Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C4 Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade ~
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Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C4 Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade ~
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C4 Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade ~

As the night wind blew, Xu Xuan's body quietly lay at the peak of the rear mountain, like a corpse that had been abandoned by the world!

Suddenly, his finger moved slightly, and he opened his eyes slowly: "Where am I? Why are you so dizzy? "

He slowly sat up, and his eyes were filled with confusion. As he quietly looked into the distance, the memories in his head began to flood in.

"I did not die!" "Haha, I think I won against that old fogey!"

Xu Xuan's eyes suddenly lit up, he had actually won, which made him extremely excited, and a large amount of information came out, it turned out that the old man was called Hong Sha, and was also a Five Spirit Holy Body, and was actually the same as him. This fellow cultivates the Five Spiritual Arts. This is also the reason why he was incomparably excited after seeing Xu Xuan's Five Spirit Holy Body.

Hong Sha's cultivation had reached the Mysterious God Realm, and when he was fighting with others over the unique Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade s, he was killed!

At the last moment, Hong Sha's body self-detonated, allowing his soul to enter the Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade s. He was lucky enough to escape, hence he fled to this desolate Xuanyu Dynasty, and the scene from before happened.

Xu Xuan slowly heaved a sigh of relief. At the time, Hong Sha was extremely powerful, otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to snatch the treasure, but was chased down by the five people of the same Mysterious God Realm, which was why he almost died. And even if he managed to escape, his soul was still severely injured and extremely weak.

From Hong Sha's memories, Xu Xuan also understood that this Profound Sky Continent was incomparably vast, and their Xuanyu Dynasty was just a low rank empire, it was completely incomparable to the outside world. Furthermore, this Cloud City was just a small city, it was completely a poor and remote place, if not for him avoiding the pursuit of his enemies, Hong Sha would not have escaped to this old man's shitty place.

After that was Mysterious Base Realm, and after the Dan Profound Realm was the Nascent Soul stage. And behind the Mysterious God Realm were the two great realms, Psychic stage and True God Stage; from the start of the Mysterious Base Realm, they were divided into the initial, middle, late stage, and grand completion stages.

With Hong Sha's memories and the experiences he had in the past, Xu Xuan was filled with confidence and excitement. The most exciting thing was that the Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade actually had the special ability to heal injuries, and it could also purify the spirit energy that he gained from cultivating.

It was said that this object was a treasure left behind by a previous True God Stage Ranker, and that True God Stage was the highest level on the continent. Upon reaching this level, one would be able to fly, and after this Ranker ascended, he would leave behind his Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade, waiting for the fated person to ascend. As for why they were called Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade, it was because that True God Stage Ranker used to have a name, which was Nine Swallowing Gods, and trained in the Nine Swallowing God Technique!

This information surprised Xu Xuan so much that he could not react. However, he was certain that this whatever deity, in front of the Mysterious God Realm expert of the past, was actually nothing more than a piece of dregs. It was not impossible to defeat, as long as he entered the Mysterious Base Realm, he would be able to fly.

What troubled Xu Xuan the most was that he did not know what kind of cultivation Duan Choufeng had, but when the Xuanyu Dynasty was in front of the continent, it was like a drop in the ocean, and Duan Choufeng was an elder of one of the three great sects in the Xuanyu Dynasty.

Although the Mysterious Base Realm was unreachable to the current Xu Xuan, he had an enormous amount of confidence now, because the current him, was already a genuine tycoon!

In the past, Xu Xuan was just like a pauper, the clan's methods were all incomplete, only two levels, the first level of Body Refinement could allow him to cultivate up to the tenth level of profound energy, and the second level could only be cultivated to the great perfection of Mysterious Base Realm. However, to Xu Family, it was extremely difficult to cultivate to the second level, because they did not know, that cultivation method was the most trashy, and the cultivation speed was extremely slow.

"Damn, it turns out our family's cultivation technique is low-grade yellow-rank. It's still an incomplete manual, no wonder it's so lacking!"

Through Hong Sha's memories, Xu Xuan became an existence that was like a tycoon. He also found out that cultivation methods were originally divided into four ranks, and like the Profound Skills, they were also divided into the four ranks of the Sky, Earth, Profound, and Yellow. Each rank was further divided into the low rank middle rank, and the high rank of the yellow rank.

