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C1 vile relative

The autumn wind was rustling. In the Bai Clan village, a thatched cottage was swaying in the wind. It was in danger of collapsing at any moment.

The room was filled with the sound of weeping.

"Xiao He, Xiao He will persevere. Your father called granny, and she came back to see you. " A woman dressed in ragged clothes was currently lying down beside the bed made of a few pieces of stone, tightly holding the hand of the person lying on the bed.

The scorching heat made her heart flustered.

"What's wrong, what's wrong, I'm going to die." To hasten, to hasten is the same as to hasten one's life! " Not long after, an old woman was brought in by a man.

"Mother, I beg you, I beg you to find a husband for Xiao He, she will die without any medicine!" A woman sobbed and begged.

The old woman pushed her away and said, "What husband do you want, for us to have so much silver? Her lowly life will definitely leave more danger for our family, and she won't die. You go get some grain and feed it to her with water. It will be fine! "

The woman continued to beg, "Mother, you can't do that! She's so hot, so eating the grain won't do any good!"

"Are you not going to listen to me?" "Then don't eat it today!" The old woman's eyes were wide open as she spoke with disgust.

The lady immediately nodded and begged bitterly. She cried and said, "Mother, I am willing, I am willing to not eat for a few days, please hire a doctor for Bai He!"

"What is it? If you don't want to go, I'll go get it!" The old lady stood up and kicked the lady away. Even if Bai He kept her lowly life, she would still be a disaster.

"Hubby, hubby, please beg your mother." The woman had no choice but to plead as she looked at the man beside her.

The man rubbed his hands together with a troubled expression on his face. He dared not speak a word.

The woman instantly sat down on the ground, her Xiao He ?

"Cough cough, cough cough!" Bai He who was on the bed started to cough loudly.

"Xiao He, you will be fine. Mother will be here, Mother will be here." The woman cried as she held her daughter's hand. Although her hands didn't leave her side, the heat on her body made her feel as if she was about to bubble.

"Get out of the way, you'll be fine after you drink it." The old woman pulled her away, holding a handful of millet and a bowl of water in her hand. "Help me pry open her mouth!" she shouted to the other woman who was standing to one side.

The woman walked over and immediately opened Bai He's mouth with her two hands.

The crying woman continuously shook her head, but she could do nothing as she watched the old lady pour the grain and water into Bai He's mouth.

"Cough, cough, cough, cough!" Bai He started to cough violently.

The old woman let her go when she saw that she had finished drinking. "The fever will definitely go down this time. Old master, don't say that I'm being harsh on her. Let's go."

The woman couldn't speak a single word. She could only wail as she looked at her daughter coughing until her face turned red, and even her eyeballs were about to pop out.

The old woman didn't care about anything else as she left with the other girl, swearing. "What bad luck. I don't know if he has some sort of fever, but if it were passed on to other people, it would be bad."

"Mother, you might as well kick Xiao He out." The woman on the side offered.

"What do you know? If you really chase Bai He out, the villagers will recite it for half a day, and then, it will affect my reputation." The old woman reprimanded.

"Yes, yes, yes. Still, mother is considerate." The woman quickly agreed.

"Women. Oh yeah, don't let the elders eat in the next few days, she said it herself. " The old woman cursed.

The woman lowered her head in agreement.

"Mother, will I die ??" Bai He coughed heavily as he said with difficulty.

"Xiao He, you will be fine. Mother will think of a way to beg you, granny." The woman said anxiously.

"granny will not care about me, Mother, forget it ?" Bai He slowly closed his eyes and lost consciousness.

"Xiao He, Xiao He, don't sleep ?" The woman cried and wailed.

The wind outside whistled, as if someone was wailing loudly.

"The child's mother, Xiao He will be fine, mother's method has worked." Seeing that the old woman had left, the man stepped forward and comforted her.

The woman raised her teary eyes and looked at her useless husband. She could only wail in grief.

The cold wind at night was getting colder and colder, but Bai He's body temperature was slowly decreasing.

The lady didn't have time to be happy, but felt that Bai He's body was turning colder and colder.

"Xiao He, Xiao He, don't scare me!" The woman placed her finger on Bai He's nose, then fell down to the ground in fright.

"Husband, doctor, husband, bring Xiao He to find a husband!" The lady knelt in front of the man and begged: "If you don't find a husband, Xiao He will die!"

The man was submissive, but he didn't move.

The woman's tears had already dried. She looked at him and suddenly let out a loud laugh. Then, she actually crashed into a nearby rock.

"It hurts!" Bai He rubbed her hands on her own head, causing her to be unable to accept the messy memories that flooded her mind.

"Xiao He!" The woman suddenly heard a sound and hurriedly leaned over.

Bai He opened her eyes and looked at the lady, trying to sound her out: "Mother?"

The lady cried once again, "Xiao He, Xiao He, Mother Xiao He!"

Bai He looked at the woman who was crying inexplicably. She could see the scar on her forehead clearly, so she asked: "Mother, what's wrong with your head?"

The woman wiped her tears and said, "It's nothing, it's fine as long as you are well. Mother will go and find you something to eat. " She stood up in a panic, wiped her eyes, and hurried out the door.

