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It was pitch black in front of her eyes. The smell of a wild beast filled her nose, making her feel dizzy and guilty at every moment.

Why would she come here for no reason? Could it be Underworld?

Su Xia Yue extended a hand to support her forehead, after recovering, she struggled to stand up.

At that time, she had been pushed by someone, causing her to stagger several meters away before charging into an empty space.

The light was blinding!

The surrounding crowd instantly burst into cheers and was deafening.

Su Xia Yue covered her eyes with her hands and slowly opened her eyes to look. There was actually a gigantic beast battle arena in front of her!

There were over a hundred people sitting outside the four meter high fence. They shouted excitedly in their ornate costumes. They were all waiting to see how the Level 3 Feral Tiger Beast would tear this beauty to pieces in front of Su Xia Yue.

After all, this was the The young miss of the Su Clan who was reputed to be the prettiest in the capital, Su Xia Yue!

But no one knew that the famed trash Su Xia Yue's soul had already been replaced by the elite secret service agent of the twenty-first century — — Su Xia Yue!

Different lives with the same name!

With her strong mental fortitude, she quickly understood that she had been blessed by the heavens and was fortunate enough to be reborn!

When she came back to her senses, she calmly faced the unusual scene around her. The head slowly began to coordinate this strange body.

Damn it!

The body was covered with wounds from the whip, and the long skirt was tattered into a short skirt which hung on her body. She could not feel a single trace of inner strength in her body, and her body was extremely slim. It was so fragile that it could not withstand the wind!

Fortunately, the ten meter tall Fierce Tooth Demon Beast in front of her had four limbs bound by iron chains. Its eyes were still covered by red silk, and it temporarily could not attack her.

Su Xia Yue heaved a sigh of relief and started to carefully observe the weak point of this beast. The result was that this beast had no flaws at all.

However, she had to win this fight. She couldn't just die again without knowing why!


The iron gate behind her that was one foot thick suddenly closed. Following that, a bone-chilling sound was heard.

"Elder sister, don't blame me for selling you here. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for wanting to take away someone's love! Now you wait to be torn to pieces! "In the underworld, I will burn more paper money for you, hehe"

Su Xia Yue turned her head and stared coldly at the 'little sister' who had spoken so viciously.

She was thirteen or fourteen years old and had bright eyes and white teeth. Dressed in a aquamarine gown and holding a beautiful fan in her hand, she stood proudly in the stands, looking at her with disdain.

There was a young man in a traditional Chinese robe standing next to her.

"Lan Ting, don't waste your breath with this kind of trash. Once she dies, my marriage with her will be annulled. At that time, we will finally be lovers!"

"Aiya, Seventh Prince, don't you dare say it in front of my sister. She's still hearing all this even before she died, how sad must she be?"

"You are too kind, that's why she bullied you! This time, you have to make her die, you can't be merciful again. "

You want me to fight a beast barehanded, and you call it being too kind?

Please, she, Su Xia Yue, was only blown into her body, not her brain! Even a blind man could tell that this dog-couple had long since secretly understood each other. Where was the point of plundering what they loved? She had been cannon fodder.

"Let me go." Su Xia Yue said in a low voice.

"If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have done it this way! Hmph, it's too late for you to beg us. " Seventh Prince raised his eyebrows and snorted, completely indifferent.

"It's not a request, it's an order!"

"Hahaha, have you gone mad from fright? A trash that wasn't even a First Martial Stage practitioner dared to brazenly issue an order? You can enjoy the feeling of living a life worse than death! "

With that, the Seventh Prince carried Su Ping Ting and the both of them walked away as if there was no one around.

The reason why they did not continue to watch Su Xia Yue die so tragically under the beast's claws was because Su Xia Yue's current gaze was simply too sharp. They were afraid that that gaze would become a nightmare that they would have when they came back from their dreams in the future at midnight.

As Su Xia Yue watched the two's figures disappear in the distance, her phoenix eyes trembled, and her dark red lips gradually revealed a cold, blood-sucking smile.

Dog-man, as long as I don't die today, the one who will die in the future will be you!

Just as Su Xia Yue was trying to suppress the anger in his heart, a man dressed in iron armor walked over from behind the gigantic beast while riding a shiny, black stallion.

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