Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C1 On that day did not come ~ 1 more frivolous
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Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C1 On that day did not come ~ 1 more frivolous
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C1 On that day did not come ~ 1 more frivolous

A ray of warm winter sunlight shone down from the Green Cloud Mountain, passing through the Xu family's courtyard walls and passing through the dead wood, leaving behind a few mottled shadows on the youth's body.

The youth sat cross-legged under a tree. His sword-like eyebrows were slanted and his nose was like a floating gall. He looked quite unique.

The young man sat under the tree like an old monk in meditation. His eyes were closed and his breathing was even. Traces of mystical Qi slowly flowed through his veins and into his dantian. That lonely figure was as bleak as the dead wood behind him.

After a while, his black eyes slowly opened, and there was a kind of sadness that shouldn't have existed at his age. He stood up and slowly exhaled, and a self-deprecating smile appeared on his face: "Hehe, his Dantian is broken, so he really can't cultivate anymore? It is no wonder that the other party came today to break off the engagement, but, this cannot be blamed on others, it can only be blamed on myself, if not for the fact that I did not advance and retreat, would I, Xu Xuan, have come about this day? "

Two years ago, he was the number one genius of the Xu Family and was rather famous among the younger generation in Cloud City Eighteen Cities. But now, he had become the laughingstock of others.

Following his line of sight, a young man dressed in green strided towards him with his head held high, his eyebrows raised with a tinge of arrogance. Behind him followed a little fatty who looked to be around fourteen to fifteen years old.

Looking at the green-clothed youth, Xu Xuan couldn't help but feel that it was laughable in his heart. Back then, when he walked, perhaps he was also like him, always being so self-righteous, but never did he expect that the heavens would actually joke with him.

"Tsk tsk, little trash, you still haven't given up yet? With your Dantian crippled, have you also become a donkey? "

The green-clothed youth walking in front of them was called Xu Feng, and was only a few years younger than Xu Xuan. Maybe it was because he had shown too much servitude in front of Xu Xuan in the past, but now, his talent was only second to Xu Xuan's.

Xu Xuan did not want to care about the two of them. Even if he was angry in his heart, as a cripple, his heart had become even more calm. This kind of anger, was merely trying to find a reason to beat him up. As long as he did not make a move, the opponent would not dare to make the first move. After all, he, Xu Xuan's father was the Patriarch!

"Brother Feng is right. Not only is there something wrong with his head, his ears are also defective. You can't even hear him calling him trash!"

The little fatty used his finger to point at Xu Xuan, purposely raising his voice, attracting many Xu disciples, and seeing that a lot of them had walked over, his eyes revealed a look of satisfaction, this was the effect he wanted.

With regards to this little fatty, Xu Xuan could only sneer in his heart. He still remembered that back then, this little fatty still happily called him Big Brother Xuan, but he didn't expect them to become enemies so quickly.

Xu Xuan silently sighed in his heart. He had also seen it more thoroughly during these past two years. Perhaps, the person who was truly nice to you could only truly see through you when you were at your lowest point in life.

"Look, there's going to be a good show!" The genius from back then will be humiliated! "

Someone started to discuss in a low voice. Who would have thought that there would be such a good show early in the morning, which would be less boring!

"Yeah, I heard that she's about to be annulled by the people from the Xiao Family. I never thought that the genius from back then would actually turn into trash, and now the hope of the Xu family's younger generation is on Young Master Xu Feng's shoulders!"

Another person was biting on his finger like a mosquito. The genius of the past had become a joke, while Xu Feng had become the hope of the Xu family.

Hearing these discussions, Xu Feng revealed a look of enjoyment, he used his right pinky to dig at his ear, and took two steps forward, looking straight at Xu Xuan, he used his finger to wipe the clothes on Xu Xuan's chest, and laughed coldly: "Did you hear that? Right now, you are trash, but I, Xu Feng, am the hope of the Xu Family! "

Xu Xuan looked at his opponent like he was looking at a fool, as though he was looking at a pitiful bug. Although he could not beat his opponent, that did not mean he was not arrogant, it did not mean that he did not retaliate. He lightly patted the clothes on his chest and asked: "Xu Feng, do you really think I'm a piece of trash?"

"Nonsense!" You're not a piece of trash, am I? "

Xu Feng never would have thought that this fellow would dare to look at him with such a gaze. Instantly, his face filled with anger, and he was mocked by a piece of trash.

"I think the person who was stepped on by trash should be called trash! "Haha!"