Bai He looked around and frowned, this family was too poor. The house was covered in grass and the wind was blowing in from all directions. She couldn't help but shiver.

"Xiao He, come and try this, your mother has cooked this vegetable porridge for you." The woman said as she carefully entered the room while carrying the bowl.

When Bai He saw the wound on the girl's forehead, she felt that it was a bit eye piercing, so she asked: "Mother, do you really not need to apply medicine to the wound on your head?"

The woman waved her hand nonchalantly and said: "It's fine, just a small injury. Xiao He, it's good that you're fine. "Hurry up and try it."

Bai He took another look at the woman's injury, and her gaze was a little unfocused. She took the bowl of porridge after she saw the woman bring it over.

Following that, she was stunned. This was vegetable porridge? There were a few wild vegetables floating around in the bowl of water. Occasionally, he could see a few grains of rice in the water.

"Xiao He, hurry up and eat this. I hid this from you, granny, to cook it. The lady stopped, she did not want Bai He to stop because she was unhappy with what she had said.

From the memories that Bai He received, she had some impression of this granny. This was simply a classic example of an evil mother-in-law!

Just as he was thinking, he saw an old woman bustling in, saying, "Look, this isn't dead yet, is it?"

"Mother." When the woman saw her, she was slightly flustered.

Bai He was shocked. Before she even had the chance to put away the porridge, she was discovered by the lady on the other side.

"Mother, come quickly and take a look. Sister-in-law is so capable, to actually steal our rice!" Lady Baiqian took the bowl from Bai He's hand, pointed to the rice inside and said.

Upon seeing this, Mrs. White Sun was immediately angered. She questioned, "Well, old fellow, you sure are capable. You actually dare to steal from your own home! See if I beat you to death! "

"Mom, let me do it." Lady Baiqian took a stick from the side and threw it straight at Lady Baisong's body.

Seeing that Lady Baisong was being bullied, this was her mother on the surface. Furthermore, this person was able to use rice to cook for her when she came over, although it was not good, but it could be seen that she was extremely good to him.

How could she watch such a person being bullied?

Bai He immediately stood up and pounced towards Lady Baiqian.

Lady Baiqian was pulling hard, but when she was caught off guard, the stick was stolen by Bai He.

This matter happened very quickly. When Mrs Bai Sun finally reacted, she immediately scolded: "You're finally able to take it, Bai He, you still dare to steal your aunt's things!"

Bai He looked at them coldly, without fear on her face. "I'm sick, what's wrong with my mother cooking something for me?" It was only a few grains of rice, but they were actually punishing him like that. Bai He felt that it was really laughable!

"Xiao He!" Lady Baisong was afraid that Bai He would be bullied, so she immediately pulled at Bai He and said timidly: "Mother, I didn't steal anything from home. This, this was given to me by the Fifth Aunt next door."

"Fifth Aunt? "Mother, there's still a kid in Fifth Aunt's house without a wife. Could it be that Eldest Sis went ?" Lady Baiqian glanced at Lady Baisong, and said to Mrs. White Sun.

Mrs. White Sun frowned. With her old face filled with ravines, she immediately grabbed the stick in Bai He's hand and threw it towards Lady Baisong with a "pa" sound. Then, she raised the stick again and swung it towards Bai He.

Lady Baisong immediately held Bai He in his embrace, and the rod solidly hit her back.

"Mother, don't hit Xiao He. Xiao He's condition is not completely cured yet ?" Lady Baisong immediately explained.

"Sure, mothers are everywhere to hook up with men. Daughters bully their elders. I'll beat you to death, you whore! I'll beat you to death, you money loser!" Lady Baisong cursed and hit Lady Baisong's back with her rod.

Bai He wanted to struggle, but he was protected by Lady Baisong in his arms.

"Xiao He, stop messing around. Just wait for granny to finish." Lady Baisong clenched her teeth and tried to persuade her.

Bai He clenched her teeth and her hands trembled. For Lady Baisong, she could only endure it for the time being.

"Pata!" With a crisp sound, the stick was broken.

"Today I will teach you a lesson. Lady Baisong, if you still do not follow a woman's rules, then don't blame me for being rude! " Lady Baisong threw away the pole that was split into two, looked at the bowl of vegetable porridge and said: "No matter who gave it to you, it would be wrong for you to privately cook it. Second brother, take this bowl of porridge away! "

Bai He glared, there was actually someone in this world who could invert right from wrong? She had truly seen it, and was about to say something else when she saw that Lady Baisong had pulled her back.

She clenched her teeth. She understood what just happened. If she were to speak too quickly, then White Sun would definitely be punished once more. She could only endure it.

After teaching the two of them a lesson, the White Sun family brought Lady Baiqian and left.

"Xiao He, Xiao He, are you alright?" Seeing that they had left, Lady Baisong then set his gaze on Bai He, pulled her along and started to carefully size her up.

Bai He looked at the woman who still had injuries on her face and looked worried. She shook her head and said, "Mother, I'm fine. On the other hand, you, let me see your injury, just now, granny's method of hitting people was not light. "

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