Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C15 Chapter 15 mixing dung rice
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Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C15 Chapter 15 mixing dung rice
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C15 Chapter 15 mixing dung rice

Su Xia Yue struggled to find a mouse that was unable to test the effects of the pill. Thus, he walked out of the house in the evening and started to wander around in the Su Palace.

Mice love to stay in secluded, dirty environments.

Su Xia Yue searched around and arrived at a remote small courtyard in the Su Palace. The gate of this courtyard was tightly shut. However, the rotten and dilapidated gate was still open for the rats to enter and leave. At the entrance of the yard, there was a small dog. It was so hungry that its skin was like a bag of bones and its eyes were bulging.

When the little white dog saw it, it wagged its tail happily and barked excitedly.

"Woof woof woof!"

The weak barking sound attracted the attention of the people in the room, and they all started to ask: "Yue Er, are you here?"

How could someone live in such a place? Surprised, Su Xia Yue forgot to reply.

"Yue Er, you haven't come to see mother for two days already. Could it be that even you think Mother is blind and lose face for you?" The voice of the woman in the room trembled. It was obvious that she was very sad.

Could it be that this woman was the mother of the body's owner?

Damn it! It just so happened to be two days after his rebirth!

After coming to the Su Clan for two days, he had actually forgotten that he had a mother! Those people in the Su Clan were also very powerful. They could actually ignore someone so thoroughly, causing her to be unable to find a single trace of them.

Su Xia Yue quickly pushed open the door and entered. The scene inside the house had once again shocked her …

In front of the grass hut that swayed in the wind, a middle-aged woman sat slumped in a chair. Her eyes stared blankly at the direction of the door as tears streamed down her cheeks. However, there was a kind smile hanging on his lips.

On the stone table beside her was an untouched bowl of rancid rice covered with dog shit. Because they had been free for two days, they were so dry that they didn't even want to stop.

"Ugh!" Su Xia Yue looked at it but could not hold it back, and spat out.

"Yue Er? Are you not feeling well? No one was cleaning my house, it was very stinky. If you can't take it, go out first. After you're done, mother, you can call out to me!

As she spoke, her mother blindly reached out her hand to touch the table, as if she was trying to throw something out of the yard. However, he couldn't figure it out, and he knocked over both the bowl and cup onto the ground.

Maggots rolled out from the bottom of the cup

He had gone too far!

"Mother!" "Don't pack up. Tell me, who brought these things to you?" Su Xia Yue extended his hand and grabbed onto his mother's wrist tightly, gritting his teeth as he asked angrily.

Liu Mu Xin seemed to have sensed something, as he raised his head with a hesitant expression. He seemed to be worried about something.

Just then, heard a few sounds of laughter.

"Hehehe, Li mama, you are truly amazing. You actually dared to give First Lady such a disgusting thing to eat. No wonder you call it 'old ginger' or 'spicy ginger'!"

"Why are you laughing? Second Miss' corpse hasn't turned cold yet, and you're still in the mood to laugh? Don't you know what we're here for? "

Xiao Bi knows that we are following the orders of the Second Wife, and are here to kill the First Lady. We can let the young miss be filial for three years, and miss the good age at which we can marry the Ling Wang.

"Shh!" Li mama's cautious voice transmitted over, "Although that slut is blind, she is not deaf. Maybe she can hear us when we speak."

"Yes, yes. This servant will shut up now."

While he was speaking, he saw Li mama bringing a fourteen year old maid over.

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