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Holding the picture and the sword, Wen Zheng thought for a moment and then said to Ruo Yu, "I think you should take this sword. I don't have any use for it yet, and my power won't return to how it used to be when I was able to control the Demon Soul Sword. "Since it's just a painting, I'll take it. What if they catch you when you go back?"

"Yes," Ruyu replied.

With a flash of black light, the Demon Soul Sword disappeared.

When he thought that there were still twenty days until the appointment with the eunuch, he suddenly had the thought of visiting the scenery of the Divine Lands. When he returned to the inn, he wrote a letter to tell his family that he had found the painting, that he would return home later, and then let Ruo Yu deliver it to his house. At first he didn't want to, but Wen Zheng grappled with it over and over again, so he could only helplessly agree, but he told him that since he had already revealed his identity, he would always accompany Wen Zheng. When Wen Zheng heard this, he felt a headache coming on.

After Ruo Yu left, Wen Zheng packed his luggage and prepared for his journey. He rode for a whole day and arrived at a mountain. He had no idea what kind of mountain this was, but the scenery here was really good. Not long later, he arrived at the entrance of the mountain and saw the words "Evening Mountain" written on it. Wen Zheng suddenly thought of something. "In the Realm of Dark Ruins, there is a mountain that never sleeps. Demons and ghosts hide within it." Not only was his playfulness aroused, but he also said in his heart, "Why don't we catch a pet to play with?" This freak was not an ordinary one.

As he was walking, Wen Zheng suddenly felt a strong sense of vigilance and a powerful force locked onto him. Wen Zheng felt a strong pressure on him, making him unable to breathe.

A roar came from the side, and then a huge blade came slashing over. Wen Zheng's movements were a lot slower because of the aura, and he managed to dodge this sudden cut by the side with great difficulty, but the blade Qi still managed to sweep away the pain on his face. Instinctively, he threw a punch at the monster's body, and felt the pain of his fist piercing through its heart, as if he had struck a rock. While Wen Zheng was still howling, he was not idle. He landed a punch on Wen Zheng's head. Before he fainted, he thought to himself, "It's over. It looks like he will be caught by the demon as his pet."

Wen Zheng opened his eyes and was greeted by a large cave. The monster that had ambushed him was not there, but a large pot was burning under the cauldron, and a very strong fragrance was emitting from it, and Wen Zheng's stomach was starting to revolt. He stood up and scooped up a bowl of soup, drank it, and then he realized that the monster had grabbed him and then cooked him such a big pot of soup.

No matter what, Wen Zheng had always regarded Wen Tong as a kind person since he was young. Although he had been sloppy all day, he still had a seed of kindness in his heart, so when he saw that he couldn't wake the man up, he just carried him on his back and ran out. However, he forgot one thing; since that monster caught him, how could he let him run away so easily? When Wen Zheng saw the entrance of Shandong Province, he shouted excitedly, "Peng!"



With three loud bangs, Wen Zheng and his wolf howled out, "Ah! My beautiful white face!" Following which, a howl that was even more miserable than his resounded from behind him, "Ah! My butt is pitch-black." Wen Zheng jumped up in shock and turned around when he saw the dark man clutching his butt and screaming. Behind him was a huge human-shaped hole and Wen Zheng immediately understood what the monster had sealed the hole with and that was why he felt like he hit a rock.

"Brother, how did you get caught?" Wen Zheng asked, "My family is too poor. I wanted to chop some wood on the mountain to exchange for some money to buy some white mantou for my blind mother. Who knew that the black bear would catch me and let him play." The dark man answered honestly.

"Oh, ah?! Play? That... that... that... that... that he was a female bear? Brother, you're so pitiful. You were grabbed by a female bear, wuwu. So, he didn't capture me to cook me and eat me. So, he wanted to "play" me, wuwuwu ? "

"Bastard, what are you thinking about? It's playing. This bear is male, he likes to play." The dark man was enraged.

"Is it not the same thing? Ah, is it a male? "Why the f * ck am I so unlucky?" Wen Zheng trembled as he heard this.

"F * ck, go ahead. But let me tell you, that's why I'm playing around with him because I'm so unsatisfied with the food. However, you ? hehe ? you're all white and clean, so you should eat well." "It's good that it hasn't been cooked yet."

"Ah, then I want to get out. I don't want to cook roasted chicken. I don't want to get out. I want to find an opening. I want to get out." Wen Zheng madly rushed to the cave entrance and began searching for a flaw in the barrier. The dark man was not as crazy as he was. He quietly found a corner to continue having his dreams.

He had been here for at least half a day, but he hadn't seen the monster come back. Since this dark-faced man was a commoner, he couldn't possibly sleep so soundly like this, so the only explanation for this was that this monster wanted to play him to death, Black Bear, this black-faced man was a human, not a human, rather, he had transformed into a demon, and his name should be 'Monster'!

After coming to this conclusion, Wen Zheng felt at ease. From the looks of it, this was the embodiment of a demon beast. Humans were like demons that would kill anyone they caught, and they would definitely not play any tricks on him. There were many demons that were 'cute' in nature, and most of them were high-ranked demon beasts from the demon race.

However, Wen Zheng did not reveal his identity. He too had the temperament of a teenager and wanted to tease this Black Bear spirit. Since he wanted to play, he would play with him. Walking up to the Black Bear Noodle Stick, he raised his leg and kicked it right in the face. With a "Ao" sound, the Black Bear Swordmaster jumped up from the ground and said, "F * ck, where can you kick? You have to kick my face! "

"Why can't I kick my face?" Wen Zheng was confused.

"I still need to use it to make a female bear. Did you break my beautiful face?"

"Putong" Wen Zheng fell to the ground. He crawled up and pointed at the Black Bear spirit while laughing out loud, "You look as beautiful as Li Kui and his master? "My mom, you really made me laugh to death."

Wen Zheng didn't even have time to react when he saw someone flying in his direction. He turned his body to the side, and the stone brushed his arm and flew to the back wall, and a stream of blood flowed out of his arm. Wen Zheng cried out in pain.

When he saw Wen Zheng bleeding, he froze in place. The two of them stood there, facing each other.

With a plop, Black Bear kneeled on the ground and said, "Black Bear greets the devil father. I've been looking for you for such a long time. Finally, I've found you."

At this moment, Wen Zheng had his hands behind his back. He no longer had that cowardly aura from before. Instead, his entire body was emitting a domineering aura that made people feel fear. A domineering aura that was thousands of times stronger than the king's aura.

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