Under the dumbstruck expressions of the crowd, Xu Xuan pushed Xu Feng away with his hands and laughed loudly as he walked towards the Xu Family hall, leaving the other party to gaze at his back!

"Yeah, Xu Feng seemed to be bullied a lot by Xu Xuan before right?"

Some people remembered back then, when Xu Xuan was the pride of the entire young generation of the family.

"Hehe, well said, useless trash. If you're stepping on trash, then what else can you be other than trash? It's even worse than trash! "

Some of their eyes lit up and sighed. Although Xu Xuan was no longer able to cultivate, but such a counterattack, was extremely amazing. It made them feel like Xu Feng was simply asking for a humiliation!


Pointing at Xu Xuan, Xu Feng was so angry that his face turned green and white. In the end, he could only fiercely say: "Xu Xuan, just you wait, I'll show you what I can do in the future!"

After he finished speaking, he fiercely glared at the surrounding crowd of people and could only dejectedly leave.

"Brother Feng, don't be angry. He's in a hurry to go to the hall and receive his anger, his life is cheap!" The little fatty immediately followed along, but the thing he hated was that it was said that immortals were coming today, and the Patriarch was also waiting for Xu Xuan in the hall, if not he would definitely beat Xu Xuan up.

"Well said, your life is cheap!" Xu Feng once again turned to look at Xu Xuan's back as he left, his eyes revealing a look of hatred, he fiercely clenched his fists.

And at this time, within the Xu family's hall, the atmosphere was somewhat heavy. A green clothed middle-aged man sat in the middle of the hall, and from between his brows, he revealed a self-confidence that was not angry, but he was the patriarch of the Xu family, Xu Qingtian, an expert of nine stages of mystical Qi!

Xu Xuan walked in and bowed towards the people in the hall. Other than his father Xu Qingtian, there was also his second uncle Xu Qingmo, third uncle Xu Qinglong, and a middle-aged man who was sitting on the left side.

"Xuan'er, this is your Uncle Xiao and Mountain Sect."

Xu Qingtian introduced the person to Xu Xuan, and at the same time, he was shocked in his heart. He really couldn't understand why Xiao Liang would come to end the engagement, and actually call the people from the Mountain Sect over.

He was an elder of the Mountain Sect, one of the three major sects of the Xuanyu Dynasty. It was said that he had to reach the Immortal Realm to be able to become an elder of the Mountain Sect, this was the first time Xu Xuan had seen an immortal, so he bowed very seriously.

The old man closed his eyes and didn't even bother to look at Xu Xuan. He only squinted his eyes and glanced at Xu Xuan, but even so, Xu Xuan felt as if Xu Xuan was able to see through him.

"Powerful, true powerful warrior! He was much stronger than his father! "As expected of the legendary immortals."

Although Xu Xuan was unable to gather Profound Spirit Qi in his body, and every time he trained, the Profound Spirit Qi would dissipate once it reached his dantian. However, the feeling the old man gave him was extremely realistic.

There were a lot of wrinkles on his forehead. As he sat there, he gave off a feeling that he was as heavy as a mountain, as if he was floating in the air. This contradictory feeling was perfectly fused together by him.

After he finished bowing, Xu Xuan was ready to find a chair to sit on first. He scanned his surroundings, but didn't find a seat, and discovered that his second uncle was smiling coldly at him, causing him to sigh in his heart. This old fox, seemed to be getting more and more unscrupulous.

Xu Qingtian had also noticed Xu Xuan's awkwardness and was about to ask someone to sit down, but Xiao Family's Patriarch stood up instead, "Hey, little nephew, I also did not expect that you would actually become a trash at first. You should be clear about this in your heart, how an ant can be compatible with a phoenix.

"Xiao Liang, are your words a little too much? "Back then when you saw my son's amazing talent, you came to me with a smile to beg me. Then let the engagement be annulled. Please speak your mind. This place is my Xu family!"

Xu Qingtian slapped the table with his palm, he suddenly stood up and looked at Xiao Liang aggressively. This Xiao Liang was too unbridled, cancelling the engagement was already a huge blow to Xu Xuan, for this matter, Xu Xuan was being talked about behind the scenes, and now this Xiao Liang was actually humiliating Xu Xuan in front of him, he did not even put the Xu family in his eyes.

He knew that for the past two years, Xu Xuan had been suffering greatly in his heart. Every time he saw Xu Xuan whose dantian was already broken, and had to persevere on as he trained under a tree every morning, his heart would feel as painful as a knife twisted. But as long as he was still the Patriarch for a day, he couldn't let his son suffer grievances.

