Fanatic Divine Cultivator

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Fanatic Divine Cultivator
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Time flew by, and forty-five years had passed in the blink of an eye. In these forty-five years, Liuyue had come out of seclusion twice, and Xu Xuan had also told her about Xu Qiuyi's matter. What moved Xu Xuan was that Liu Yue did not mind Xu Xuan having such a daughter. On the contrary, she even went out with Xu Xuan to visit Xu Qiuqiao a few times, given her status as his godmother. As for Xu
Two years ago, Xu Xuan was the No.1 genius of the Xu Family and was rather famous among the young generation in Cloud City. His mother died of illness when he was a baby and he wanted to be father's pride. That was why he challenged the person with the much higher cultivation in the martial arts competition. Unfortunately, Xu Xuan lost. And his dantian was broken by vicious enemy. But he didn‘t reconciled at all. For the past two years, he had but he had persisted in cultivating every morning in the hope that there would be a miracle. However, there is not until he met the superior of Mysterious God Realm who was escaping. After a fierce struggle, Xu Xuan swallowed unique treasure Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade and obtained a low-grade Heaven rank cultivation technique Five Spiritual Arts. Xu Xuan would never forget the scenes of how the marriage was annulled yesterday, nor the disdainful gazes of others, let alone their smiles after his dantian had been broken. What legendary road will this ordinary boy from the wilderness embark on? ☆About the Author☆ Tian Jiang Tu Shen is an excellent fantasy novel writer. He has three works now, they are "The Emperor of the World", "Fanatic Divine Cultivator" and "The Storm of the Ancient God". Tian Jiang Tu Shen officially began publishing novels in 2015. Six years of writing has enabled him to accumulate rich writing experience and also gained a large amount of fans.