Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C5 mystical Qi's second segment ~ 2
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Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C5 mystical Qi's second segment ~ 2
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C5 mystical Qi's second segment ~ 2

While Xu Xuan was still in shock, a sudden change occurred. The jade pendant released a faint green light, and a strong traction force struck it. The profound energy that had just entered his dantian was sucked over without reservation, and floated in the air above the jade pendant.

At the same time, a numbing feeling came from his dantian, as if there were ants crawling around.


Xu Xuan's expression was strange, on top of the jade, a strand of Spirit Qi quietly floated, although it looked very thin, but the truth told him, he had actually entered the first stage of the Spirit Qi realm.

"A period?"

Although it was only one stage, it was now even more exciting than the time he had advanced to the Sixth Stage of Profound Qi back then. This meant that he could still cultivate, and was no longer a piece of trash! Although this training method was a little strange, he did not care. As long as he could cultivate, that was fine!

In the past, he had started cultivating when he was ten. In just two months, he had already comprehended mystical Qi. When he was eleven years old, he had already broken through to Stage Four mystical Qi.

At the age of thirteen, he broke through the cool of five stages of profound energy in one go, becoming the only thirteen year old in the clan who broke through to the Sixth Stage of Profound Qi! who had the most hope of entering the seven stages of mystical Qi by the age of sixteen!

If one was still unable to break through the sixth phase to reach the seven stages of mystical Qi level before the age of sixteen, it would be very difficult to reach the seventh phase in their lifetime. Even with the assistance of medicinal pellets, their achievements would not be too far off.

Breaking through the Sixth Stage of Profound Qi at the age of thirteen caused the glory of Xu Xuan to be limitless, and he even became the clan's Successor Patriarch, which was also why Xu Qingtian was so proud all along!

The Xu family had passed down clan rules for many years, not only did they need a patriarch, but also a Successor Patriarch. The Xu family had a family stone passed down from their ancestors, but it was actually split into two halves, one halved into the custody of the patriarch while the other half was held by the Successor Patriarch. It signified a certain dignity and was also a symbol of power.

The Successor Patriarch must be held by the younger generation of the clan. In the competition that occurs once every three years, the person who obtains first place will be able to obtain the position of the Successor Patriarch. If the Patriarch is old or dead, the Successor Patriarch will be the leader, protecting the clan's legacy and indestructibility.

Reaching the Sixth Stage of Profound Qi at the age of thirteen, one would definitely be able to reach the seven stages of mystical Qi before the age of sixteen. Someone who was able to reach the seven stages of mystical Qi at the age of sixteen would be able to very possibly go further, reach the nine stages of mystical Qi, and become the guardian god of the Xu family.

And just below Xu Qingtian, there were already two pillars of support. Xu Qinglong and Xu Qingmo, both of whom possessed terrifying strength. They had both reached the peak of the eight stages of mystical Qi, and were the most prestigious existences in the family besides Patriarch Xu Qingtian.

A thirteen year old Xu Xuan had become the family's favorite, and would inevitably be flaunted by the clan members, and would occasionally become arrogant and proud.

However, the destruction of his Dantian had caused him to fall from the clouds to the bottom of the valley. Countless ridicules had caused him to become increasingly calm. He had seen the cruelty of this world and it had tempered his determination, allowing him to become truly calm.

Xu Xuan could feel the thin strands of Profound Spirit Qi in his body. This feeling he had not felt in a long time, made his nose slightly sour, and this feeling was something he had lost and recovered. It made him understand and cherish it even more.

He clenched his fist tightly. All the humiliation he had suffered in the past must be returned, this was an incomparably strong belief, this thought from a few days ago might have been a luxury for him, but the current him, had such a heroic spirit. All he needed was time, he believed that he would definitely be able to recover the glory that belonged to him.

He would never forget the scenes of how the marriage was annulled yesterday, nor the disdainful and disdainful gazes of Xiao Liang and Xiao Liang. Nor would he forget the smiles that Xu Qingmo and the patriarch of the Zhuge family had made eye contact with each other after their dantian had been broken.

After tasting the sweetness, Xu Xuan did not slack any longer and continued to cultivate. He discovered something that made him extremely happy, the Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade in his dantian had a slight attraction towards the profound energy it had absorbed from its tendons and veins, allowing him to absorb it even faster. Furthermore, the entire jade pendant was like a magnetic field, firmly absorbing the mystical Qi and not wasting it at all.

Time passed very quickly, and Xu Xuan, who had obtained a new life, started to cultivate as if he was untired, but instead felt extremely energetic. It was only when it was night time that he slowly opened his black eyes, and the corner of his mouth revealed the trace of a smile he had not seen for a long time, and actually broke through again.

