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Su Xia Yue worked hard for a moment and indeed, she saw two strange little flames shoot out from her palms. She flew into the furnace and started to refine the poison grass.

This was the flame that could only be triggered by a one Star Fire division master!

At this moment, from an unknown corner of the room, a light sound of breathing could suddenly be heard.

Su Xia Yue chose to ignore it and continued to use her own psychokinesis.

On her empty palm, two streams of purple wind slowly flowed out, encircling the flames and enveloping the glowing poisonous grass, merging it into one.

In that strange corner of the room, there was once again the sound of someone sucking in cold air.

Su Xia Yue's face was filled with black lines. She wished that she could rush over and uncover that fellow who had distracted her time and time again.

However, the first attempt must not be abandoned halfway! She had to continue to ignore it. Then she desperately accelerated her psychokinesis.

Seeing that the pills in the furnace had formed, Su Xia Yue continued to draw the water vapor from the furnace with her flames.

"Rise!" Su Xia Yue moaned.

For a time, purple winds violently danced, carrying five shiny black pills as they floated in the air. The interior of the room was filled with a delicate fragrance that would cause people to feel refreshed.

"Oh my god, high-quality poison pill!" And she even managed to refine five of them at once! And it was forged from a stone stove on such a rotten street. Amazing! " The shock in Su Xing He's heart could no longer be described with words.

Su Xia Yue flew towards the direction of the voice, and when she reached a corner of the room, she discovered that other than the rows and rows of spirit tablets, there was no one else.

'Could it be … '

All of the hairs on Su Xia Yue's body stood up, she slowly raised her head and looked at the sky above the Spirit Board.

She actually saw an illusionary figure. It seemed to be an old man with a kind face. He was even smiling at her.

"Little girl, you are so promising! Despite being so young, I am already a 5-star Mundane Stage apothecary. At your age, you are capable of controlling fire! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Truly, the future of the Yangtze River pushes forward the current waves."

"The previous wave died on the beach," Su Xia Yue casually replied.

"Tsk, how can you say that? I am your Old Ancestor, Su Xing He! You need to be respectful to the Old Ancestor, understand? " With Su Xing He's might, the air in the room suddenly dropped a few degrees.

Su Xia Yue shuddered, she did not plan to offend him again, if not, the smoke coming out from Su Family's ancestral grave would cause him to be extremely angry.

"Old Ancestor, what wish do you have for you to appear?"

"Of course! Your father Su Xing Long, your talent is slow, I see that your talent is not bad, and will frequently come here to refine pills, I will give you a hand! "However, remember, you can only refine pills once a day, otherwise, your body will be harmed!"

"So that's how it is. When can I see you again?"

"Just now, I sensed your powerful psychokinesis before being able to return to this place. Now that my psychokinesis has disappeared, I don't have much time left. Next time you come, I will tell you some alchemy techniques. In the future, the honor and disgrace of Su Family will rest on you!"

As the voice faded away, the figure also disappeared.

Su Xia Yue regained her senses.

I didn't promise Su Xing He that I would get the Brilliant Su Family, right? If she didn't do it, wouldn't she be lying to a ghost?

With a light smile, Su Xia Yue chose to temporarily ignore this matter. She only used a single box to store the five poisons that he had refined using the Formless Poison Scripture.

However, whether this poison was effective or not, he had to find a living creature to test it out …

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