Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C6 Combat required skill.
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Fanatic Divine Cultivator/C6 Combat required skill.
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C6 Combat required skill.

Xu Xuan saw Xu Feng rushing over quickly, and his heart skipped a beat as well. He did not expect Xu Feng to become more daring, to even dare to attack in front of so many people, and from this speed, Xu Feng's strength was indeed much stronger than before.

He was at the peak of Stage Three, while his opponent was at the peak of Stage Five. The gap between them was too big, so as long as he ran from the training grounds in the backyard to the hall in the front yard, his opponent would definitely not dare to pursue him.

"Xu Feng, just you wait! I'll let you live for a little longer!"

Xu Xuan gritted his teeth in his heart, but his speed was not the least bit slow.

"Just now, you said you wanted to kill the Immortal. What?" Are you afraid of me now? How can you kill immortals when you can't even beat me? "Useless, taking advantage of your ability to speak, are you trying to court death?"

Behind him, Xu Feng's expression became sinister, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood! With one foot on the ground, he flicked his other foot once more, rapidly chasing after Xu Xuan. Like an arrow, his entire body shot out like an arrow, bringing about a whooshing sound, making him look like an incomparably angry little cheetah!

The strength of his Fifth Stage of Profound Qi was indeed extraordinary. If it was a few years ago, Xu Xuan would naturally not have paid any attention to him. But now, he had no choice but to seriously face it as he pushed his own speed to the limits.

Just as he was about to reach the front gate, and Xu Feng was just one or two meters away from Xu Xuan, a ruthless look flashed past Xu Xuan's eyes. He suddenly turned around, his head charging straight forward, his body also fiercely leaning down like a wild wolf that suddenly pounced, counterattacking with all its might!

This was completely out of everyone's expectations, especially Xu Feng, he never thought that Xu Feng would suddenly turn around at this time, and even posed such a posture, the distance was too close, in order to capture Xu Xuan, he even used his maximum speed, and had not even reacted yet.


After his abdomen was struck like this, Xu Feng's body immediately bounced back, and heavily fell on all fours. Although he was not injured, he did not have a single image, and there was even a wave of pain coming from his abdomen.

"Haha!" See? I already said, you are trash, yet you still refuse to admit it! Let me tell you, fighting requires skill too! "

Xu Xuan laughed as he headed towards his father's residence.

"Xu Xuan, just you wait!"

Xu Feng laid on the ground, gnashing his teeth in anger, his face turning green. , the current number one genius of the Xu Family, was actually still in such a sorry state due to Xu Xuan. This made them feel as if they were in a dream. Could it be that Xu Feng was really a piece of trash?

"Xuan'er, what do you need from me?"

In a room, Xu Qingtian looked a little tired, he also looked a lot older, but seeing Xu Xuan coming in, he tried his best to smile.

"Uh, it's not that big of a deal, I just want to ask, Father, do you know about Duan Choufeng's cultivation?"

Xu Xuan poured himself a cup of tea. It was obvious that after practicing running just now, he was thirsty as well.

"Cultivation? He was an immortal! An Immortal!

Frowning, Xu Qingtian's face was full of confusion. He did not know why Xu Xuan would ask this.

"Oh, so it's like that! "Alright, I'll head down first. As for other matters, father need not worry too much. Your son will give you a big surprise in a few months!"

Since he did not ask for more, Xu Xuan did not want to stay either, he only wanted to return and continue his cultivation. Although he had the Five Spiritual Arts, which allowed him to cultivate at a very fast speed, Xu Xuan knew in his heart that this was only the Refinement Stage, and the further he cultivated, the slower his speed would be. From Hong Sha's memories, he was clear that the profound energy that went from stage one to stage ten, was just to lay the foundation for cultivation.

Xu Qingtian stared blankly for a moment. Just as he stood up, he realized that Xu Xuan had already left the room.

"Give me a surprise in a few months? What kind of surprise would this be? This fellow seemed to be slightly different from before! Leaving right after you arrived? Could it be that this fellow has something urgent? "

Xu Qingtian frowned slightly as he fell into deep thought. Surprise? It's been a long time since he had one!

