Fanatic Divine Cultivator
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Chapter 224 - Acting ~ 3 When the people from the Bell Sect saw this, their faces turned extremely ugly. These two fellows, weren't they afraid of sacrificing their own lives? "No, it's fine. About that, don't burn it." The conscience that had just risen was quickly obliterated by the threat of death. Abbot Whitebrow immediately waved his hand and said, with beads of sweat trickling down his fo
If an Immortal dares to bully me, kill him! If God insults me, I will behead him! An ordinary boy that had walked out from the wilderness had actually obtained a divine jade by a stroke of luck. He had stepped onto an extraordinary road! If the Heavenly Dao did not use the Heaven Transforming Technique, the immortal slayer would destroy the god! From then on, the entire continent was filled with a bloody aura! 