Dan Martial Evil Sovereign/C1 Four Dragons Sainthood
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Dan Martial Evil Sovereign/C1 Four Dragons Sainthood
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C1 Four Dragons Sainthood

Holy Flame Dynasty, Dingkun Prefecture, Misty Snow Pill Sect, Changyao Mountain.

In a narrow gap.

Under his feet was a bottomless abyss. The cold wind in the darkness woke Lee Zongjiu up.

At this moment, Lee Zongjiu was covered in wounds. There was a fatal sword wound on his waist. The pain from his body caused Lee Zongjiu's unfocused eyes to gradually solidify.

"Why am I here?"

Lee Zongjiu woke up and found himself hanging on a long tree. After a slight struggle, the tree branch violently shook and a slight carelessness would cause him to fall. This scene was extremely familiar.

"I'm not refining the four dragon souls in the Void Cave and breaking through to the Supreme Holy Stage realm!?"

Lee Zongjiu tried his best to recall what had happened. As the infamous Evil Sovereign of Shengwu Continent, he had reached the peak in just two thousand years. However, he was not satisfied with being stuck at the Supreme Stage realm. Therefore, after five hundred years of research, Lee Zongjiu finally concocted an original pill.

Ancient Sovereign Soul Fusing Pill.

After successfully concocting the pill, Lee Zongjiu had killed the four supreme beings of Shengwu Continent, attempting to merge the four supreme dragon souls and break through to the Supreme Holy Stage realm. However, at the last moment, the dragon soul was torn apart, causing a strong impact to Lee Zongjiu's soul.

Following the tearing pain and darkness.

The next time he woke up, it was this familiar scene in front of him.

"Sou! Sou! Sou!"

On the crack above Lee Zongjiu's head, which was not considered large, two feet continuously stepped over it. It seemed like numerous figures were tracking something.

"Quick, don't let that brat Lee Zongjiu escape!"

"He actually dared to steal the Changyao Mountain Pill Sect's secret scroll. This time, I must pierce his heart with ten thousand swords!"

Changyao Mountain?

The secret scroll of the Pill Sect!?

Lee Zongjiu blinked his eyes and adjusted his breathing. He was looking at his palms. The shock in his eyes could not calm down for a long time.

"What?! "Damn it! I was reborn!!"

Lee Zongjiu couldn't believe it, but everything around him was still vivid in his mind. This was the place he wanted to return to the most. The moment he returned, the enemy's fangs gradually spread out and devoured Lee Zongjiu's family.

"It's true!"

Lee Zongjiu took a deep breath.

However, the excitement in his heart was not something that could be easily suppressed.

"That Lee Sheng framed me, and he even brought the disciples of Changyao Mountain to hunt me down. This is where my family started all those years ago. My family was annihilated!"

Although Lee Zongjiu had taken revenge in his previous life, his family and his parents were all killed. By the time Lee Zongjiu had the ability to take revenge, it was already twenty years later.

This time, Lee Zongjiu would not let the tragedy repeat itself.

Just as Lee Zongjiu was about to climb up the tree, he discovered that there was something fishy about the tree he was lying on.

"Wait, this fragrance?"

"It's the Fiery Golden Rat Fruit?"

Lee Zongjiu touched a fruit that was glowing in the dark. He picked it up and saw the meat.

In his previous life, Lee Zongjiu was in a hurry to escape. He was not knowledgeable, so he did not know that this was the Red Fiery Golden Rat Fruit.

"I am now severely injured, and I am only at the third level of the origin realm. If I want to refine it, I will need to replenish my blood energy!"

Lee Zongjiu stuffed the Fiery Golden Rat Fruit into his arms. Just as he was about to climb up, a flame suddenly came into the gap and lit up Lee Zongjiu's face.

Lee Zongjiu also happened to see the person who had poked his head down.

This person was one of Lee Sheng's underlings and also a disciple of the Lee family's branch, Li Gou.

When Li Gou saw that Lee Zongjiu's face was right in front of him, he revealed a shocked expression. He quickly reacted and prepared to shout.

However, Lee Zongjiu's speed was even faster. With a kick of his feet and a stretch of his body, he arrived in front of Li Gou. His hand was like an eagle's claw as it grabbed onto Li Gou's neck and dragged him into the crack in the ground.


A crisp sound came from the darkness. The torch fell into the valley and was extinguished.

Li Gou's neck fell on Lee Zongjiu's leg.


He clearly had the strength of a Rank Four Essence Warrior, but in front of Lee Zongjiu, a Rank Three Essence Warrior, he had no chance.

Even until death, Li Gou had never thought that this weak and elegant young patriarch would be so sharp in his attacks. He did not greet or leave anyone alive. He grabbed his neck and twisted it.

"In my previous life, it was you who discovered me and attracted Lee Sheng and the others to rush over. I fell down and broke my legs."

"In this life, let's start with you!"

Lee Zongjiu's eyes were filled with cruelty and ruthlessness.

Then, he twisted Li Gou's neck and threw his head away. Blood gushed out from the broken neck.

Lee Zongjiu immediately circulated his Yuan energy and gathered all of the blood.

Blood was no longer spurting out from his neck.

Lee Zongjiu used the long blade on Li Gou's waist to cut off his upper body. Many of his internal organs fell off.

He continued to use this Yuan Power to collect the blood left by Li Gou's waist.

"That's enough."

Li Gou's corpse in his hand was also casually tossed aside.

Lee Zongjiu sat on the tree. Yuan energy surged in his hands. The ten kilograms of fresh blood in his hands kept rolling and rolling as Lee Zongjiu refined it.

"Heavenly Oasis Divine Form Record, rise!"

The Yuan Art that Lee Zongjiu was cultivating was called Heavenly Oasis Divine Form Record. It was the best Yuan Art that Lee Zongjiu had found in his previous life.

However, the level of this Yuan Art was only limited to the Supreme Stage realm. It was impossible for him to enter the Saint realm. That was why Lee Zongjiu had taken the risk to try it. This was because this bottleneck had been stuck for far too long.

As Lee Zongjiu used this alchemy technique, the pool of blood gradually condensed into four blood pearls.

These blood pearls possessed an extremely powerful blood energy.

"There are actually four of them. Their current strength is too weak. Otherwise, the best effect would be to condense ten kilograms of blood into a single blood pearl."

"But for now, replenishing one's strength and refining the Heavenly Flame Golden Rat Fruit isn't a problem."

In his previous life, Lee Zongjiu had escaped from Changyao Mountain during this pursuit.

However, he had to bear the responsibility of stealing the treasure.

His father and mother were implicated as well.

In the end, Lee Sheng's bloodline succeeded.

This was clearly a collusion between Lee Sheng's bloodline and the elder of Changyao Mountain to take Lee Zongjiu's father's position and power.

This time, Lee Zongjiu didn't intend to leave.

"My name is Lee Zongjiu, and it has been a long-term goal of the clan. All those years ago, my entire clan was persecuted. In this life, I will definitely make all of you pay with blood!"

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