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"Once you touch the jade pillar, you will be able to start the journey of the Inherent Skill Trial! The six giants represent different levels of talent. The higher your talent, the more bogus you can open. If you reach the same level of strength, these bogus figures will still fight you! "You'd better be careful."

Nan Gong Ling Yun's voice suddenly stopped here.

Because the Su Xia Yue in front of him had carelessly touched the cyan colored jade pillar, the six bogus figures on top of the Godly Cave Hall had actually emitted a light sound.


The moment the first grass doll opened its eyes, it meant that Su Xia Yue's talent had reached grass rank. However, her spiritual energy was hollow and the grass doll only opened its eyes, not moving.


While Nan Gong Ling Yun was in shock, the second golem also completely opened its eyes.

Talent stone steps!

Being able to reach this level of Inherent Skill could already be considered one of the best in the Han Dynasty, but the fake figures in front of Su Xia Yue continued to open their eyes one after another.

Iron rank talent – Copper rank!

This kind of Inherent Skill, was rarely seen in the Han Dynasty. Was the person who tested Su Xia Yue as a loser blind? It wouldn't be too much to say that such a rare talent was exceptional …

However …

Su Xia Yue still had a normal look on her face, she even turned to ask Nan Gong Ling Yun: "What do you mean by all six of these mannequins opening their eyes?"

"Six? "Not five!"

Nan Gong Ling Yun's words were silent once again because it was exactly as Su Xia Yue said, the sixth golden person that no one had ever been able to open his eyes slowly opened them under the infusion of Su Xia Yue's spirit energy.

This was a Gold-rank, and represented a top talent!

The entire Godly Hall was illuminated by the opened eyes of the six dummy's as if Su Xia Yue's body was also releasing a dazzling light.

Nan Gong Ling Yun had to admit: "You really do have the ability to throw your life away."

To be able to reach the level of a gold-rank talent, one's future accomplishments could be said to be unprecedented. And for such an outcome to appear on this infamous trash, Su Xia Yue, was simply a joke.

Nan Gong Ling Yun, who was beginning to doubt life, hurriedly set his gaze on the cyan jade pillar.

Although being talented was good, without the support of at least one of the six elements, such as wind, fire, wood, water, earth, and thunder, she would still be at a disadvantage in battle.

As for whether or not one had a sixth-series talent, it all depended on this green jade pillar to see what the situation was.

The corresponding colors of wind, fire, wood, water, earth, and thunder were respectively, purple wind, red flame, green vine, blue wave, brown mud, and yellow light. Once the grass man, stone man, iron man, bronze man, silver man, and gold man stabilized, the green jade pillar would begin to show signs of changes.

Nan Gong Ling Yun told Su Xia Yue all of his basic knowledge. Su Xia Yue then looked at the green jade pillar with anticipation.

In a flash, the green jade pillar started to show purple marks on the surface, as if it was a piece of silk fluttering in the wind.

Wind Talent!

That's right, Nan Gong Ling Yun nodded his head, but before he could speak, he realized that the jade pillar was already changing.

Purple wind blew out, lighting up the area with a dazzling red flame. Soon after, green vines miraculously grew around the flames. The strangest thing was the black fog that faintly surrounded the red, green, and purple colors!

One jade pillar, four illusions!

Nan Gong Ling Yun was stunned by the results that he had not seen in a hundred years, and shouted excitedly: "You woman, you are truly a heaven defying person!"

Su Xia Yue was puzzled. "Is this really that powerful?"

Nan Gong Ling Yun gave Su Xia Yue a "you're very greedy" look.

"Being carried out by the three elements of wind, fire, and wood is indeed not anything special, but for the three elements of wind, fire, and wood simultaneously existing in a single person's body, it is extremely rare in the entire inherited five continents! This means that you have the qualifications to be an alchemist. If your family finds out, not only will they not look down on you, they will also be proud of you. "

"But what the hell is this black color?"

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