwise, he wouldn't be scared even if there were ten of him. He slowly lay down, imprinting himself on Zhu Xing'er's mouth. He hadn't been in contact for a hundred years, and he was a reborn man. However, his lips were still so soft. No matter what he had done in the past, that would still be the past. He was now just a youth in his early twenties, so, just like the other youths, Wen Zheng's entire body was bleeding as his mind gradually became muddled.

Seeing Wen Zheng unable to restrain his emotions, Ruyu also exclaimed, "Uh-huh!" A 'humph' sound rang out, awakening Wen Zheng from the fire. He embarrassedly glanced at Ruyu beside him, but the latter pretended not to see it as she looked out the window. However, her completely red, bloody face sold her out.

"Although the Demon Martial Spring can detoxify poisons, there is too much berserk energy inside. What's left is to fill the dimensional space with it." Wen Zheng passed the gourd to Ruyu.

In the dimensional realm, the devil race had trained to at least demonic true energy, and the immortal race had trained to at least the advanced stage of undying true energy. Right now, Wen Zheng was only at the advanced level of Xiantian Qi. Although his Xiantian Zhen Qi had increased dramatically, now that his anger had dissipated, it had dropped back to its initial stage. Naturally, there would not be this time around. The purpose of the dimensional space was to create a small space that could be used to store items and follow the creator himself. Other than the creator himself being able to open it, no one else would be able to open it, so this dimensional space was also an extremely safe deposit box. However, the dimensional space also had its size, depending on the creator's strength.

In less than three days after Zhu Xing'er consumed the Magic Spring, the poison in her body disappeared completely. Wen Zheng also packed up and prepared to set off again. At this moment, Ruyu, who was by the side, had a cold expression as she said, "Sire, come out!"

Following Ruo Yu's cold shout, the space in front of them distorted and a human figure appeared. The newcomer wore a white robe and held a treasured sword in his hand. His hair was neatly combed.

"You have offended Prince Changping, don't tell me you want to just leave like this? Why haven't those old fellows from Mount Hua arrived yet? " The man in white spoke to Wen Zheng, but he was muttering to himself.

Wen Zheng held his hands behind his back and said with a smile, "You son of a bitch, are you trying to scare me?"

The man in white was also startled. He took off his mask, revealing a handsome face and said helplessly: "Damn! You can do it, but you'll recognize me if you wear a mask. "

"With this kind of cultivation in the martial arts world and the fact that you always wear white and appear on the stage with a sword in your hand, who else could it be other than you who always like to flirt and seduce innocent girls? Isn't it? "White clothed sword immortal, legend Liu!" Wen Zheng said with disdain.

As he looked at the handsome face of the white-clothed sword immortal, the color of his face kept changing ?

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