Dominion of the Supreme/C1 The End for the new Beginning
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Dominion of the Supreme/C1 The End for the new Beginning
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C1 The End for the new Beginning

In a balcony of a tall building, there sits a middle age man with a features that will gain the hearts of woman and jealousy of man with a face that one might think that god solely focus on creating this being.

*ring * *ring*

"Hello ? This is Mr.Coeus Caesar , how may be of help?" said the man to his wrist that has a watch type of gadjet attaching on it.

"Hello Sire, Project S.I-8881 has been completed and the Ultimate Brain has been initiated too sire , we are all just waiting for you and your confirmation ." said in a deep voice of the man on the other side of the call.

"Oh, proceed the project . Also transfer the Auxiliary A.I on the God Chip , wait for me for further instruction and prepare the body"said Coeus while walking to a circular device .

"Yes , Sire . Your instruction shall be obliged" said the man with a hint of excitement

*Tuuuut * Tuuut*

"Finally, This is the one that will know whether I die or not" said Coeus while his surroundings is getting dark.

Moments later......

In a Labaratory that is deep inside the earth..A middle age man appeared in one of their circular devices , that man is Coeus , Coeus walk through the corridor filled with futuristic and unrecognizable devices until he reaches a walls that seems inconspicuos when he presses his hand on it a the wall crumble in a naked eye that revealed a room that is divided with 3 sections.In the left side is a device that took half of the room , in the right side is a glass like sphere that is fillled in redish liquid and in between those two is a cube cointainer that has ancient looking tiny book that is the size of a palm thaat has a chip like device embedded on it .

"Hal , is the transfer of the Ultimate brain proceeding ?" ask Coeus

A hologram that shows the humongous device shows while a screen filled with incomprihensible numbers ."Sire we are proceeding as planned and the progress is also quite fast it is estimated that the transfer is going to be completed in 1 hour , 28 minutes and 21.846183518 secs."

New chapter is coming soon
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