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As the black smoke dispersed, the person who appeared was the loyal Black Bear. The man swallowed his saliva with great difficulty and stuttered, "You ?" Who, who are you, who are you? "

"Damn you, how can you pretend to be Liu Neng?" Haven't you seen Black Grandpa before? "I'm telling you, release my master early. Otherwise, not to mention Cao Zhou, even in the entire Great Wei Empire, your grandfather would have been destroyed!" Black Bear roared, scaring the evil looking man into wetting his pants.

Yo, who is this? Why are you talking so arrogantly and destroying the entire Great Wei Empire? "Let's talk about it after I've been there for a while.

Following the direction of the voice, they saw a man floating in the air, lying on his side with two hands playing with his long hair. He was dressed in purple, and anyone who saw him would think that he was a woman. The reason why they called him a man was because his lips, which were incompatible with his posture and voice, were covered with whiskers.

"Aiya, someone who's just learning from Liu Neng has come to learn from you again, Little Shen Yang's Howl." Black Bear disdainfully curled his lips when he saw the person floating in the air.

"Liu Neng?" Little Shen Yang? " The man in the air asked with a puzzled expression.

Ignoring the question on Black Bear's face, he waved his hands and a black light appeared. A large axe appeared in his hands and black smoke immediately appeared from his entire body as he shouted, "Enough of your rubbish! Who are you?!

The man in the air saw the black demonic aura radiating from Black Bear, and was slightly startled, but immediately said, "It's actually the" Demonic Qi ". He saw the black demonic aura radiating from Black Bear, and was slightly startled, and immediately said," It's actually the "Demonic Qi", I didn't expect you to be a demon, too. Just as the purple-clothed fox king finished speaking, a burst of purple energy erupted from its body. Seeing the sudden appearance of purple energy, Black Bear's complexion immediately changed, and he exclaimed in surprise, "This is" Demon energy ", you, you are also from the Demon race?"

In the Divine Continent, the Zhen Qi cultivated by people of every rank was called the "Innate Qi" and the white Qi was the lowest among all the Qi skills. Ordinary cultivators would die when they reach a certain age, and those who trained deeply would be able to ascend in the daytime, resulting in their internal Zhen Qi being promoted to the "Immortal Qi" level. Immortal true qi was white and yellow in color. It was a type of true qi cultivated by Rogue Immortals in the Immortal World. As the name implied, Rogue Immortals could enjoy immortality, but had no official position. Of course, the meaning of longevity was that without any unexpected circumstances. As the true energy within their bodies became deeper, the immortal true energy of these Loose Immortals could also be promoted to "Da Lou Zhen Qi", "Da Lou Zhen Qi", golden qi, and the cultivation of Da Lou Zhen Qi. As the cultivation of the true energy within their bodies became deeper, the immortal true qi of these Rogue Immortals could also be promoted to "Da Lou Zhen Qi", and the cultivation of golden qi could be promoted to "Da Lou Zhen Qi".

For ordinary cultivators, they practiced "Demonic Qi" to a gray color, which was practiced by the magical beasts. When the Demonic Qi was cultivated to the peak, it would transform into "Demonic Qi" and become black, which was the innate ability of the demons. As for the magical beasts, only those who had advanced to the level of "Demonic Qi" would have the qualification to take human form and continued to practice the higher level of "Demonic Qi" and then, "Demonic Qi" would become purple, while the practitioners of "Demonic Qi" would become the Devil Lords. Above that was the dark red "Demon God Qi" cultivated by only a few people. This was the true qi cultivated by the top leaders of the demon race.

In addition to the true energy cultivated by the immortals, gods, and demons, there was also a type of true energy. In the entire Three Realms, there were at most four people who practiced it, and it was called "Primal Chaos true energy". Other than Pangu of the God Realm, there were also Demon Scholars, Wen Zheng's previous life, as well as the two protectors of the Devil Ancestor's life, Sky Overturning Heavens and Earth. However, the two protectors, Wen Zhengwen, were one and the same. Wen Zhengwen was strong and weak, and since Wen Zheng's first life, there had been no news of them for hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, in the current Three Realms, Pan Gu was the only one who trained in primal chaos. There were also some humans that went against the rules and trained. When they advanced, what they advanced was not immortal true energy, but true demonic energy. Of course, this was only a small minority. In the true qi, there was metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Among the five elements, metal countered wood, wood countered earth, earth countered water, water countered fire, and fire countered metal. However, there were also some variations and some unusual attributes. These attributes were rarely seen, and there were also people with multiple attributes. These types of people were even more rarely seen.

