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Under the bright light of the sun, the Seventh Prince and Su Ping Ting were entangled and nibbling in the alley behind the back door of the Su Palace. The experienced Xuan Yuan Mo Yi soon made Su Ping Ting gasp for breath.

When they were about to reach the main topic, Su Ping Ting suddenly refused to budge, trying her best to pull the messy dress over her body.

"No, no, no, mother said that we must protect Mo Yi's body before we get married. Since my sister is dead, you should come and cancel the engagement tomorrow. You can marry me in a few days, so why be so hasty?"

"You!" Xuan Yuan Mo Yi was sulking.

However, with a beauty in his embrace and him looking pitifully at her, he could not bear to twist the melon. He could only endure the rage in his heart and reluctantly agree.

"Alright! Tomorrow, I will come and cancel Su Xia Yue's engagement, you must wait for me to break your body so that you won't offend anyone else. "

"Look at what you're talking about, how could I possibly be one of those girls who are in cahoots with others."

Su Ping Ting was ashamed and angry at the same time, she pretended to punch Xuan Yuan Mo Yi twice. It made Xuan Yuan Mo Yi burst out laughing, as he left with an itch in his heart.

Su Xia Yue's cold eyes turned cold!

You want to trample on my corpse and fulfill your wish?

None at all!

In the blink of an eye, Su Xia Yue charged forward silently. With the speed of lightning, she slashed down at the back of Su Ping Ting's neck. That Su Ping Ting did not even manage to see who attacked her clearly before she weakly fell to the ground.

Xie Yan was stunned.

She, who was just a good-for-nothing with no spirit energy, had actually managed to knock out Su Ping Ting, who was a Level 2 Warrior! This skill was something even he was ashamed of.

Under Xie Yan's gaze of looking up, Su Xia Yue did not have the slightest hint of arrogance, but instead, looked coldly at Su Ping Ting who had collapsed below his feet.

After a moment, the killing intent in her eyes faded as her dark red lips revealed a strange smile.

Bending her body, she quickly carried Su Ping Ting up and threw her into the carriage Xie Yan had brought her to. After that, they sat in the carriage as well.

"You, take the carriage to the nearest brothel."

"Miss Su Su, what are you planning to do?" Xie Yan asked Su Xia Yue in shock.

"Don't mind what I do, from now on, you have to do as I say!" Otherwise, I won't go back to the Su Clan. You won't be able to complete your mission, so it's not good for me to go back and explain it to your prince. " Su Xia Yue threatened.

This was the first time Xie Yan was threatened by someone, but no matter what, this threat was effective.

He listened to the orders and drove the carriage to the brothel which was closest to the Su Palace, Mirror Moon Tower. According to Su Xia Yue's instructions, he sold Su Ping Ting to the brothel's Brothel Keeper for a hundred silver coins.

Within the second floor of the Mirror Moon Restaurant.

Lying on the bed was the unconscious Su Ping Ting. Su Xia Yue and the old procuress sat in front of the round table beside the bed. Xie Yan pretended to be Su Xia Yue's guard and stood behind her, watching as she came forward to negotiate with the old procuress.

"I can return you 50 silver, but the condition is that I have to find a guest for Su Ping Ting to break his body right now."

"Yo, it looks like this lady has a deep grudge against you!"

"Cut the crap, do you want to do it or not?"

"Do it!" Do it! If you have money, you won't earn it, you son of a b * tch! "Hehehe …"

The old procuress didn't know Su Ping Ting, nor did she know her.

After a while, the old procuress found a middle-aged man and entered Su Ping Ting's room. Then, she would stand together with Su Xia Yue at a corner of the hall and pay the bill.

When the delicate sound of panting came out, Su Xia Yue raised her head and looked coldly at the room. Just like how Su Ping Ting had seen her in the Beast Battling Arena.

And this was only the first step in her revenge.

"Ding Ling", the bell outside the Moon Reflection Restaurant's door was knocked on by the customers who came in.

Su Xia Yue quickly pulled Xie Yan to a corner and turned her head. The customer was actually Xuan Yuan Mo Yi!

He rushed in with an anxious look on his face, and summoned the bawd to him in a familiar manner, asking for the first girl as soon as he opened his mouth.

"Pfft" Su Xia Yue could not hold back her laughter.

This Xuan Yuan Mo Yi must have come to the Mirror Moon Restaurant to have fun due to his burning desire. To think that he had previously agreed to marry Su Ping Ting. He turned around to crawl into another woman's bed. He really was a complete scum of a man, a perfect match for Su Ping Ting!

There was no such thing as coincidence.

The unconscious Su Ping Ting was forcefully awakened by the pain due to the pain from her body being destroyed. As a Second Martial Stage practitioner, she immediately kicked the client out of the room.

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