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Su Ping Ting who had drowned to death had her eyes bulged and her face turned pale. The terror of her appearance scared Xuan Yuan Mo Yi to the point that he was crawling all over the place.

After jumping out from the coffin, it flipped over and Su Ping Ting's corpse rolled out along with it. Especially those pair of protruding eyes, it seemed to be staring straight at Xuan Yuan Mo Yi.


He didn't care about revenge or settling debts. He picked up his clothes and ran. His guards were shouting as they chased after him, but they were unable to catch up to him.

His sorry state caused many of the people present to laugh.

Only Su Xia Yue dared to laugh: "Hahahaha, Seventh Prince, take care, don't forget to bring the marriage annulment certificate that I wrote to you!"

Everyone looked at her as if Su Xia Yue had gone insane.

But when they saw the majestic Han Dynasty with a different surname Wang Nan Gong Ling Yun, they had even wrapped their arms around her waist. They immediately understood that Ling Wang was her backer. No wonder she dared to break the engagement with the Seventh Prince, and also dared to provoke the Seventh Prince.

It was a misunderstanding. The way others looked at Su Xia Yue was as if she had started to give up and moved to Ling Wang …

Su Xia Yue was naturally dissatisfied!

"Let me go!" Su Xia Yue clenched her teeth and ordered.

Nan Gong Ling Yun did not care about Su Xia Yue's orders, he only turned and smiled to Ou Yang Jing Xian.

"Second Wife, Miss Su has just annulled her engagement and is in a bad mood. This King will take her out to relax, okay?"

"Uh …" Ou Yang Jing Xian didn't dare to say no, but she didn't want to say it out loud either.

Nan Gong Ling Yun did not need to wait for Ou Yang Jing Xian to agree, he had already tyrannically carried Su Xia Yue by the waist, and threw her onto his shoulders before taking his leave.

Ou Yang Jing Xian was dumbstruck once again

Ling Wang has his eyes on this worthless trash, Su Xia Yue?

It was just that right now, she had to retrieve her daughter's corpse and deal with Su Xia Yue's marriage annulment with Seventh Prince, she was already extremely anxious. As for the relationship between this Su Xia Yue and the Ling Wang, or what they were doing being brought out by Ling Wang, she didn't care.

The people of the Su Palace could only busy themselves with the current affairs of the moment, temporarily putting Su Xia Yue's matter behind them.

Seemingly Su Xia Yue who was kidnapped by Nan Gong Ling Yun, the whole way she struggled and roared, but to no avail …

"What are you trying to do?"

"You reckless woman, how dare you challenge the Fifth Stage Warriors. If not for Xie Yan's advance notification to this King, he would have buried you immediately."

"Who wants you to care about me? Who was it that wanted me dead in the colosseum?! One moment you're blushing, another moment you're blushing, and for whom are you going to perform a play for?"

Nan Gong Ling Yun seemed to be infuriated by Su Xia Yue's words. With a shake of his shoulder, he took the opportunity and threw her onto the ground.


She fell on a soft cushion, but didn't hurt.

Su Xia Yue stood up with a gulp, and only then did she realize that Nan Gong Ling Yun had brought her to a palace located on the mountain peak.

The hall was beautifully decorated, but there were no decorations. There were only six humanoid dummy's of equal size and different materials.

Each mannequin was more than two meters tall, made of grass, stone, iron, copper, silver, and gold. Like an exhibit, it was lined up in a row in the middle of the room, grand and magnificent. However, the eyes of these dummies were all closed, as if there was a profound entrance hidden within, causing the room to instantly appear strange and unfathomable.

Su Xia Yue noticed that in front of these six dummies, there was a jade pillar that was half a waist-high. It was glowing with a faint green light, which was also very magical.

"Where is this place?"

Su Xia Yue asked as he walked in front of the green jade pillar and curiously reached out to touch it.

"This is the biggest Divine Aura Hall in the capital since you dare to challenge the Fifth Stage Warriors's Seventh Prince, I'll just bring you here, and test if you have the talent to defeat Xuan Yuan Mo Yi!"

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