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Yesterday, Wen Wen was in the main hall making a military order with the eunuch. Within a month, he had to find the ancient painting, or else he would castrate himself and become a eunuch. Although Wen Zheng was speaking in the main hall with a relaxed tone, he only had a tiny bit of confidence in himself, so he left by himself early in the morning. Wen Tong originally wanted him to bring some men to go with Wen Zheng, but Wen Zheng stubbornly refused, saying that it would be inconvenient if there were more people.

Seeing the doubt in old man Wen's eyes, Wen Zheng consoled him: "Dad, don't worry. Since I have promised to change the course of events, I will not commit any more vices. This is the first thing I will do after I get my son back, so I will definitely do it beautifully for you."

With that, he turned around and left without waiting for Lord Wen Wen to speak.

After rushing for an entire day, Wen Zheng arrived at a small town. When he saw the words "Heavenly Palace", Wen Zheng smiled. "Yes, this is the place. He must be here." Wen Zheng said to himself.

He randomly picked an inn to stay at, and this little town called Heavenly Palace was quite lively at night. Although it couldn't compare to the real Heavenly Palace, not even a ten thousandth of it, Wen Zheng felt a sense of warmth in his heart when he saw this happy and harmonious appearance.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed in front of him. Wen Zheng smiled faintly and flew in the same direction as the black shadow.

The shadow didn't seem to want to shake Wen Zheng off. Wen Zheng also didn't want to catch up with him, so they flew together. Not long after, they arrived at the Hero Pavilion on the Yellow River Road in Yin Ruins.

"I haven't seen you in two years. Brother Wen, your kung fu has improved again. Congratulations, haha." The black-clothed man stopped and said.

Wen Zheng looked at the man dressed in night clothes and laughed. "Your martial arts have also improved, Brother Tian?" The two of them looked at each other and laughed out loud.

"It has been a year since we last met. I didn't expect you to be so much more mature than I imagined." The one called Tian Dao said.

"That's right. It's been a year, and we haven't met for a year. Brother Heavenly Dao has already changed from a little thief who only steals wealthy merchants to someone who even dares to steal things from the inner palace." Wen Zheng also said. He wasn't making fun of him. Wen Zheng knew his character.

Six years ago ? "Grandpa Wen refused to let me out. Hmph! I must come out." As Wen Zheng walked, he looked up and saw the words "Heavenly Palace" in front of him. "Oh, and there's even a place called Heavenly Palace. I've never heard of it before. Since it's called Heavenly Palace, there should be something interesting."

The sky was already dark, and Wen Zheng was looking for the best inn in town to stay at. In the middle of the night, Wen Zheng suddenly heard a sound, as if someone had run over to his room, and Wen Zheng, without opening his eyes, continued to pretend to be asleep. He wanted to see who was so bold as to steal from him, Second Young Master Wen.

The thief seemed to have found what he was looking for and jumped out of the window. When Wen Zheng saw that he had gone out, he also hurriedly chased after him. Wen Zheng only wanted to chase him slowly, but he didn't want him to find out.

At the border between Cao Zhou and Yin Ruins, in the Hero Pavilion on the Yellow River, the thieves stopped. Wen Zheng followed suit.

"Speak, what is the purpose of luring me here? If you're stealing, you can't just steal my underwear, and it's unwashed. " Wen Zheng chuckled.

The thief seemed to be really trying to lure him over and did not notice the theft at all. Looking down, it really was a pair of underpants. Wen Zheng did not notice at the time that his face was flushed red under the black cloth.

"I've long heard that Second Young Master Wen does not know anything else, but his eloquence is amazing. Seeing him today, his reputation is truly worse than seeing him again." The man in black said.

Wen Zheng giggled: "Since you know how amazing I am, then why did you bring me here? "Don't tell me ? you want to ? take that one of mine?"

Wen Zheng could faintly feel that this voice was different from the one he heard earlier. From the looks of it, the voice of the other party was intentionally altered so that he would not be able to recognize the person. The person in black must be the person beside him.

"Here, who cares about your underwear, I only lured you here because I'm more interested in you. Hey, I said, I don't think you're some naughty kid, at least what do I think." The black-clothed man said, "Hehe, in the past dozen years, those who have seen through me, you are the first. Speak, what do you want to know?" He had been born in disguise, but this was the first time he had discovered him after so many years.

"You must have unspeakable pain in your heart. Otherwise, you wouldn't be like this. Perhaps you want to hide yourself, and don't want your enemies to find you."


