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Seeing the Zhu siblings disappear into the horizon, Wen Zheng sighed lightly. He suppressed the displeasure in his heart and instructed the servants to return to the back hall alone to gnaw on the chicken leg.

Seeing Wen Zheng acting out of the ordinary today, Ruyu frowned slightly, a strange feeling rising in her heart.

Since the lord had already said that there was nothing left to do, all the servants went back to bed one by one. The Wen Mansion also entered into the quiet of the night, the night was quiet without any events. At the first light of dawn, a black shadow quietly walked towards the backyard of the Wen family, sneaking around as if he had just finished his love affair.

After slowly opening the Wen Mansion's back door, he looked around to see that there was no one there. Then, he sneaked out of the Wen Mansion's back door and ran towards Cao Zhou Province's yamen.

Wen Zheng slept soundly today. He was satisfied because he saw her once again. Although it was just a short while, Wen Zheng was already satisfied. Countless faces appeared in his dreams, but they belonged to the same person. He felt that something was wrong, but unfortunately, he did not know what it was. He thought to himself that he had to find the Demon Soul Orb quickly, otherwise, with only the strength of a mortal, it would be a funny dream to resist against God.

When he opened the door, he saw that Black Bear was hinting at a group of officials. The curses he had heard earlier were coming from Black Bear, and those small government officials knew the strength of the Wen Mansion. They could only smile obsequiously.

"Hei Zi, don't be so rude. What's going on? Why didn't you go and capture the Soaring Sky couple?" Wen Zheng said as he walked.

Seeing Wen Zheng come out, the head shop owner cupped his fists and said, "Second Young Master, someone reported that you secretly released the Soaring Sky couple last night. Prefect asked me to invite you over to say a few words."

Wen Zheng froze when he heard this. Who leaked the news? Yesterday, those servants were Wen Zheng's trusted aides. After thinking about the people from yesterday once, he felt that there was nothing to doubt. He shook his head and thought to himself that he should leave him alone and go to the magistrate court first. Just as he was about to follow the group of people towards the door, Housekeeper Liu walked in. When he saw all of them, he was slightly startled, a look of panic appearing on his face and then disappearing. He thought to himself: "Why did he leave so late? I even took a walk around the east side of the city. "

When Wen Zheng saw the butler, he immediately understood what was going on. He asked without any trace on his face, "Old butler, where did you go so early in the morning?"

Hearing Wen Zheng's sudden question, the steward could not react in time. "Er, I, I'll go to the east of the city to meet a friend." After he finished speaking, he hurriedly walked into the courtyard.

With a sneer in his heart, he ignored him and decided to deal with this gluttonous servant when he returned. He walked towards the door in large strides. What Wen Zheng did not know was that the next time he came back to this house, everything had changed.

On the main street of Cao Zhou, Wen was following the constables towards the government office. The commoners were curious, and some busybodies even followed them boldly.

A man wearing an embroidered robe and a jade belt walked out from the inner hall. His small eyes were flashing with a cold light, and upon seeing that the person who had arrived was not the Prefect of Cao Zhou, Wen Zheng was slightly surprised. Feeling that the person who had just arrived was looking at him with an unfriendly gaze, Wen Zheng just stood there blankly, not knowing if it was a blessing or a disaster.

"How audacious. Seeing This King not kneeling, could it be that you want to rebel?" The man opened his mouth and placed a big hat on Wen Zheng.

Wen Zheng snickered in his heart, "You b * tch, if I didn't kneel to you, a young prince, would I become a conspirator and a rebel? This daddy just wants to rebel no matter what. Once this daddy becomes the emperor, I'll be the first to cut you into pieces and let you stew some soup. " As he thought about this, Wen Zheng's face broke into a smile. "Aiyo, why do I keep having the feeling that something good is going to happen to me in the next two days? I'm going to meet someone important. May I ask who you are?" You should know that all the people who ask for food on the streets of our Great Wei Country are all kings, so I don't know which king you are. " With a single sentence, the face of that so-called king turned purple as if he was being scolded. The constables laughed secretly as they did not know what kind of king this was. Since he had come to Cao Zhou Prefecture's magistrate court, he had been eating and enjoying himself all day, and even the Prefect could not do anything to him.

