Fate-Changing Wild Consort

Historical Romance
549 Chapters
9.0 (42 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C549
Dec 12th, 03:03
"Eh, son-in-law, I haven't seen you for a while, why are you so pale?" "Bam!" Nan Gong Ling Yun didn't even have time to say a word before he fell to the ground. He fell right in front of everyone. Amidst the joyful atmosphere, Su Xia Yue finally discovered Nan Gong Ling Yun's pale face, and his body seemed to be a little strange. He immediately wanted to rush forward. "Ling Yun, Ling Yun, wha


She was an elite secret service agent known as the mother of all women. Once she transmigrated and became a good-for-nothing young miss, she was wantonly humiliated and sold cheaply! He was the number one Martial Immortal of the Kingdom of Zi Ye. It just so happened that he had a face that could turn her into ashes and make her hate him! Meeting again in a different world, it was really a narrow path for enemies to cross! But this time, it was as if he owed her something from his previous life. He wanted to curry favor with her, and he wouldn't marry anyone but her! A certain woman angrily said, "Stay away from me!" within three months, you will definitely be willing to beg me to marry this king. " Three months later … "Hello, your highness, goodbye your highness …" "Hey hey, is this' hugging a thigh 'trick of yours begging me to marry you?" No, This King will take you away with me! "


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