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With the protection of the black bear, Wen Zheng toured the entirety of the mountain and was in a good mood. He stayed in the mountain and did not go out, but because of the beautiful scenery, he could not forget about it. However, at this time, the painting could no longer be found.

"It's almost noon, but we haven't found it yet." "Aiya!" The black bear let out a loud cry, causing Wen Zheng to almost fall to the ground.

"What is it? Did you find it?"

"I couldn't find the paper that day."

"Damn, I really admire you. You can even use such a hard paper? Hurry up and find it for me."

Not long later, Black Bear returned, still holding the painting that was filled with loathsome things.

"Quick, use a Water Purification Incantation and clean him up."

"Oh. But I won't. "

"F * * k, your mother ate it. Your father hasn't recovered her inner strength, so I can't use any spells. What do you think we should do? You have to lick it clean for me." Wenqi was now zhenqi. A thousand-year-old bear essence spirit actually didn't know how to use a Water Purification Spell.

Actually, Wen Yin was wrong about Black Bear. The Water Purification Spell was a water-type spell, while Black Bear was an earth-type spell. How could he have learned it?

Black Bear, who was standing to the side with his head lowered, suddenly had his eyes light up. He pushed Wen Zheng and pointed to the sand on the ground. Wen Zheng and Zhang Zian looked at each other and snickered.

At the execution grounds in Cao Zhou.

Elder Huang, who had an evil grin on his face, looked at the father and son, and said with a shrill voice, "It has already been a day, we will start with you and your son. If he does not come back in a day, I will kill two people. Haha, it is already noon. Cut!"

"Pui, you dead transvestite, you are avenging a personal grudge, you will be the bane of the heavens." The civil and military officials were infuriated as they cursed loudly.

"Haha, I'm telling you, it's not that I want to kill your Wen family, it's that my status is too high." Haha, it's not that I want to kill your Wen family, I'm telling you, it's that my status is too high. Unexpectedly, the sky changed drastically, and the sound of thunder interrupted his words. The previously clear sky was now covered by thick clouds, and as the clouds gathered, it formed into four big words: "Stay with your sabre!"

Everyone was stupefied, and no one noticed that another person had appeared on the execution grounds. His entire body was shining black, and his hair stood on end. He raised his head to look at the sky with an angry expression.

"MLGB's damn black bear, if I let you fly, I'll turn myself into a bear like this. Like African chickens, do you think that everyone loves black like you? I think that you've practiced your grandma's style for more than 1000 years." Wen Zheng cursed in his heart.

At this moment, someone with sharp eyes saw Wen Zheng and shouted, "Everyone, don't look up at the sky, quickly come and see the mutated human. Hey, this guy, may I ask if you're human?"

"Putong" Wen Zheng fell to the ground.

"Eunuch Huang, since I've brought the painting, can you let my family go?"

"You. You. Are you a human or a ghost? " It seemed like this was the first time Eunuch Huang had seen such a person.

"Ahh! What is that? Huang Gonggong, I'm Wen Zheng. When I came, it was raining. I was hiding under a tree, but I didn't expect a thunderbolt to strike me down like this." As Wen Zheng spoke, he grabbed a towel from a commoner beside him and examined his face, revealing his handsome face.

When Eunuch Huang saw Wen Zheng approaching, he lifted up his frame and squeezed two words out of his nose. "What about that painting?"

Wen Zheng retrieved a smoky black bamboo tube from the back. Opening it up, he discovered that it was the ancient painting he was looking for.

Eunuch Huang." "I was rude to you a while ago, please forgive me for offending you." Wen Zheng, uncharacteristically, suddenly expressed his goodwill towards Eunuch Huang and said in a low voice, "I heard that the Emperor of the East Ocean Continent has a type of Life Potion. Once, when he was looking at this painting, he accidentally spilled some of it on top. Eunuch Huang was stunned by his abnormal behavior. However, considering that Wen Zheng would not be so stupid as to harm him in front of everyone, he took up the painting and started licking it vigorously. Wen Zheng wanted to lick it a little, but when he thought about what was written on it, he held back and said while licking, "Yes, it's different. This painting does have a taste of earth.

The black bear spirit in the air almost laughed its way out. It really did have the smell of the earth, but it couldn't find a good way to wipe the paint off just now. It just casually wiped the painting on the ground.