"F * ck, laozi even dares to play around with a red person who represents the emperor. A prince like you wouldn't even be able to prove that laozi had secretly released the Soaring Sky couple just because of that rotten housekeeper's words." Wen Zheng thought to himself.

When the Prince saw Wen Zheng deep in thought, he smiled sinisterly and said, "A joyous occasion, you do have a joyous occasion. Come, take this thief into the prison and execute him in three days." Without any delay, Wen Zheng exclaimed, "F * * k, I'm going to your old mother. I haven't even spoken three sentences before I'm about to be killed. I'm going to blast your ass off to a dog." The man facing the prince cursed.

Hmm, Wen Zheng, a while ago, the Emperor lost his treasure and there was no news of the royal experts tracking us for half a year. However, you were able to find it within a short month, which is enough to prove that you are that thief. "Pull it out." The prince said sinisterly.

I've never seen anyone who wants to chop someone's head off before even getting here. Furthermore, Master Shandong Wen has a very high reputation, so they don't dare to act rashly. Seeing that there are no movements from the bailiff, the Prince shouted, "Do you also want to chop off their heads? "Hurry up and pull it out."

Helpless, the constable turned to Wen Zheng and saw him nodding. He let out a sigh and waved to his men. The two constables quickly went to carry Wen Zheng out.

"I'll tell you, I'll make you regret it, hahaha." Wen Zheng laughed heartily as he walked over.

Second Young Master Wen's private Sky Pirates were about to be cut down. In less than two hours, almost everyone in Cao Zhou city knew about this news. Everyone also understood that the day they were on the street, it was just a play by the second young master.

In the crowd, two figures looked at each other and walked towards the yamen's prison.

Wen Zheng was tied to a cross. A jailer that he had never seen before whipped him hard. "F * ck! If you have the ability, then use a nail to stab me in the chest. Just pin me to the cross. F * ck! Don't kick me down!" This is really painful. " Wen Zheng, who had been beaten, was still in the frame.

"Brat, if you want to die then you better understand. A few days ago, my lord made your subordinates turn into cripples on the street. If your highness doesn't let you die immediately, then we will take good care of you, haha." Beside him, a bamboo shoot man said.

At this time, there was a commotion at the entrance of the prison. Someone was shouting for someone to break out of the prison. The smiling face of the bamboo shoot man froze. It took him a while to react. The guards at the door had all received benefits from Master Wen and had roughly guessed what was going on when they saw that someone was trying to rob the prison. With a low symbolic level, they all retreated one by one, and one of them saw the Zhu siblings come in and flopped onto the ground crying out, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! I was injured! I kept turning left and third!" The last sentence was uttered in a low voice. Both of them were stunned for a moment before they understood. They nodded at the guard and walked inside.

Seeing that these people did not come with good intentions, they did not show any mercy and quickly took care of the few people who rushed over. The two of them leaped, and while stepping on the heads, they jumped to the corner of the dungeon, and just then, the bamboo pole man arrived behind the two of them, his curved blade directly cutting towards Zhu Gui's head. Sensing the blade Qi behind him, Zhu Gui turned to the side, dodging the ferocious blade Qi, but the sharp blade Qi still swept away a tuft of his hair. On the other side, Zhu Xing'er's fists were barely even able to defend herself. Zhu Gui knew that his younger sister's skills, other than being slightly better in terms of lightness skills, could not even be considered second-rate experts. Anxiously, he ignored the evil-looking man behind him and quickly moved towards Zhu Xing'er. With a wave of his longsword, he swept away the servants who surrounded Zhu Xing'er and were extremely happy. Just as he was about to pull up Zhu Xing'er, who had fallen to the ground, a curved saber was placed on his shoulder, and a sinister voice resounded, "Feitian duo, how do you want to die?"

"Damn you!" A loud shout was heard.

At this moment, black smoke appeared in front of the two of them and a dark faced burly man suddenly appeared. At this moment, black smoke appeared in front of the two of them and a dark faced burly man suddenly appeared in front of them.

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