The two of them chatted like this for a long time. When dawn arrived, the two of them reluctantly said goodbye to each other as if they considered each other to be close friends.

Just like that, they would meet once a year, and each time, their skill would increase.

Wen Zheng woke up from his reminiscing and saw that the Heavenly Dao was still in a daze. He smiled to him and said, "Brother Tian Tian, may I ask why you are taking such a big risk?" I don't think you are such a gentle person with the leisure to admire paintings, right? Can you give this painting to me today? Save the lives of my family? I will be forever grateful. "

The heavens' dao was not righteous and only said a irrelevant sentence, "Brother Wen, the world today. In your opinion, what do you think? "

Seeing that he did not answer his question, Wen Zheng did not mind and said: "Nowadays, the imperial court is being disorderly, the treacherous officials are in charge, the people are being loyal, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan and so on are all powerful, in my opinion, the Great Wei Empire is already in danger, as long as there is someone to start it, it will continue to flow endlessly. The Central Plains, I think, will not have many years of peace."

Brother Wen is right, the reason why I want to steal his painting is because I find it annoying. The greatest power in the rebellion should be King Liu Jin of Yunnan, he has consecutively conquered all 12 cities of the Nine Prefectures, and Luo Yang's emperor is still willing to buy it from pirates for a painting that he can only look at. The heavens' dao paused for a moment before continuing, "Now that all sides are against the king, who do you think is the hero that Brother Wen can talk to?"

"Wen Zheng thought about it and said," In my opinion, Wang Jia Feilong of Sichuan should be considered a man. He is loyal to his brothers, but he has never put etiquette in his heart. I have heard that he is happy to see him beat and scold, and unhappy to see him kowtow and salute. Every time there is a war, he does not disturb the people, and he does not let the soldiers go through the fields.

"No, the Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms was also like this at the beginning, but what happened to him afterwards? Sichuan kings are the most formidable, but they are not heroes. "In my opinion, the King of Hunan, Yao Shiming, lives with his people. He wears cloth clothing, eats coarse food, and when the people see him, it is as if they see their family. Wherever he goes, they will put porridge on him to save their people. The Heavenly Dao objected.

"Who is the hero? Only the future generations can comment on that. What you and I have seen is only in front of our eyes. Who knows if they will one day ascend to the throne and not commit any heinous crimes?" Wen Zhengzheng said.

How could he explain everything in the world so quickly? The good people of today might be the unforgivable villains and evildoers tomorrow, and the bad people of today might even be willing to sacrifice themselves for someone else tomorrow. Who could say and who could see clearly? There was only one thing, and that was history. Only the later generations could evaluate a person's character and character.

"Alright, now that we're done talking, give me the painting or I'll turn into a transvestite." Wen Zheng teased.

"Take the painting. I have something else to give you." As the Heavenly Dao spoke, he waved his hand, and a ray of white light and a ray of black light flashed, and two objects appeared in his hand. Wen Zheng's eyes stared blankly, not because of the painting in his hand, but because of the sword in his hand.

The Heavenly Dao looked at his blank expression and slowly said, "The heavens are unfair, but the earth is not fair."

"The matters of the Devil Realm, the Devil Realm." Wen Zheng continued. As soon as Wen Zheng finished speaking, Tian Dao immediately knelt down, "Demon Soul Sword Protector Zhong Li Ruyu greets Sect Leader."

From his words, he could clearly hear that she was a woman.

"So. You are a woman. Six years ago, you brought me here not to be my soulmate, but to see my character? "Don't call me 'Sect Leader' anymore. I am Wen Zheng in this life, not some Sect Leader. We are bosom friends now. When your predecessor gave you that sword and the words we spoke, did you say anything?"

"Do you think I want to shout? However, my father said before he died that he would be more respectful to the Sect Leader than to him, so he could only call him 'Master', but now that I have already called him, there is no need to call him 'Master', there is still a few more lines for me to think about, let me think about it, when Mount Tai goes east, there are Mountain Qilins, Jade Gate's 100 Li, and the Wang Family name. That's all. "

Wen Zheng was overjoyed. These words hid two treasures. With these items in the future, there was hope for revenge. "Hey, just follow me from now on." This was what he said to the Heavenly Dao, no, Zhong Li and Ruyu.

"En ? As long as you don't mind me, my father will be gone. As long as the Sect Leader doesn't mind, I'm willing to follow him for the rest of my life." Ruyu said. Wen Zheng's heart skipped a beat. He just said it casually. You're really following me?

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