Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C2 I want the immortal-killing to become stronger!
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Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C2 I want the immortal-killing to become stronger!
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C2 I want the immortal-killing to become stronger!

The red robed old man, Duan Chou Feng, focused his gaze and looked at the angry Xu Qingtian with interest. The corners of his mouth hooked into a playful smile and even a hint of contempt.

He really enjoyed the expression of others getting angry at him. Seeing others getting angry but not daring to attack made him very comfortable. This was the attitude of an expert, and these ants could not understand it!

Xu Qingtian clenched his fists tightly, but for the sake of his family, he didn't dare take another step forward. The other party was an immortal, and there was a huge gap between them.

"Big brother, don't be rash."

Xu Qinglong pulled on Xu Qingtian's sleeves. The reason Xiao Liang dared to be so arrogant, was because of Duan Choufeng, but they could not help but endure. Even if they were extremely angry, they could only swallow their anger in one gulp.

Xu Qinglong's persuasion only caused Xu Qingtian's anger level to drop by a little. He closed his eyes and said slowly: "How much compensation do you want us to pay?"

The red-robed old man smiled, he did not reply, but looked towards Xiao Liang, who was at the side. It was obvious that he was not interested in the Xu Family's possessions, he did not think that the defeated Xu Family would be able to take out any treasures that would catch his eyes.

Xiao Liang winked at them, and then said while chuckling: "Brother Xu, seeing as we have been friends for so many years, I won't make things difficult for the two of you. Un, just like this, just a thousand Qi Gathering Pill will do."

"What?" "A thousand!"

This time, even the silent Xu Qingmo could not help but shout out. Qi Gathering Pill s were the most basic medicines used to supplement one's cultivation, even the thriving Xu Family had only added up to around a thousand Spirit Gathering Pills in a year.

And now, because of Xu Xuan's body from two years ago, the Xu Family had even used many of their Qi Gathering Pill s on him, and had even sold quite a few businesses, leaving him with about 5-6% of their assets. Right now, the Xu Family had to take out a thousand Qi Gathering Pill s, which was equivalent to forcing the Xu Family into a dead end.

"Xiao Liang, don't go too far. Our Xu Family is simply unable to produce that many Qi Gathering Pill."

Xu Qingtian was so angry that his face turned green, the muscles on the corner of his mouth trembled, the other party had completely opened his mouth wide.

Xu Xuan felt as if he was struck by lightning, his head buzzing. He hated himself for being useless, and adding such a huge trouble to the clan, how could the clan even take out a thousand Qi Gathering Pill? How could the clansmen train like this?

"Cough cough, I won't force you guys, how about this, I will give you five years' time. From next year onwards, send two hundred Qi Gathering Pill to our Xiao Family every year."

Xiao Liang also knew what these thousand Qi Gathering Pill s meant to the Xu Family, but he did not want to force the Xu Family into a corner. If the Xu Family were to go crazy, then he might not be able to get anything at all.

"Alright, then thank you Xiao Family Lord for your kindness. My Xu family will definitely remember this!"

Xu Qingtian clenched his teeth, and slowly squeezed out each word from the gaps between his teeth. The anger on his face made him look older than he was before.

Behind him, Xu Qinglong and Xu Qingmo's faces were also filled with anger, their fists clenched tightly. Even if it were two hundred Qi Gathering Pill a year, this would only make the Xu family more restrained.

"Ai, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm just soft-hearted. Remember to give me the Spirit Gathering Pills at this time next year. That's right, I need this piece of trash to personally give them to you, haha!"

In regards to Xu Qingtian's words, he did not mind at all. Two hundred Qi Gathering Pill s a year, was enough to allow their Xiao Family to develop even faster, and the most important thing now was that once he climbed onto the Elder Duan's Elder Duan, he would naturally be able to achieve great things in the future.

He pointed at Xu Xuan who was slumped on the ground, and the corner of his mouth hooked up into a faint smile: "That's right, trash, what about that marriage contract? Don't tell me you're reluctant to take it out? Even though your Uncle Xiao was also very sympathetic towards your plight, I feel very helpless as well. Just be a good piece of trash for your entire life and watch how my daughter stands at the top of our Xuanyu Dynasty's younger generation! "

"Cough, cough!"

Xu Xuan whose eyes were filled with bloodstains, slowly took out the marriage contract. At this point, the contract was already stained with a lot of blood, and a few parts of it had been cut by his fingernails.

Drops after droplets of blood still dripped from the corner of his mouth and palm as they slowly fell onto the ground. He firmly remembered the two's faces, and loudly said in the end: "We will naturally give you what you want, but in the future, I will definitely let you know that the Qi Gathering Pill our Xu family has given us are very hot!"

"Hot hands? Hehe, you smelly brat, don't glare at me viciously, I don't mind telling you, no matter how hot the Qi Gathering Pill is, I, Xiao Liang, will still be able to swallow it down! "

Xiao Liang was slightly startled, he immediately took the blood stained marriage contract from Xu Xuan's hands, he did not believe, that if the Xu family handed over so many Qi Gathering Pill, they would be able to turn the situation around, right?

"Hehe, what a joke. An ant biting an elephant to death. If we were to lower ourselves to the same level as an ant, wouldn't that be too low a status?"

At this time, Duan Choufeng looked at Xu Xuan with disdain. In his eyes, Xu Xuan was simply an ant that he could kill with a poke of his finger.

Xu Xuan's bloodshot eyes swept towards Duan Choufeng, and he could not help but reveal a somewhat hysterical madness: "Haha, you are an immortal! So what if he's an immortal? Is it possible for an immortal to trample on the dignity of others? "

His eyes were filled with blood-red madness, and he seemed to be about to roar: "Since you're an immortal, then remember this well, my name is Xu Xuan, you have to kill me today, or else I, Xu Xuan, will come and take your head in three years. If you're an immortal, then I, Xu Xuan, will kill the immortal.

Such a powerful roar from a small body was beyond everyone's expectations. At this moment, the hall had also become incomparably quiet.

The corner of Duan Choufeng's mouth twitched, he immediately glared at Xu Xuan: Killing a cripple, isn't that dirtying my, Duan Choufeng's, hands? You want to kill immortals, don't you? Alright, then I, Duan Choufeng, will give you a chance. Remember what you said today, in three years, I will wait for you.

After he finished speaking, Duan Choufeng swung his sleeve, and a green light flashed beneath his feet. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared with Xiao Liang.

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