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As long as any family was stolen, they would definitely run over to Wen Mansion while crying because they knew that Master Wen's status in the Jianghu was very high. Whether it was a young man or a bandit, all of them had something to do with the Wen family. Furthermore, Wen Zheng had found the imperial painting that was lost by the emperor in less than a month's time, so it would be strange if he didn't run away from here.

In the past, whether it was Green Forest or Soaring Sky bandits, as long as they committed crimes in Cao Zhou, they would inform Master Wen in advance. This time, not only did they not inform Master Wen, but no one knew about it, so how could Master Wen not be worried? When Wen Zheng saw his father like this, he ran to Wen Tong in a daze and asked, "Father, what's wrong? You seem to be worried like a fool? "

Right now, Wentong was extremely infuriated. He shouted, "Scram!" This shocked Wen Cheng to the point that he was hugging a rat and scurrying away. Wentong vented his anger and sobered up. When he recalled what Wen Zheng had just said, he heard another wolf howl. "Old granny, Old Second's son of a b * tch has done it again." Then he said to himself: "Yeah? I'm just cursing myself. "F * ck, look at how I've been doing these past few days."

In fact, Wen Zheng only managed to break down his father's concentration. When Wen Zheng saw his father like this, he was actually quite worried. He was a filial son. This was an indisputable fact.

"Young Master, you're looking for me?" Ever since Tianmu Lake, Ruyu, who had been in Wen Zheng's house, was called over by Wen Zheng.

Wen Zheng stared intently at her, his eyes flashed with a cold light and he said: "Sky Bandit, what's going on? Tell me honestly, or. Your little life isn't safe. "

"Hey, what are you doing? Aren't you faking it too much? "A bit more fierce, and a bit more coldness in your eyes. Right, right, that's more like it." Ruyu said disdainfully.

"Damn, can't you cooperate a bit? The atmosphere I've painstakingly built up has been ruined by a single sentence from you. " Wen Zhengzheng asked again in a righteous tone, "You have worked for so many years as a" woman on the beam ". Have you ever heard of this Sky Bandit?"

"Hey, big brother, he's a 'gentleman on the beam'. If you still want to be a 'lady on the beam', just say so. What's the relationship between the two of us? Why don't you put on an act for me?" Ruyu disdained him.

"You." Wen Zheng had never met an opponent during his usual fights, so this was his first time meeting one.

Ruo Yu ignored him and continued, "I have also heard of their methods of committing crimes. They are very similar to the 'Flying Twin Stars' in our circle."

"Are you kidding me? You're even 'in the circle'. Do you think you're a celebrity?"

"Hey, do you still want to listen? "You won't listen to me."

"Okay, okay, okay, I'll learn to be a good kid, okay? Can I not speak? "

"The Flying Twin Knights are siblings. They steal from all those rich and heartless families. They have quite a reputation in the martial arts world. Together with me, and with Guo Xiaozhong, the" Exquisite Hand Thief ", they are known as the" Four Heroic Heroes ". "Those rich and powerful people deserved to steal it."

"Good boy, you? Heroic Assassin? My god!" Wen Zheng finally found the opportunity to return her disdain.

The "Four Heroic Heroes from the Thief World" were respectively the "I've come" and the "I've come," respectively. The things I've stolen are all from rich families, no matter where, even if it's the Imperial Palace, as long as they want something from me, there's nothing that I can't accomplish.

No one knew what they were called, no one knew their appearances, or where they were stolen, they were all the homes of those wealthy merchants who had plagued the common people. However, they had always been alone and never interacted with the people of the martial world.

As long as he wanted to steal something, he had to inform his family three days in advance, saying that he would be taking it after three days. The most interesting thing about Guo Xiaozhong was that he stole the Imperial Jade Seal from the Great Wei Emperor on the sixth day of the fifth month of the fifth month, and then safely returned to the Imperial Palace three days later. As for the Imperial Palace, after receiving his notice, it had strengthened the imperial guards by three times. "Most of the things he stole were given to the poor, so his status in the martial arts world is much higher than the three of us." Ruo Yu introduced the four famous bandit heroes, and the proud expression on their faces made Wen Zhengwen twitch his lips.