"Second stage of the Spirit Qi!" As expected of a Heaven rank cultivation technique! If there is a chance in the future, we must give this Wind Spirit Art to Father and Third Uncle to cultivate.

Xu Xuan clenched his fists tightly again, his heart was filled with joy. At this time, he also felt a bit hungry, went out to eat a meal, and then continued to cultivate. He knew, he couldn't slack off for even a moment.

After another night of cultivation with his life on the line, Xu Xuan actually already advanced from the second stage of profound energy to the peak of the third stage, and was only one step away from stepping into the fourth stage of profound energy.

Early in the morning, Xu Xuan, who was in a good mood, decided to take a walk outside. He went to ask his father if he knew anything about Duan Choufeng's cultivation.

Just as he walked into the training grounds, Xu Feng who was watching the disciples fighting saw Xu Xuan, so he turned and teased: "Everyone quickly look, isn't that our Successor Patriarch? He seemed to be in a good mood today! "He was annulled, and even said that he would kill immortals, but he's really going to push everyone into a fire pit!"

There were unfriendly looks on their faces. Clearly, they also knew that Xu Xuan had put their entire family in danger, and after three years, they might even face the wrath of a deity. The anger of a deity, how terrifying would that be!

"Brother Feng, how is he even a Successor Patriarch! Have you forgotten? After he became trash, the clan leader took away half of the Ancestral Stone that he was in charge of. Hehe, he is now a complete piece of trash, how is he even a Successor Patriarch? "

The little fatty immediately looked at Xu Xuan with disdain, with a taunting smile, as though humiliating Xu Xuan had already become an extremely fun thing to do.

"Uh, yeah, look at my memory. How did I forget about that? Sigh, in another five months, it will be the Triennial Martial Competition. Who do you think will be able to obtain the position of the Successor Patriarch? "

Xu Feng purposely spoke a little louder, pretending to say that the position of the Successor Patriarch was already vacant for more than two years, and that it was soon going to be the triennial martial competition.

"Brother Feng, is there even a need to say that?" Brother Feng has already reached the peak of the Fifth Stage of Profound Qi now, and is only one step away from entering the Sixth Stage of Profound Qi to become a master of the younger generation! "

The little fatty understood Xu Feng's intentions very well. He immediately said fawningly, and didn't forget to coldly glance at Xu Xuan even after he finished speaking.

Peak Fifth Stage of Profound Qi? 's talent was much worse than his, he had just turned 15 years old a while ago. Seems like his family had spent a lot of resources on him during this period of time, if not, he would not have been able to achieve a breakthrough so quickly. However, the current Xu Xuan did not even put him in his eyes, in five months time, was more than enough to trample on him.

Xu Feng never thought that Xu Xuan would ignore him again and even reveal a disdainful smile. From Xu Xuan's gaze, he did not see the kind of envious expression that he wanted to see, hence he was greatly dissatisfied.

"Xu Xuan!"

Xu Feng shouted loudly, the anger in his voice started to float around the plaza, while the others looked at Xu Xuan with eyes filled with anger. Even those who used to have a trace of sympathy towards Xu Xuan started to look at each other with cold eyes, and since he was an ant, then they should listen to their fate with peace of mind, and boast about how they would kill the immortals, causing the entire clan to be in danger.

Hearing Xu Feng's shout, Xu Xuan finally stopped in his tracks. He slowly turned around and asked with a tone filled with impatience: "Cousin brother Xu Feng, what can I do for you? "Don't bother me if there's nothing else. I have business with father, I don't want to talk to a trash!"


Some of the younger generation of the family couldn't help but laugh out loud. A trash of the family actually said such words to a genius of the family. This was quite funny!

Xu Feng's face immediately became unsightly, he turned his head and glared at the man: "I am a genius! Even though he has already said that I am trash, you all still dare to laugh. Then, wouldn't you all be worse than trash? "

"Xu Feng, what I said was only aimed at you, in my eyes, they are ten times better than you, maybe even a hundred times better. Although they resent me in their hearts, they are not so vicious as to target me everywhere, but everyone rest assured, if I said that I would kill the Immortal in three years, I will naturally do it, and will not implicate the entire clan!"

Xu Xuan slightly raised his head, his face incomparably resolute, as if he had said something extremely ordinary. However, this matter, was something no one dared to think about, and it made everyone doubt whether it was just an illusion.

After he finished speaking, Xu Xuan didn't even want to bother about anyone, as he turned around and left!

"Want to leave?" It's not that easy! "

Xu Feng was so angry that his lips were trembling, a look of viciousness flashed past his eyes, even if he could not kill Xu Xuan here, he had to at least give him a good beating, and let him know, who was the number one genius of the Xu family!

With that said, Xu Feng stepped forward and rushed towards Xu Xuan like an arrow. At the same time, he formed a claw with one hand, wanting to capture Xu Xuan.

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