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In Cao Prefecture, Shandong Province, old man Wen was kind and kind. No one knew that the Wen Family had developed in this way. From the memories of when they knew the Wen Family, it had always been a rich and prosperous mansion. Not just the commoners, even the Prefect was humble to meet Master Wen.

As the saying goes, since the ancient times, when Shandong Province issued a call, those galloping horses with flags on their side of the road killed the rich and the poor. However, they never had the idea of fighting the Wen Mansion, and sometimes they even gave the looted property to Master Wen to send to the villagers. It can be seen that Wenfu has a high status in the Shandong Jianghu.

Master Wen had two sons, the eldest son, Wen Wu, the second son, Wen Zheng. The eldest son, Wen Zheng, was the successor to the Wen family, and from a young age, he had always been good at both literature and martial arts.

In the martial arts world and the government, if it wasn't for Master Wen, they would have long since issued a "Doing good and punishing evil order" to eliminate this beast. Master Wen had always said that he didn't care and that Master Wen could only shake his head and sigh. He didn't care and said that he wouldn't listen, so there was nothing he could do about it.

On this day, in Luoyang, Henan province, Cao Zhou brought in some good peony flowers to hold a big "peony flower party". When Wen Zhengzheng heard what kind of party was about to open, he went to see if there was anything exciting going on, so he brought his men down to play.

"Cao Zhou Peony has been crowned as the world's most precious flower. "Now, Cao Zhou has also introduced the top peony in Luoyang, and from now on, no one will not know about the name of the peony in Cao Zhou." Wen Zhengzheng said to a servant who seemed to be a servant, but was actually a servant.

The servant quickly replied, "Yes, the national flower peony. Now that our Cao Zhou is hosting a peony party, who knows how many young ladies from different sects will come to admire the flower ?" Wen Zheng went silent and turned around to see. He was angry to the point of being a smoker, with two orifices and three orifices filled with smoke. His four orifices started to choke, only to see the servant talking as his thoughts went wild. He completely forgot that his master was still by his side.

"Damn!" "Awesome, I thought I was the only one who would be so lustful. To think that even my subordinates are in such a bad condition. I have to hurry up, don't let him take away my title as Shandong Scoundrel." Wen Zheng thought.

At this moment, the people who were admiring the flowers saw that the second young master of the Wen family had arrived and started running. What made Wen Zheng most depressed was that they were shouting as they ran, "Run quickly, Wen Zheng is here. If you don't catch him soon, then it'll be bad for us."

"Help ? help ?"

"Huh? Normally, people run when they see me, but you've never heard of help before. I'm so ugly, why would I scream for help if they saw me?" Wen Zheng puzzledly turned to the servant beside him.

"Second Young Master, how could you be ugly? "You are handsome, elegant, dashing, dashing in the sun, able to hold your spear in place, able to use both soft and hard weapons. You are like an old man on a cart who has just touched the water with his dragonfly ?"

"F * ck, laozi is still a virgin, what do you mean I can't fall with a golden spear?" What is it? Why is your brain such a mess? One day I'll castrate you, you slut. " Wen Zheng laughed and scolded. He knew that even though they were servants, they were his friends since he was young. He knew everyone. Wen Zheng cursed at his servant as he looked towards the source of the voice. Upon seeing this, he was stunned.

"It's her!" "..." Wen Zheng muttered to himself.

The servants didn't hear him, because they were all mesmerized by the woman in front of them. She was too beautiful, too perfect, too perfect ? Not too far away, a beautiful woman was being assaulted by a dirty man.

"In broad daylight, without even looking at such a beautiful peony, you must pluck this beautiful little flower from my homeland. Come on, come on, come on, come on, kill him!" Wen Zheng was howling like a wolf. It was unknown whether he wanted the servants to kill the man or a certain someone.

When the man saw that there were so many of them, he panicked. He changed the form of molestation into holding, "You ? don't come over here, what's wrong with me picking flowers? "As the saying goes, a small flower will grow in the motherland. If you grow one, I'll pick one ? but I'm sorry, I'm not going to change the subject. I just didn't have the money to go to a brothel and find a girl, so I couldn't sleep. That's why I'm here picking wild flowers. Don't come over. Come over, I'll kill her."

When Wen Zheng heard this, he exclaimed, "Isn't it just money? I have nothing but money. Come on, give him five hundred silver. " The five hundred taels of silver was still paid. The dirty man kept his word, picked it up and ran away. However, Wen Zheng and the others didn't notice that when the dirty man left, he had exchanged glances with the woman.

"Thank you, young master, for saving me. My daughter is Zhu Xing'er. May I ask what your name is?" The beautiful woman gently said to Wen Zheng.

Wen Zheng was serious for once, "My surname is Wen, and my name is Wen. I was originally planning to leave a good impression on her, but who would have thought that when Zhu Xing'er heard that he was Wen Zheng, her face changed drastically," Wen Zheng! If I knew you were Wen Zheng, even if I let him die from humiliation, he wouldn't have let you save me. " After which, he turned around and left.

He sighed, his heart ached, he did not care what others said, even if it was his father, he did not expect her to say such things to him. When he thought about it later, he also felt relieved, after going through the river of rebirth, even the Great Firmament Golden Immortal would not be able to remember what happened a hundred years ago, let alone her. No one knew what he was feeling.

Wen Wen watched the woman leave. He wanted to grab her, but he kept telling himself that the time wasn't right. If he caught her now, he would harm her. Seeing him walk past him slowly with a disgusted expression on his face, Wen Zheng cried for the first time.

Brother, Wen Zheng is so easily deceived. With just a little bit of beauty and a little bit of bitter meat, you can get your hands on five hundred taels of silver. But Brother, you're really good at acting. A bell-like laughter came from the restaurant, causing passersby to stop and listen attentively. It was as if he was experiencing the best music in the world.

"But little sister, did you notice that Wen Zheng was looking at you with a strange gaze?" The man chuckled and said.

Hearing her older brother's words, the corner of Zhu Xing'er's mouth curled up, "Tch, just him."

"Haha, with my sister's reputation, how could she possibly be a hooligan in Cao Zhou city?

Zhu Gui said as he ate, but he didn't realize that in the eyes of Zhu Xing'er, there was a flash of pain.

Wen Zheng, who was on his way, sneezed and said to himself, "Who's talking about me?" With that, he broke up the servants and walked in the direction of his home. Leaving behind a group of servants watching this abnormal Second Young Master Wen, that lonely figure made others see him, a kind of pain that pierced their hearts.

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