Wen Zheng pondered for a moment and said, "I have heard of the methods used by the 'Flying Twin Heroes'. Since it's them, I have a plan, but I need your help."

Seeing Wen Zheng's sinister smile, Ruyu suddenly had a premonition that something was about to happen to her. He couldn't help but shiver.

All of these servants were wearing the clothes of the Wen family, so appearing as a servant of the Wen family wasn't much. The main reason was that they were trying to rob a weak unarmed girl, while the other servants were trying to rob a commoner, but the key was the servants of the Wen family, because Master Wen was known to be very strict in handling the servants of the Wen family.

"I'm telling you, our second young master has taken a fancy to you. This is the fortune of several lifetimes, and you even cried for me." If you continue to cry, I'll pick you up for my young master. My young master has the fortune to share it with his brother. " One of the servants who was as fat as a pig said to the woman with a smile.

"Hey, what sins did Master Wen do? He had originally thought that Wen Zheng had really turned over into a proper dog, but who would have thought that dogs wouldn't be able to change after a few days of peace and quiet and become like this again. Just as one of the people in the crowd finished his sentence, two figures flashed behind him.

In the dark of the night, there were two figures standing on top of the Wen Mansion's house.

"Bro, last time we made Wen Zheng, he changed him for a few months. I didn't think that he would get into an old habit again. This time, we have to properly tease him."

"Master Wen is a kind-hearted person. We can't steal money, so let's ?"

"Castrate him!"

"Don't move, raise your hands. You can keep quiet, but every word you say will be used as evidence." Just as the Flying Sons entered the main hall of the Wen Mansion, the lights of the Wen Mansion suddenly lit up. Wen Zheng lazily came out from the back hall and said to the two as he pulled them.

"Kid, are you tired of living? This grandpa here is going to take care of you today. The male of the Flying Twin Stars Sect didn't care if he had a girl by his side and immediately went straight to the point.

"Oh, hehe, I am so scared. Do you want me to have children? You didn't? However, you guys first take care of the one behind you ? "Wen Zheng was gnawing on a chicken leg and pointing behind them. Standing behind them was a group of Wen Mansion's servants holding a True Spear True Sword.

"Hmph, this grandaunt doesn't believe that we, the Flying Twin Knights, can't beat you little shrimps. Why do you keep teaching? " The woman seemed to have the same temper as her brother. She reached out her hand to pull down the mask on her face and glared at Wen Zheng. There was a look of disappointment in his eyes.

When Wen Zheng saw her face, he was stunned. He muttered, "A ? A-Rou ?"

"Hey, we've met before. My grandaunt's name is Zhu Xing'er, she's not called anything." "You have committed many evil deeds, harming the people of Cao Zhou. Today, we siblings will kill you on behalf of the moon ? No ? No ? No ? We will kill you on behalf of the people." Zhu Xing'er pointed at Wen Zheng. However, his heart was violently shocked.

"You guys go on ahead, two fists are no match for four hands. When a fight breaks out, it will alarm the neighbors, and I won't be able to protect you guys." Actually, I was just putting on an act to lure you into a trap. "I said that if you change the course of events, you will correct it completely." Wen Zheng suddenly said.

Hearing Dao-Wen speak like that, both of them were slightly stunned. Seeing them act this way, Wen Zheng anxiously said, "Are you going or not? If you don't go, then don't blame me for coming to arrest you."

At this time, Zhu Gui clasped his hands together and said to Wen Zheng, "When we heard that Second Young Master Wen had returned to righteousness, we still didn't believe him. Now that Zhu Gui is the one who truly believes in it, we will return the favor that we gave in private today." With that, he pulled up Zhu Xing'er, who was still staring blankly at Wen Zheng, and in the blink of an eye, disappeared into the night.

Watching the Zhu siblings disappear, Zhong Li Ruyu sighed: "What fast Qing Gong, even if they didn't leave, it would have been hard for us to catch them. Why did you let them go? "

Wen Zheng shook his head with a bitter smile as he listened. He then raised his head and said seriously, "Nothing happened today. Remember this. If anyone goes out to gossip, I will send him to the palace to find Eunuch Huang."

"Yes!" All the servants answered in unison. Wen Zheng didn't notice, but the Wen Mansion's steward revealed an expression of joy and walked away with a sinister smile.

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