Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C18 Chapter 18 the taste is so heavy
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Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C18 Chapter 18 the taste is so heavy
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C18 Chapter 18 the taste is so heavy

The two of them stayed in place and retched for a while, then quickly ran back to Ou Yang Jing Xian's courtyard. When they entered the house, the two of them fought to be the first to complain.

"Second Wife, you have to avenge us. After we went to the Flowerless Courtyard, not only did she force me and Li mama to eat dog shit, she even took us away!"

"Yeah, Second Wife, that Su Xia Yue is going against the heavens, he actually dared to move back to Water Cloud Garden with Liu Mu Xin!"

Ou Yang Jing Xian, who was still crying tears because of his daughter's death heard this. He was so angry that he could not catch it in one breath.

"Cough cough cough, what did you say?"

"Mother, calm down!" "Don't be like this."

"That's right, don't be angry mother. Big sister just got buried. If you had another good thing to do, then this big house would have really been turned upside down!"

Su Zi Xuan and Su Jiang Xia who were at the side comforted Ou Yang Jing Xian and massaged his back at the same time. When Su Zi Xuan and Su Jiang Xia calmed her down, Ou Yang Jing Xian immediately flew into the air and slammed the table angrily.

"Bring me to Liu Mu Xin, that mother and daughter! Not fighting for three days, and thinking of rebelling again! "

"Yes sir!" Li mama smiled and prepared to lead the way.

However, after just taking a step, his legs slanted and he directly fell at Ou Yang Jing Xian's feet. His face was filled with terror as his body stiffened.

Ou Yang Jing Xian was so shocked that his face turned pale, and he almost jumped up. Turning her head, she questioned Xiao Bi: "What happened to Li mama?"

"I don't know either!"

Before Xiao Bi could finish his words, he had mysteriously collapsed as well. His entire face was filled with fear and he died suddenly.


The servants and maids in the room were immediately frightened, even Su Zi Xuan, Ou Yang Jing Xian and the two others were so scared that their faces turned pale.

It had only been three days of hard work!

There were only three people that died in the Immortal Moon Garden. What kind of evil aura did they have?

Ou Yang Jing Xian thought about it, and felt that this was too much of a coincidence. Furthermore, the Li mama had sent someone to investigate, saying that the person who sold Baitang to the brothel was a young girl, and that the girl could only be this Su Xia Yue!

Now, even if it wasn't Su Xia Yue, she must kill Su Xia Yue and Liu Mu Xin before the old master comes back!

Angry and anxious, Ou Yang Jing Xian did not even have the corpses of Li mama and Xiao Bi. He only ordered someone to look for the coroner to examine the corpse of the Su residence. At the same time, he had also ordered people to call Su Xia Yue and Liu Mu Xin over.

After half an hour, the coroner's examination was completed, and the two corpses were carried out of Second Wife's courtyard. It was only then that he saw Su Xia Yue walking over leisurely.

Ou Yang Jing Xian immediately asked, "Speak, how did you kill Li mama and Xiao Bi?"

Su Xia Yue stood in front of Ou Yang Jing Xian, and was composed: "Second Mother, do not wrongly accuse me, it was only then that I found out that Li mama and Xiao Bi died, and he died in your house, you actually said that I killed him?"

Hearing that Su Xia Yue still dared to quibble, Ou Yang Jing Xian immediately grabbed the coroner's collar and asked: "Tell me, how did Li mama and Xiao Bi die?"

The coroner stuttered as he was scared.

"Reporting to Second Wife, there are no signs of poison on the bodies of this Li mama and Xiao Bi, they only found stale food in their stomachs, and dog shit mixed in the food."

Hearing that, Su Xia Yue could not help but burst out laughing.

"I never thought that the Li mama and Xiao Bi would have such a heavy taste. Stealing dog poop to eat, you're so full!"

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