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Dan Martial Evil Sovereign/C19 Spirit Pill Hall
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C19 Spirit Pill Hall

In Luoxia City, the Spirit Elixir Hall of the Lee family was a landmark building.

In this Spirit Elixir Hall of the Lee family, the medicine sales were the most abundant. At the same time, the quality was the most guaranteed, and the reputation was the best. Moreover, in Luoxia City, its reputation was also quite high.

Usually, it was very popular, but today, there seemed to be an unusual smell of gunpowder coming from the Spirit Elixir Hall.

Some people only dared to watch from the surroundings and did not dare to approach.

"Lee Jiuyan, with your level, you want to make a fool of yourself in front of Master Wang Loo? Even if your Lee family's ancestors were to appear, it would still be useless!"

A mocking voice sounded. Although the surrounding disciples of the Lee family were angry, they could do nothing about it.

The Sun family had clearly come prepared today. Not only did they bring Master Wang Loo, but there was also a swordsman in white standing in front of them!

It seemed to have the aura of an expert.

This person was also the number one expert of the Sun family.

It was said that this person only used three swords when he attacked. However, he would usually kill people the second time. It was precisely because of this fierce reputation that ordinary people did not dare to approach him.

The leader of the Sun family was Elder Sun Qiu, who was also the leader of the Sun family yesterday.

Originally, Sun Qiu was a person who was active in activities. Basically, Sun Qiu was the one who handled all the good and bad things.

Hearing Sun Qiu's provocation...

Elder Lee Jiuyan was also furious. He spat out a mouthful of blood. He had already lost to the other party in the previous exchange.

"This Dragon Bone Essence Tempering was personally refined by me. Why would it appear here? Tell me, who stole it?!"

Wang Loo asked indifferently.

Beside Wang Loo stood an exceptionally angry young man. It was Chang Feng, who was stripped naked and thrown out by Lee Zongjiu yesterday.

Today, he was able to appear because he had the opportunity to destroy this place. That was why he rushed out in such an excited manner.

Because Chang Feng could not wait to destroy the Lee family.

He was actually humiliated by Chang Feng, a genius alchemist!

"Hehe, it's quite lively."

Just as Lee Jiuyan was being forced, the situation at the scene was also extremely bad. It seemed like the people from the Lee family were being suppressed.

A voice sounded, and the crowd was naturally separated.

A few people from the Sun family did not want to move aside, so they saw a skinny hand grab them and throw them out with a whoosh.

The crowd dispersed and saw Lee Zongjiu walking in first.

Wang Loo turned around and saw Lee Zongjiu walking in. His eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at Lee Zongjiu.

"F * ck, I'm going to kill him!"

Chang Feng saw Lee Zongjiu and clenched his fists tightly. He wanted to punch Lee Zongjiu to death. He gritted his teeth and his body trembled as if he was being molested by Lee Zongjiu.

"It's you again. Throw him out first. Don't dirty our Lee family's territory."

After Lee Zongjiu walked in, he pointed at Chang Feng.

Chang Feng had not even had the chance to attack him, but Lee Zongjiu was the first to attack him. The moment he finished speaking, a shadow flashed behind him. The old man behind Lee Zongjiu also attacked.

The expert from the Sun family snorted coldly.

Lee Zongjiu's arrogance was clearly showing that he did not put him in his eyes at all. He actually wanted to deal with the people of the Sun family in front of him.

However, when this expert, who was known as the Three Swords Killer, stretched out his body and was about to attack, he realized that there was already an old man in front of him. Although this old man looked weak, he actually had the strength of a dragon and a tiger when he attacked.


A palm slapped his body, and in an instant, it seemed as if a firecracker had been stuffed into his chest. Then, with a bang, his entire body was blasted away.


The Three Swords Killer, who was known as the Three Sword Killer, did not have the time to attack before he was sent flying.


Chang Feng had seen the strength of the Three Swords Killer before. At the very least, he was at the fifth grade of the Elemental Master Realm. However, in front of this old man, he still did not have the strength to retaliate.

In the next second, Chang Feng was once again grabbed by Lin Cang.

With a loud bang, he fell into the middle of the road.

"You dare to attack!"

When Sun Qiu saw this, he immediately shouted angrily. The experts of the Sun family who had come with him also became angry. It seemed like they were about to start fighting, but in the next moment, Sun Qiu felt a figure behind him.

Cold sweat immediately dripped down his back.

The person who appeared behind him gave Sun Qiu a great deal of pressure. It was as if his life would be taken away in the next second.

"Don't move... Lee Jiuyan, we are not here to cause trouble, but your medicine is indeed refined by Master Wang Loo. Could it be that your Lee family is a bandit?"

When Lin Cang heard this, he could not help but laugh.

Such a lowly method.

He had personally seen how this medicinal liquid was refined by Lee Zongjiu. How could he not be familiar with this aura?

The other party was clearly here to cause trouble.

Furthermore, he saw how precious this Dragon Bone Body Tempering Liquid was. He actually wanted to use such a lowly method to take it for himself. He did not expect this shameless person to have so many tricks up his sleeves.

Now that he was scared by Lin Cang, these people also said that they were here to reason with him.

"What did you say just now?"

Lee Zongjiu looked at Sun Qiu.

At this moment, Sun Qiu finally noticed Lee Zongjiu. This young man had come here and thrown him out with a single sentence. He had caused the situation here to become chaotic.

What kind of brain did this young master of the Lee family have? Was he not afraid of offending the Sun family completely?

Also, what kind of expert was behind him? Why was there no news of him?

"Kid, do you think that you can challenge me just because you are not even an Origin General Level?"

Wang Loo finally spoke.

As expected of an old man, even when his own disciple was thrown out, he did not get angry. Instead, he analyzed the situation in front of him carefully.

Just from this point alone, he knew that Wang Loo was not easy to deal with. He was indeed from a big city.

However, in Lee Zongjiu's eyes, this Wang Loo was just a youngling.

"You are that arrogant alchemist, right? Your hair is already white, and you still have such little ability. You still have the nerve to go out."

Lee Zongjiu said bluntly.

He was mocking Wang Loo.

"Don't stare at me. Do you know about our Luoxia Square? Three days later, we will have a Pill Competition in Luoxia Square. If you lose, you will have to take off your clothes and run around Luoxia City. How about it?"

Lee Zongjiu said indifferently.

Lee Yan was taking care of Lee Jiuyan, but when she heard that Lee Zongjiu had already made a bet with the other party, her eyes immediately widened.

She looked at Lee Zongjiu in disbelief.

Even Lee Jiuyan, who was injured, could not sit still anymore.

"Young Master, don't be rash …"

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