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Dan Martial Evil Sovereign/C2 Heavenly Flame Golden Rat Fruit
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C2 Heavenly Flame Golden Rat Fruit

The forceful attack and the refinement of the blood bead had consumed a lot of Lee Zongjiu's energy.

Lee Zongjiu swallowed the blood bead.

When he swallowed the two blood beads and refined them to a certain extent, he directly swallowed the Heavenly Flame Golden Rat Fruit.

When the Heavenly Flame Golden Rat Fruit entered his throat, the hot energy immediately turned into a mouse and quickly entered Lee Zongjiu's body.

Immediately after, a hint of pain appeared on Lee Zongjiu's tender face.

One should know that the reason why the Golden Rat Fruit was given such a name was because after consuming it, the energy was like a mouse with sharp teeth. It continuously entered into Lee Zongjiu's body and devoured his internal organs. However, during the process, it was to replenish the damaged parts of his internal organs and help him repair his body.

This process was extremely painful.

However, compared to the suffering Lee Zongjiu had experienced in his previous life, it was an extremely painful process.

This was nothing.

On the ground.

Lee Sheng led a group of people around the Changyao Mountain, searching for Lee Zongjiu.

"How can this trash hide so well? It's a pity that even if I wanted to let him go, I might not be able to find him."

Lee Sheng coldly harrumphed.

At this moment, a disciple of the Lee family who was standing beside Lee Sheng looked at his big brother in shock.

"Let him go?"

"Idiot! If we don't let him go, how can we let him escape? We will guide this disaster onto Lee Tianqing and capture him in one fell swoop!"

Lee Sheng sneered.

In his previous life, Lee Tianqing had used this method to force Lee Tianqing to hand over the position of the family head. In the end, he was hunted down by Lee Sheng's family.

The family head of one of the four great families in Luoxia City had ended up like this.

"Who are you going to let go?"

While they were walking, a voice suddenly rang out.

Immediately, the five of them stopped in their tracks in fear. Turning around, they saw a figure jump down from the tree behind them.

Borrowing the shadow of the Moonlight Tree.

This figure appeared somewhat thin. The blood stains on his white shirt were exceptionally conspicuous.

The few of them saw this person's eyes. As his figure gradually walked out from under the tree, that young and tender face gradually appeared.

"Lee Zongjiu!"

The person who came was Lee Zongjiu.

Lee Sheng, who was very familiar with Lee Zongjiu, couldn't help but frown when he saw Lee Zongjiu.

In the past, Lee Zongjiu looked at him with a submissive expression because he was bigger than Lee Zongjiu and had a higher cultivation base than Lee Zongjiu. In Lee Zongjiu's heart, he had always been his powerful cousin.

But this time, Lee Zongjiu's gaze made Lee Sheng very uncomfortable.

Because Lee Zongjiu gave people the impression that Lee Sheng was already a dead man.

This made Lee Sheng very uncomfortable.

Because in his eyes, this Lee Zongjiu was just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

All these years, he had done something that allowed Lee Zongjiu to maintain his cultivation base at the third grade.

Even so, how could this mere Lee Zongjiu be a match for Lee Sheng, a sixth grade Yuan master?

Lee Sheng gave him a look. The four subordinates immediately divided into two groups and surrounded Lee Zongjiu.

"Cousin, if you want to cultivate the Origin Mantra, you can tell me why you want to steal something as important as the sect. Follow me to the elder and plead guilty. As long as you are sincere, I believe that the elder will punish you for your insensible young age."

Li Sheng said.

"Oh? His attitude was sincere. Then tell me, what is sincerity?"

Lee Zongjiu smiled. In his previous life, it was this kind of trash that caused his family to be wiped out.

Imagining himself as such in his previous life was just too useless. To think that he would be killed by this kind of person.

Hearing Lee Zongjiu's words, Lee Sheng's brows twitched slightly. It sounded like he was sincerely asking for guidance, but how could he hear a hint of disdain?

"Of course, I will kneel down and break both of your legs. I will bring you back. Do it!"

At this moment, Lee Sheng also shouted angrily. Lee Zongjiu must have heard what he said just now. In that case, he couldn't let Lee Zongjiu live.

So what if you knew? A piece of trash is a piece of trash. Since he had already hidden himself, why would he walk out and die?

The four people beside him immediately pounced towards Lee Zongjiu.

They pounced towards Lee Zongjiu like four wild wolves. These four men were able to become Lee Sheng's henchmen. Their strength was not bad. They had all reached the Fourth Grade of the Origin realm, and one of them had even reached the Fifth Grade of the Origin realm.

This man was at the front. Whether it was killing Lee Zongjiu or catching him, he had to kill him. It's all gonna be first class. In front of Lee Sheng, he would have a better chance to show off.

"Die for me! Heavenly Eagle Claw!

Li Hao roared and used his most powerful elemental skill, Heavenly Eagle Claw.

Although it was just an ordinary level one elemental skill.

However, Li Hao had been cultivating this technique for nearly two years.

As he attacked, he was like an eagle pouncing towards Lee Zongjiu.

"Heavenly Eagle Claw? I think it should be the Heavenly Chicken Claw!"

Lee Zongjiu mocked them. He did not seem nervous at all. Just as Li Hao's claw was about to touch Lee Zongjiu, Lee Zongjiu finally moved. He turned around and slightly turned his body. He just happened to dodge Lee Sheng's claw. In the next second... Lee Zongjiu lunged at Li Hao's claw.

"Break for me!"


Compared to Li Hao's Heavenly Eagle Claw, Lee Zongjiu's hand was naturally not as strong as Li Hao's. However, the moment Lee Zongjiu attacked, he caught Li Hao's knuckles. When he rotated it, he broke Li Hao's finger without any suspense.


Li Hao instantly fell to the ground and cried out miserably.

Another man rushed out. He circulated his Yuan energy on the long blade in his hand and slashed at Lee Zongjiu. It was obvious that he wanted to kill Lee Zongjiu.

With a kick, he sent Li Hao flying and crashed into the blade.

Lee Zongjiu also stepped forward.

He used his palms.

When the opponent saw that it was Li Hao who was flying over, he immediately stopped his attack and caught Li Hao. However, he saw Lee Zongjiu pressing both of his palms on Li Hao's chest.

"Hit the bull through the mountain."


A terrifying force suddenly poured out from Lee Zongjiu's hands.

It passed through Lee Sheng's body and headed straight for the man behind him.


The disciple of the Lee family, who was a Fourth Grade Essence Warrior, spat out a mouthful of blood. His body flew backward and landed on the ground.


"So fierce!!"

When the remaining two saw how powerful Lee Zongjiu was and how powerful his attack was, they didn't dare to step forward. However, Lee Zongjiu was the first to rush towards them.

"Heavenly Eagle Claw!"

What Lee Zongjiu used was Li Hao's Heavenly Eagle Claw.

Although he had seen it once, the power of the skill was even stronger than Li Hao's!

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