Each layer of Zhen Qi was divided into three layers, and each layer was extremely difficult to train in. High-level Demon Beasts like Black Bear were formed only three hundred years ago, and after four hundred years, they had advanced to the True Devil Qi stage, and now that it had been one thousand two hundred years, they had advanced to the Advanced True Devil Qi stage before meeting Wen Zheng. One thousand two hundred years, for Demon Beasts, reaching this level was already considered pretty good. Generally speaking, every time one advanced, especially magical beasts, if it were not for their outstanding talent or unexpected circumstances, not a single breakthrough would require thousands of years, or even thousands of years. Thus, when Black Bear saw the purple colored fox king's true qi, he was truly shocked.

Ignoring the shocked expression on Black Bear's face, the purple-clothed fox king raised his right hand and pointed towards Black Bear, a wave of purple qi flowed out from his finger, approaching Black Bear. Black Bear saw this, and his surprised face immediately changed, because he felt that inside the purple gas, there was a wood attribute, and everyone knew that Black Bear trained in earth attribute true qi, and he sighed helplessly in his heart, "Ah, it seems like if Master cannot be saved today, I will have to sacrifice my own life." He raised the axe, blocking the incoming purple gas. With a wave of the axe, the axe was directly smashed into the ground, and the 'seed one hundred' was used. A hundred axes formed from earth appeared from the ground and gathered in front of Black Bear.


With a loud shout, all the axes flew past the purple-clothed fox king. Just as he finished speaking, he flicked his finger and a clover and a tree appeared out of thin air. The grass and tree quickly grew in size and the clover surrounded the purple fox king, blocking the hundred axes of the black bear. As for the big tree, no wind was blowing, as the leaves fell, they were falling in the direction of the black bear and the other two.

However, the bodies of the Zhu siblings only contained the most ordinary Xiantian Qi, so how could they possibly block an attack that had already reached the level of the demonic energy? Immediately, they moved towards the Zhu siblings, and as they formed a hand seal, a black energy surged out, slowly fading away and turning into an earthen yellow shield. The incoming leaves all struck the yellow shield, making a crackling sound.

"Hmph hmph, you really do have some ability. However, with your advanced devilish qi, even though I'm just a low-level devilish qi, it's still enough." Seeing the black bear block all of the leaves, a hint of surprise flashed across the purple fox king's face.

For magical beasts, the difference between each level was huge, and the levels were even larger. It seemed like Black Bear and the other two were only separated by one level, but for ordinary magical beast cultivators, it would be beneficial for them to advance in a few hundred or even a thousand years.

Black Bear's hundred axes had all been shattered by the Three-Leaved Grass. In the first match, the two of them seemed to have fought to a standstill, but Zi Yi was still slightly ahead of him. After all, Black Bear could be considered to have brought out all his high level techniques.

"Hmph, let me show you what advanced magic is." The purple clothed fox king coldly snorted and used another spell. Whether it was the straw or the wood in the cell, all of the soldiers instantly turned into weapons and tried to get close to Black Bear.

"Great Earth Harvest"

Black Bear shouted loudly. The shattered axes turned into a single axe piece that flew towards the approaching soldiers.

"An insignificant skill." "Hmph!" Another cold snort came from the purple clothed fox king. He waved his hand and boundless true energy flowed out from his body, shattering those axes. Black Bear also felt something sweet in his throat as he spat out a mouthful of blood. With a plop, he fell to the ground.

Seeing the black bear slowly rise from the ground, the purple-clothed fox king beckoned with both of his hands. True energy quickly gathered in front of him, transforming into a Qi sword. With a wave of his hand, the Qi sword flew towards the black bear.

Looking at the incoming Qi sword, Black Bear could not bring out any of his true qi. He closed his eyes and sighed in his heart, "Sigh, my life is over."

"Bang." He slowly opened his eyes and saw a person dressed in black, his long hair flowing in the wind, his tight clothes forming a beautiful curve. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, and when Black Bear saw this person, he was not only overjoyed, "Aiya, Zhong Li, you're a newbie." The one who came was the Guardian of the Demon Soul Sword, Zhong Li Ruyu.

Seeing Zhong Li, the purple-clothed fox king squinted his eyes and looked at her chest. However, what she saw was not her chest, but an ordinary black sword in front of her chest. After observing for a moment, the purple-clothed fox king's face turned pale with fright, "Demon Soul Sword!"

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