"Duan Choufeng! Just you wait, with a low-grade Heaven rank cultivation technique like the Five Spiritual Arts and the Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade, I don't believe that I won't be able to destroy you in three years! "

Xu Xuan slowly stood up. At this moment, there was not only determination in his eyes, there was also confidence, in his mind, there was not only the cultivation method of the Five Spiritual Arts, there were also a few martial skills in his mind, and these martial skills, were not only Huang grade, there were also many Xuan grade, and there were even two or three Earth grade. Although there were not any Heaven grade, Xu Xuan was not disappointed.

He slowly closed his eyes. As he expected, the wound in his dantian had already healed, and the wound on his knees had also healed. Furthermore, there were no scars at all.

"Xu Feng, I know you plan to become the clan's Successor Patriarch in five months, but I'm afraid that you cannot do as you wish!"

He was very clear in his heart that Xu Feng and Xu Qingmo definitely had a conspiracy. Back then, when his dantian was destroyed in Cloud City Eighteen Cities, Xu Qingmo and the Patriarch of Zhuge family looked at each other and laughed, he saw it in his eyes.

A few years ago, the Xu Family had been constantly expanding, endangering the position of the Zhuge family. It was clear that the Zhuge family had always wanted to get rid of the Xu Family, but due to certain reasons, they did not want to fight it out!

However, the mood when he went down the mountain was the exact opposite as when he went up the mountain. He knew clearly in his heart that he couldn't tell anyone about this matter tonight, and he had no way of explaining it to them, so he could only think of a way to explain it in the future.

"Cultivate!" We need to increase our strength first! "

Once he returned to his room, Xu Xuan did not have a single trace of sleepiness. With a low-grade heaven rank Five Spiritual Arts, he had to properly cultivate and see how strong he was.

The Five Spiritual Arts was extremely harsh on cultivation and was divided into five different types of Spirit Arts: Metal Spirit Arts, Wood Spirit Arts, Water Spirit Arts, Fire Spirit Arts and Earth Spirit Arts. The five Spirit Arts could be cultivated alone, but if one cultivated alone, then the technique would be a low rank Heaven rank technique.

To Xu Xuan, he was a Five Spiritual Saint Body with five excellent attributes. If he were to cultivate all five arts, the Five Spiritual Arts would be equivalent to a high grade Heaven rank technique.

Xu Xuan knew that amongst the eight trigrams, he only knew: Dry, Exchange (Gold), Earthquake, Xun (Wood), Kun, Gen (Earth), Li (Fire), and Kan (Water) were wind, so they belonged to the wind.

Every spirit art had nine levels, he decided to start with the Wind Spirit Art below the Wood Spirit Art. After all, their Xu Family had always cultivated the Wind Spirit Art, so cultivating it like this should be much easier.

Through Hong Sha's memories, Xu Xuan also knew that other than the wind attribute, there were also lightning, darkness, and light attributes. However, the owners of these attributes were extremely few in number, and in the end, it was metal, wood, water, fire, and earth that formed the basic attributes.

This was the power of the Five Spirit Saint Body. Basically, there were many attribute cultivation techniques that were suitable for Five Spirit Saint Body users to cultivate. But, their methods and techniques were all different.

After making up his mind, he crossed his legs and started cultivating. The wind attribute Xuan Qi surged towards him like a tide, causing him to be overjoyed. His perception and attraction towards the wind attribute was actually countless times faster than before.

All of these energy flowed through the veins in Xu Xuan's body, and quickly reached his Dantian, but he suddenly realized something, in terms of cultivation, he had to absorb all the Profound Spirit Qi below the jade pendant and condense it at the bottom of his Dantian, and according to the route of cultivation techniques, that jade pendant would go past him, and now, that jade pendant was blocking the bottom of the jade pendant.

The jade pendant quietly floated there, releasing waves of green light, it looked very good, but now it made Xu Xuan speechless. This thing was in his dantian, and he was unable to take it out, could it mean that he was only able to recover his Dantian, and was unable to cultivate? This was no different than giving you money to be a tycoon, but not letting you spend it!

"The heavens! You're not playing with me, are you? "

Xu Xuan suddenly felt like he was being toyed with, he wanted to vomit blood, this thing could purify Spirit Qi, then he would definitely be cultivating with it in his hands, his body did not have any Spirit Qi condensed, so he was unable to pull it out from his throat!

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