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After the sound of the door being broken, Su Ping Ting rushed out, her clothes in disarray and her eyes filled with tears. She lowered her head and ran towards the entrance of the Mirror Moon Restaurant. When she was passing through the hall, she coincidentally bumped into Xuan Yuan Mo Yi who was hugging his first card and was about to go for a ride.

"Why are you here?"

Su Ping Ting and Xuan Yuan Mo Yi spoke at the same time, their faces filled with shock.

It was just that in this world where males were above females, it was understandable for Xuan Yuan Mo Yi to look for females.

Especially the half-naked client who chased after Su Ping Ting as if he wanted to break her clothes. He dragged and tugged at Su Ping Ting.

"You bitch, what are you kicking me for? Weren't we enjoying it just now? Seeing this pretty boy, you're going to despise me? "

"Scram, don't speak nonsense, I don't know you!" Su Ping Ting was so anxious that her heart was on fire. She gathered all the spirit energy in her hand for a full-force attack and sent the client flying out of the door. Once she escaped, she flew towards Xuan Yuan Mo Yi and firmly hugged onto his thighs.

"Wuwu, Mo Yi, you have to be my judge. I was framed!"

"At least I know you. You are simply an ignorant woman. From now on, don't ever appear in front of me again. If you do, I'll beat you up once more. Scram!"

Xuan Yuan Mo Yi's face turned green, he gave Su Ping Ting a slap and then extended his leg to kick Su Ping Ting.

The oath that was just in her ears a moment ago, had now completely vanished, leaving behind only the furious figure of Xuan Yuan Mo Yi's back as he left. Su Ping Ting chased crazily, unwilling to give up, and got scolded by Xuan Yuan Mo Yi as a whore. All of a sudden, it became a shocking gossip in the streets.

Su Ping Ting knew very well that this woman's reputation had far surpassed his, and now that she was in ruins, it was no wonder that she had been abandoned by the Seventh Prince. She returned to the Su residence as if she was escaping from a helpless situation.

Xuan Yuan Mo Yi also had a face full of anger, as if he had stepped on sh * t.

Within a single day, Su Xia Yue gazed at Su Ping Ting and Xuan Yuan Mo Yi's figures that were walking far away for the second time, but they had already parted ways!

She weighed the 50 taels of silver in her hands and turned around, smiling as she told Xie Yan.

"Looks like I'll be able to take revenge soon. Your Prince won't have the chance to kill me."


Xie Yan looked at Su Xia Yue speechlessly. Even the heavens were helping her, but in just half a day, she had taken apart this adulterous couple. How could such meticulous and terrifying revenge be the legendary trash, Su Xia Yue?

After the astonishment, Xie Yan looked at Su Xia Yue with eyes full of respect.

When he brought Su Xia Yue back to the Su Palace for the second time, he would immediately return to the Duke Palace to report the entire matter.

Ling Mansion, study room.

After hearing Xie Yan's description, the usually calm Nan Gong Ling Yun could not help but freeze for a moment, then revealed a deep smile.

"This woman, if she didn't run into evil, then she must have been acting too arrogantly."

If it really is a disguise, then this Su Xia Yue will definitely have a bright future, it's just that as the direct daughter of the Su Family, she represents the Su Palace! At that time, whoever she marries will be on the side of the Su family, one of the Seven Great Families. Your Highness, should we take precautions and eliminate the roots first? " Staff officer Su Zi Zhe, who was beside Nan Gong Ling Yun, could not help but remind him.

When he saw the prince's handsome eyebrows furrow, his face was covered in dark clouds, and the tactful Su Zizhe immediately went silent.

The study room was quiet for a long time before Nan Gong Ling Yun put down the brush in his hand and spoke again.

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