Sometimes, when he had nothing to do, he would bring a group of servants to the market to take a look. In this way, he would be able to change the topic, and when he saw that his fellow villagers were harmed, he would definitely go and take charge of the matter. When the people of Cao Zhou saw this, they all felt happy in their hearts, and were happy for Master Wen.

"Hei Zi, come. Come with me. Don't run behind." Wen Zheng said to Black Bear. I forgot to mention, Black Bear did not go back last time and followed Wen Zheng every day. He was actually afraid that someone else would harm Wen Zheng. Although Black Bear looked coarse, he was actually quite meticulous. In order to not be suspected, Wen Zheng only said that he met him in the Dark Ruins, because he saw how handsome he was, so he shamelessly wanted to take him in as a lackey. Because he was black, he was called Hei Zi. Black Bear strongly protested. Why was he called Hei Zi, but Wen Zheng said, "With your beastly look, could you call me" Bai Zi "?" Ye Zichen was speechless.

"Why should I go with you? It's fine to walk in the back. " Black Bear protested.

"F * ck, are you the boss, while I am the boss?" "If I tell you to stand over there, then stand over there. If you don't listen, then I'll give you another black spot." Wen Zheng said gruffly.

"Oh god, just kill me, don't beat me up." The black bear wailed.

"Don't call that dog shit god. He's useless. I'll help you." Wen Zheng pinched his fingers together and smiled evilly as he walked toward Black Bear.

"Save me!" There was a cry for help, but not from a black bear.

"Eh? Ah, Black Bear, why did others call for help if I killed you? Furthermore, I have already turned myself around, so no one will see me crying for help. " Wen Zheng mumbled noisily as he looked in the direction of the voice.

It turned out that a girl was being bullied by a group of evil youths. The evil youth had a fierce-looking face and his smile was as disgusting as it could get.

"You dare to say that you can play the villain in front of me, Second Young Master Wen? 'This is the first time I've met him! 'Wen Zheng was amused. In the past, Wen Xie was famous for his ability to cover hundreds of miles around Cao Zhou.

Black Bear could not bear to watch any longer, "Tai, daylight, bright and clear, the big sun in the sky, hoeing the grass in the middle of the day."

"Plop!" Wen Zheng and his gang, the wicked Young Master and that girl, along with the passersby on the street, would definitely be wiped out.

"F * ck, if you have nothing to do, don't come out and throw me, alright?" "If you don't have anything to do, then go and stay there."

"Boss, this feels the coolest."

"Scram for me." Wen Zheng had sent some unromantic guy flying with a kick.

"Who do you think you are? I came to Cao Zhou with great difficulty. Scram to the side. Don't ruin my mood. I have spent all my effort on angering you." No wonder he didn't recognize Wen Zheng, he had just arrived at Cao Zhou.

"B * tch, you're blind. You don't even know our Second Young Master Wen."

"I care about your young master Wen, your damn father didn't teach you to mind your own business?" Did your parents give birth to your balls to let you meddle in other people's business? "Hmph, you're just a dog holding onto a mouse." The vicious young master did not hold back his words, however, he did not seem to notice and scolded him as well.

"You're scolding my parents. You're courting death, Black Bear. Teach him a lesson. " Wen Zheng was infuriated, and he barked at the black bear that had just crawled over.

"Since he likes to flirt with people so much, I'll let him become a promising career like a eunuch." The black bear replied, smirking as it pointed at the young lord's crotch. A ray of black light shot straight towards Young Master Xie's groin.

"Ah!" The wicked Young Master howled.

"Young Master, my daughter is Shui Fangwen. Thank you for saving her life." The woman slightly bowed to Wen Zheng.

It turned out that Shui Fangwen had come to Cao Zhou to seek marriage. All his silver had been taken away, and he had been working on the streets today, being taken advantage of by the evil young masters. Thanks to Wen Zheng's help, who knows what else might have happened. Since Shui Fang Wen didn't have a place to stay in Cao Zhou, and his silver was taken away by someone else, Wen Zheng sent a servant to help Miss Shui find her relatives. Before he found them, he stayed in the Wen Mansion.

When the people of Cao Zhou saw this, they were praising the change in Second Young Master Wen's heart. Master Wen was truly lucky this time, but no one noticed that the evil young man who was lying on the ground howling in pain was staring at the direction Wen Zheng was heading.

"Just you wait, I will make you wish you were dead, and your family will be ruined, and you will die soon." That Young Master Evil gnashed his teeth in anger in his heart.

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