Once again returning to the small hut he was in, Xu Xuan prepared to rush to the fourth stage of profound energy! To break through to Stage Four of the Spirit Qi, it was not a simple matter, it required the Spirit Qi in the body to be directly dispersed. This was a bottleneck, and one must make the wisps of Spirit Qi condensed there turn into tiny Spirit Qi particles, and these particles would become the foundation for future cultivation, and they were called Spirit Qi Seeds.

These particles had always been stuck closely together. It was precisely because of this that they had all been absorbed together, resulting in the common denominator. This was why they could be used as mystical Qi seeds in the future. However, if he did not disperse them in the process, he would instead injure himself. He had to stop cultivating for another ten days and recover his body in order to attempt breaking through to the fourth stage of the Spirit Qi realm.

At this moment, Xu Xuan realized that the profound energy in his body was long enough and that the profound energy particles above were even denser, unable to continue to increase at all. This number was several times greater than when he was at the peak of Stage Three, and this caused him to be unable to contain his joy at the same time, but at the same time, his heart felt a little scared.

At the very least, with the same level of cultivation, it would be very difficult to meet an opponent. However, if he were to disperse all of them at the same time, it would be a lot more difficult, and if he did not succeed once, then it would definitely be very harmful to him. At that time, he might not be able to rest for ten days or even for twenty days or even a month.

"Since I am unable to absorb the excess Xuan Qi right now, I might as well give it a try."

Xu Xuan knew that time was of the essence, especially that Duan Choufeng, he did not even know what his opponent's cultivation level was yet, it would be one less day in one day, he could not afford to waste it, and right now, he had no other choice.

He focused all his attention on the strand of mystical Qi above his dantian, and with a harrumph, he exerted his strength.


In that instant, the countless particles in his dantian began dispersing. Under the shine of the jade pendant, they were crystal clear and looked even more beautiful.

"This is bad!"

Xu Xuan's mind suddenly tensed up, and in his heart, he let out a sigh. In the middle of the group, there were still a dozen or so profound energy particles which had yet to disperse, and were still tightly linked together like before. Although those dozens or so were like a drop in the ocean compared to the tens of thousands of particles, if even just a little one thousand kilometers of them were destroyed by an ant's nest, it would cause his breakthrough to fail.

"Sigh, there are indeed too many of them. Can't they completely disperse?"

He let out a sigh in his heart. Perhaps he would need twenty days before he could slowly gather all of these particles again and try to break through a second time. This way, he would be wasting his time and would not be able to guarantee whether he would fail the next time.


Just as his disappointed thoughts flashed, the Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade actually made a low sound, and lightly trembled for a moment. Then, an invisible force immediately rushed out, causing all the Profound Spirit Qi particles on the jade pendant to slightly move, and the dozen or so Profound Spirit Qi particles actually shook like that, and scattered.


Xu Xuan's expression was a little strange, the jade pendant actually took the initiative to help him, isn't it too strange, is it actually able to help him with his cultivation?

"Hehe, it seems like you really are a good treasure. From now on you'll be with Brother Xuan!"

Xu Xuan laughed in satisfaction, this thing that Hong Sha risked his life to steal was actually a great treasure, he never thought that it would actually benefit him.

He gripped his hands together and could feel that his body was filled with powerful energy. He couldn't help but want to try and see what his strength was like.

Xu Xuan who had made his decision, immediately moved and walked towards a small forest at the back of the mountain alone. He wanted to test out his current strength, and also to train a high level Yellow Rank Profound Skills, 'wind shadow palm'.

The higher the Profound Skills was, the more profound energy it would consume. The current Xu Xuan, had searched through every single one of Hong Sha's brain, and it was only this single Profound Skills was considered to be of the lowest level, which was barely suitable for the current Xu Xuan to practice.

Even though the wind shadow palm was only a high-grade Yellow Rank Profound Skills, for the current Xu family, only the Xu family's martial skill 'cyclone' could barely contend against it. If one were to cultivate this Profound Skills to the large success stage, the effect would be even greater than that of the cyclone.

Xu Xuan walked towards the woods at the back of the mountain with light footsteps, while a suspicious gaze stared at him. After hesitating for a moment, he secretly followed.

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