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C7 Turn to two more

In the small forest at the back of the Xu family's mountain, Xu Xuan looked at the small tree in front of him that was as big as an arm. A fierce look flashed across his eyes, and with a slight movement of the profound energy in his body, it entered every cell in his body, causing his entire being to sink into an extremely excited state.


With a simple punch, Xu Xuan's body suddenly leaned forward, and like a fierce tiger that was about to descend the mountain, he punched out without hesitation.

A whistling sound was brought about by the fist, causing Xu Xuan's entire aura to become sharp and forceful.


The small tree that was the size of an arm actually swayed slightly when it was struck by Xu Xuan's fist, and it directly burst open from the middle, falling down at the waist.

"This, this strength, why is it so much stronger than before!"

Xu Xuan's expression was a little strange, but he immediately rejoiced in his heart, that Nine-Swallowing Divine Jade had the ability to purify profound energy, it must be because his own profound energy was even purer, adding himself it was equivalent to tempering his body again, so his body's tyrannical speed was even stronger than the previous strength of an early fourth phase disciple.


The person hiding in the grass not too far away was so shocked that he could not even close his mouth. He could not help but let out a cry of surprise. In his eyes, this was simply impossible.

"Who is it?"

Although the other party's voice was not loud, Xu Xuan heard it very clearly at this moment. Perhaps it was because he and Hong Sha's soul had directly become one, causing his soul perception to become much stronger than before, no matter if it was in terms of vision or hearing, he was satisfied.

Xu Xuan suddenly turned around. A pair of eyes that looked somewhat deep were currently like a cheetah as they stared straight at the grass that came from the sound.

"This is bad!"

The figure hiding there immediately realized something and turned to flee in the direction of the Xu family.

"Little Fatso!" "Since you're here, come and train with me!"

Xu Xuan's figure suddenly moved, and with a step, he rushed over. Although he did not see the other party's face, he immediately recognized that figure, so who else could it be other than the little fatty who turned against him?

At this time, Xu Xuan's body was extremely light, like a monkey walking through the mountains, he caught up to him in a few flashes, causing Little Fatso's body to become fatter. Although he was also training, he was quickly caught up by Xu Xuan and was stopped.

"Older brother Xuan!" Um, is your Dantian ready? "

The little fatty panted heavily, but there was still some shock and uncertainty in his eyes. The shadow that Xu Xuan's talent and strength had created in his heart all those years ago, still could not completely remove it now.

"Hur hur, what do you think? Why do you call me big brother Xuan now? Shouldn't you call me trash? "

Xu Xuan looked at the other party with interest, and a faint smile appeared on his lips.

The smile caused Fatty to grow even more uneasy, and he couldn't help but take a few steps back. He knew very well that if he was in Fatty's place and someone else discovered his secret, there would only be one terrifying consequence.

But the little fatty's small eyes quickly rolled around, revealing a miserable state, he helplessly said: "Brother Xuan, wasn't I forced by Brother Feng? Besides, my talent is not good, Brother Feng said. If I follow him in the future, he'll become the Patriarch, oh, no, after he becomes the Successor Patriarch, he'll give me quite a few Qi Gathering Pill! Look at me, I'm feeling helpless. Can you just let me go? I, I won't dare to do it again! "

"Patriarch?" Hehe, didn't you say something earlier? Is that so? It seems that Xu Feng is very considerate, the Successor Patriarch is not his final goal. "

He did not know when Xu Xuan's Dantian would recover, nor did he know how Xu Xuan's Dantian would recover, but he knew that he could only pretend to be stupid now. If he angered Xu Xuan, Xu Xuan would definitely kill him and silence him.

"No, no, Brother Xuan, you misunderstood, it's the Successor Patriarch. Brother Feng only wants to be the Successor Patriarch!"

The little fatty waved his hands continuously. Xu Feng had only said this to him before, if Xu Feng knew that he had said it, he had no doubt that Xu Feng would kill him. He was incomparably clear about Xu Feng's ruthlessness, even more so than Xu Xuan by several times.

He was so scared that he started sweating.

"You don't want to say, do you? If you don't say anything, don't blame me for being ruthless! "

Xu Xuan slowly pulled up his sleeves, pressing on the little fatty step by step.

"Trash!" Don't force me, hmph, from the looks of it, you have at most just broken through to the fourth stage of the Spirit Qi realm! I am also at the fourth stage of the Spirit Qi realm. Who knows if you will be able to win against me! "

The little fatty intentionally opened his eyes wide, and instantly revealed a fierce expression, thinking that even if Xu Xuan's cultivation recovered, he might still not be very high, and would still have a chance.

"Hehe, have you finally revealed your true appearance? Then let me see, you and I are also at the early stage of the fourth stage of Spirit Qi, just who is stronger! "

Xu Xuan believed in his heart that this little fatty should not be his match. After all, the Five Spiritual Arts he cultivated was a heaven rank cultivation technique and he had a lot more profound energy in his body than the little fatty, and it was also much purer.

"Beginner stage of Stage Four? Haha! You piece of trash, you scared me. I thought you were at the late fourth phase, hmph! Since you're only at the early stage of Stage Four, you might as well wait to get beaten up! Today I want to show you how strong I, Little Fatty, am! "

The little fatty wiped off his cold sweat. Just now, he was really a little weak in his heart, and was scared by Xu Xuan's aura. Now that he heard Xu Xuan's cultivation, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Before the seven stages of mystical Qi, one would never be able to see the cultivation level of the other party with their naked eyes, and profound energy could not be released at all. However, when Little Fatty saw Xu Xuan smash onto that tree, he was truly shocked by the imposing manner that he emitted.

Upon hearing that Xu Xuan was only at the early stage of the fourth stage, the little fatty clapped his hands and laughed: "Haha, trash, you might not have expected that I had already broken through a while ago, but I am now at the middle stage of the fourth stage. Hmph, if I was still at the early stage of the fourth stage, I would probably be afraid of you, but now, you should obediently let me beat you up!"

"Hehe, so that's how it is. You actually managed to break through. However, do you really believe that you are my opponent?"

His fists clenched in the air, and with a heavy punch, he smashed the fatty's fleshy face. The anger that had been stifling in his heart for the past two years could finally be released to his heart's content at this moment. Although he was only at the early stage of the fourth stage of profound energy, the profound energy seeds in his body were many times better than the ones in his opponent. Just by this fact alone, firmly believed that he could defeat the little fatty in front of him.

"Humph!" "I'll let you know just how powerful Lord Fatty is. Trash, you've harmed our Xu Family. I, Lord Fatty, will teach you a lesson today!"

The fat guy snorted, his small eyes actually flashing with a fierce light. He retreated slightly, and also welcomed Xu Xuan with a punch, although Xu Xuan's dantian was healed, and he was still secretly recovering his cultivation, but between the middle stage fourth stage of the Spirit Qi and the early stage of the fourth stage, the little fatty had absolute confidence!

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