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Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C3 Meet possession ~ 3 more
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C3 Meet possession ~ 3 more


When everyone was still in shock, a huge palm directly slapped onto Xu Xuan's face, sending his petite body flying.

"Xu Qingmo! Are you crazy? Xu Xuan is my son, what right do you have to hit him? I want to see if you are courting death! "

Xu Qingtian gnashed his teeth as a loud roar resounded within the hall, fiercely glaring at Xu Qingmo. If Xu Qinglong had not stopped him, he would have killed this old fellow today!

"I'm going to help you teach this brat a good lesson. I think he's crazy. How laughable. He's going to kill the deity in three years?" He had vented the anger in his heart, but had pushed the entire Xu family into a pit of fire. Who was this other person? That was an immortal. Didn't he see the heavenly method just now? I didn't even see how the others left! Did you hear that? Three years from now, Immortal Ascension will begin! Hahaha! From the look of things, the Xu Clan is truly finished!

The fat on Xu Qingmo's face was trembling, he was so angry that his ears were red, and he looked at Xu Qingtian fearlessly. In his opinion, just a few words from Xu Xuan was enough to cause a huge disaster for the family.

"Even if I have to teach you a lesson, it's not your turn. Hmph! "You, get out of here!"

Xu Qingtian was so angry that his chest was moving up and down, he used his finger to point outside the door, closed his eyes and almost shouted out.

"Haha, Immortal Execution!" Ridiculous, truly laughable! "

Xu Qingmo continued to laugh out loud, with a wave of his sleeve, he left with large strides.

"Xuan'er, are you alright? There are two Qi Gathering Pill here, go and heal them! "

After Xu Qingmo left, Xu Qingtian immediately went forward to help him up. In his eyes, it was not because of Xu Xuan that the Xu Family was in danger, but because of a kind of superficial kindness. The current Xu Xuan, not only did his hands have blood, the skin on his knees was also cut, and even a big handprint appeared on his face.

"Father, there is no need for that. Your son will go down first! I'm sorry, I've caused trouble for the clan. "

Xu Xuan's eyes were filled with loneliness, as he walked out step by step. Thinking back now, he was indeed too rash, all he wanted was to give the Xu Family some face, and that rage had made him lose his mind, and had brought about a fatal disaster for the Xu Family!

"Sigh!" Brother, what should we do now? That Duan Choufeng is an immortal, and an immortal values face the most. The words that I said just now, I will definitely not go back on my words! "

Xu Qinglong's face revealed anxiousness, he did not expect that the marriage annulment today would end up in such a state.

"Hey, what else can we do? Xuan'er's mother left early, and as her father, I do not have much ability. Xuan'er's life is too bitter, and if it doesn't work out in the future, you can bring your clansmen and run! "As far as you can run, never come back!"

Xu Qingtian sat down on the chair and also let out a long sigh. The originally dangerous Xu family had come to a dead end.

Xu Xuan already did not know how he came to the rear mountain. The wind of late at night was as cold as the bottom of his heart, yet he could not feel a single trace of coldness.

He looked up at the night sky and could not help but shout, "Oh my god! Why are you toying with me, Xu Xuan? I have already become a piece of trash, is it not enough? "

However, before that word even finished echoing, a ray of light shot down from the sky straight at him. It stopped right in front of his eyes for a moment, then entered his mouth.

"Cough cough!" "Damn, what the hell is this thing?"

Xu Xuan was speechless. After coughing twice, he could not help but scold angrily, the thing which had forcefully entered his throat into his body made his throat feel uncomfortable. This was even more depressing than choking on water!

The jade was not wide, its fingers were as wide as two fingers, and its thumb was long. It was very nimble, with a pattern of hollowness on it, but before he could carefully look at it, a ball of light came out from the jade and rushed towards his head.

"Kid!" "No wonder this old man, I can only lend you my body!"