"Insult? Did I insult you? I'm telling the truth! "

Xiao Liang revealed a surprised expression, he spread out his hands, and his face suddenly became angry, and said loudly: "Xu Qingtian, you didn't think that it would be okay to rescind the marriage agreement, right? But it's not that simple. What is your son? Trash! A piece of trash wasting my daughter's youth, is that it? No! Your Xu family will also have to compensate us with medicinal pills! "

Saying that, Xiao Liang's aura suddenly shook, he turned and looked at Xu Xuan, his expression like a man-eating beast: "Young Nephew, what do you think?"

Facing the other party's overbearing attitude, Xu Xuan's heart was bleeding. He clenched his teeth tightly, his eyes had a tinge of blood red, and his chest was rising and falling in anger, in these past two years, in order to extend his life and reduce the pain, the clan had wasted countless Qi Gathering Pill s on him. He was already feeling incomparably guilty, but now, he was going to burden the clan again?

He didn't want his father to be looked down upon, or be mocked by others, or become a burden to the family. However, this small wish of his had become extremely extravagant, as if it was separated by a chasm.

"On what basis?"

Even if he was a piece of trash, he could not allow himself to be easily humiliated like this by others. If he wanted to end the engagement, he could withdraw; he had never imagined that he would be able to match up to that genius girl, but he could not tolerate the loss of medicinal pills! Even though he was a trash, he had his own bottom line!

His palm was too forceful, to the point that it was split open by his fingernail, causing drops of extremely gorgeous blood to flow out. However, this kind of pain was completely covered by the anger in his heart.

Xiao Liang was startled, he was actually frightened by the look Xu Xuan was giving him. This feeling only lasted for an instant, but it made him feel afraid, and his body couldn't help but take a small step back. However, he quickly calmed down, the brat in front of him was just a trash that couldn't cultivate, it was really funny, how could he be afraid of a trash, is it really useless as he lives?

In front of the deity, he was actually scared witless by a piece of trash, which caused him to lose a lot of face. He could not help but become furious, he strode forward and pointed at Xu Xuan, and his roar echoed throughout the hall, "Why? Haha, isn't that obvious? You are trash, trash, do you understand? "

Xu Xuan was so angry that his body was trembling, the marriage contract inside his sleeves was held tightly, like it was about to be crushed. He had already brought the marriage contract with him and placed it inside his sleeves, he was prepared to take it out, not wanting to disturb the girl's youth, but he never thought that the other party would be so arrogant and unreasonable.

Originally, he wanted to share some family matters with his father when he grew up and become his father's pride. That was why when he competed in martial arts that year, he challenged the person with the highest cultivation in the world. He did not want to be number two and he wanted his father to be proud of him.

However, he had lost. Not only that, but the other party had been extremely vicious and had even broken his dantian. The other party also had a powerful background, causing the Xu family to be unable to do anything but swallow their anger.

For the past two years, he had been unwilling. His dantian had been destroyed and he had been unable to cultivate, but he had persisted in cultivating every morning in the hope that there would be a miracle.

He hadn't even seen a woman from the Xiao Family before, and that was only the engagement set down when he was young. What was laughable was that he didn't even see this fianc?e of his.

He tightly gripped the marriage contract in his sleeve, and his heart ached so much that he almost forgot to breathe. His face was somewhat pale from anger. Father, you've caused you trouble again in the end!

"You two, you two have gone too far!"

Finally, he tightly closed his eyes and bit his lips in anger. His seemingly frail body continuously trembled.

"Kid, are you talking to us? An ant with such a dry tongue? "

The old man who had been sitting there the entire time, slowly stood up and walked towards Xu Xuan step by step. Even though his voice was very calm, it continuously resounded in the minds of everyone present.

He finally felt a trace of impatience and a strong aura that covered the sky unmercifully rushed towards Xu Xuan.


Xu Xuan suddenly kneeled on the ground, the stone beneath his knees cracked, he felt a burst of pain in his head, and blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth, but he continued to glare at the other party. At this moment, his black eyes were filled with anger.


Xu Qingtian clenched his fist tightly at the side, the profound energy in his body slowly circulating, but the pressure the other party released was too terrifying, he knew that even with the entire family's strength, he would not be his match, yet seeing his own son being humiliated like this with his own eyes and his dignity ruthlessly trampled on, his heart felt as if it was tearing pain.

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