Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C17 Chapter 17 rebirth
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Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C17 Chapter 17 rebirth
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C17 Chapter 17 rebirth

After receiving Su Xia Yue's guarantee, the anxious expression on Liu Mu Xin's face gradually calmed down. For some reason, she felt that the Yue Er beside her was no longer the Yue Er of before.

Seeing that Liu Mu Xin agreed, Su Xia Yue brought her and left this smelly thatched hut.

Behind her, Li mama and Xiao Bi were crazily clamoring.

"Su Xia Yue! You actually dare to give us dog shit mixed rice? Just you wait! Sooner or later, you will die in my hands! "

"Yeah, even if Li mama can't do it, Second Wife will still take care of you!"

Su Xia Yue did not turn back, but a sinister smile appeared on her cold little face.

It was unknown who would die at whose hands!

Heh heh …

Su Xia Yue and Liu Mu Xin returned to the Water Cloud Garden that originally belonged to them.

This courtyard had been left unattended for many years, and the area was overgrown with weeds. The roof was broken in a few places, and the rain poured into the house, eating away at some of the furniture. As far as the eye could see, there was only dust as thick as a fingernail. At most, it was only slightly bigger than a thatched cottage.

The only room that was slightly better was the room next door where Su Xia Yue stayed. After all, she had lived here for a few years, so she could finally enter.

After Su Xia Yue carried Liu Mu Xin back to his room, he could only help her sit on the side of his bed. Liu Mu Xin couldn't see these broken things, he could see it, and it was very annoying.

He had to do something!

At this moment, someone gently knocked on Su Xia Yue's door.

"Dong Dong Dong"

"Eldest Miss, I am Feng mama! Today, I saw that you made a ruckus in the mourning hall, and even took the initiative to end the engagement with Seventh Prince. I was especially worried about you, and wanted to see you!"

"Creak." Su Xia Yue opened the door.

She was standing right in front of mama, and her clothes were simple and exquisite. It made her look even more beautiful than before. How did it look like a girl who had just broken off her engagement?

Originally, everything was fine, but now there was actually a First Lady sitting in this room, this was not good!

"Aiya, First Miss, the Old Master and Second Wife have already said that they are not allowed to bring First Lady to Water Cloud Garden! Eldest Miss, if you do this, you will be punished! "Feng mama's face was full of worry.

Of course, Su Xia Yue knew that she had to be punished.

Just a few years ago, Liu Mu Xin suddenly contracted a strange disease, and there was no cure for the medicine or pills. Because of this, the pills refined by her father Su Xing Long were criticized by everyone. The Su Family's medicine store, Clear Feather Hall, almost closed its doors. Even the reputation of Su Family's number one alchemist family plummeted along with it.

In the end, Liu Mu Xin was deemed as an ominous person by the Taoists Ou Yang Jing Xian invited, and was forced by her mother to move to the Flower Garden to fend for herself. Adding on to the fact that the original owner of this body was a trash, Su Xing Long would completely ignore this mother and daughter.

However, the current Su Xia Yue was no longer the Su Xia Yue of the past.

She smiled and didn't take it to heart. Instead, she took out thirty silver and gave it to Feng mama.

"Find some people and fix this Water Cloud Garden. We will change all the broken furniture as well. Since today, Mother and I have been living here for a long time!" If you have excess silver, I'll give it to you as your subsidy. "

"Eldest Miss, where did you get so much silver?"

mama looked at the real silver in his hands and immediately opened his mouth wide in disbelief.

In this Han Dynasty, one tael of silver was equivalent to two hundred yuan of Su Xia Yue's age, and thirty taels was equivalent to six thousand yuan. It was definitely not a small amount.

As a First Rated nanny, Feng mama's monthly salary was only eight taels of silver. Aside from expenses and sending it back to his hometown, he only had three taels of silver left. Even she felt pressured by Su Xia Yue's thirty silver.

"My mother saved it." Su Xia Yue purposely raised his voice.

In actuality, the three taels of silver under Liu Mu Xin's bed had long been turned into three stones by Li mama. However, Su Xia Yue told Liu Mu Xin that she had received silver.

Liu Mu Xin who could not see could only rely on hearing. She really thought that Feng mama would only take the three taels of silver she had saved to find someone to repair Water Cloud Garden.

mama did not say it out loud. She only looked at Su Xia Yue, who had acted decisively, as if it was the first time she had met her. Her eyes revealed shock, and even reverence, from the bottom of her heart.

"Yes, this old servant will do it right away!" I guarantee that it will be done within three days. "

"Go." Su Xia Yue trusted in the Feng mama.

In the morning, in the mourning hall, she was the only one who asked questions about herself and her mother. She even revealed a worried expression when she saw herself being kidnapped by the Ling Wang. It was just that she didn't dare to fight back because of those words.

One day, she would definitely let all those who cared for her have some honor!

Not long after Su Xia Yue and Liu Mu Xin returned to the Water Cloud Garden, the acupoints on the bodies of the Li mama and Xiao Bi automatically opened up.

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