What surprised Xu Xuan was that the ball of light let out a strange cry, it was actually an old man's voice. "Aiyah, your Inherent skill is not bad, and it's even an extremely good one. Even the attribute of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth are all so high, although your body is a little weak, but it's still better than this old man's previous aptitude, it's perfect!"

"I'm finished, I have a possession!"

Xu Xuan discovered that his body had instantly stiffened up, and directly fell onto the ground. He felt a wave of pain from his head, and could not help but feel his mind tighten. He had read about this in a tattered book before, and it was written on it.

The ball of light quickly arrived at the sea of Xu Xuan's consciousness. It was pitch black, Xu Xuan could only feel the ball of light rushing towards him excitedly, and his soul was actually also within the ball of light.

This is not a problem. Hehe, with your talent, coupled with my cultivation experience, as well as the miraculous aspects of the divine jade, if you hide in this remote place, in less than ten years, I will be able to recover my cultivation once again. Haha, looks like I have struck gold!

The ball of light screamed and rushed towards Xu Xuan, continuously chanting.

"Senior, please spare us!" Let this little one go, let me recommend someone to you. His talent is better than mine, his name is Xu Feng, the number one genius in our family! "

Xu Xuan's light orb immediately escaped, filled with panic and panic. Although it was a miserable life, he did not want to die tragically like this.

"Stinking brat!" You want to trick me, right? This is a Five Spiritual Saint Body, is there anything better than you? It's just that you don't have any cultivation methods of other attributes. Hehe, today this old man will make sure of you! My Five Spiritual Arts is just nice for cultivation. " The other party was obviously aware of Xu Xuan.

"Old bastard!" I'll kill you! "

Xu Xuan was enraged, and suddenly discovered that this ball of light did not seem to be any smaller than the other party's. Instead, he turned around and charged at the other party.

Just now he had understood that the other party was an expert, and the jade pendant in his dantian was the one and only treasure in the world. Although he had never heard of the name of the jade pendant, but this old man had his eyes on treasures, and it was definitely a good thing. Rather than sitting still and waiting for death, it was better to fight for it.

"Haha, you've come at the perfect time. I don't believe that a boy like you will be more determined than me!"

The other party had not expected Xu Xuan to be around the same age as him, but he believed that Xu Xuan's willpower would definitely be stronger than that of a teenage boy, so he did not take it to heart.

"Submit!" I'm the one who wants to kill the Immortal! "

The moment Xu Xuan's ball of light appeared, it released his majesty in an aggressive manner. It immediately radiated with light, which was several times brighter than before, and did not lose out in the slightest.

"Immortal Execution? How laughable, are there any deities in this continent? It's just the opinion of you mediocre people! Hehe, if you must put it that way, I am still a god! "

The blob of light was shocked and then understood. Only those ignorant and mediocre people would be able to see other people's flight and call them immortals.

"Then I will slaughter the gods!" Xu Xuan's conviction was firm, he did not care about anything else, he was not afraid of those who only had his feet, since there was no way out, then he would just let it go, his aura rising once again, fiercely smashing into that ball of light, and continuously entangling with it.

"Ugh!" The other party was left speechless. Why did it feel like he was being led away by the nose by this brat!? He had never met such a kid, yet he was not afraid of him and still tried to devour him!

"Go to hell, old fellow! I, Xu Xuan, must live on. I don't care who you are, you will still become my stepping stone today! "

"Kid, just listen to me. I will avenge you!"

"Do you want my revenge? If I were to use someone else's hand for my own blood enmity, would I still be able to get revenge? "

"Uh, kid, I was wrong. I'm leaving now. Let me go!"

"As you wish! Since you're here today, don't even think about leaving! "

Xu Xuan's mind was extremely firm, and the other party was also constantly resisting. And his body, which was lying on the mountain top, was also continuously trembling because of the pain that was coming from his head. At this moment, he was constantly fighting with the other party.

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