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"Xie Yan, continue to keep an eye on Su Xia Yue. If she makes any movements, report to me immediately."

"Yes!" "My lord." Xie Yan respectfully lowered his head, and at the same time, heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the Duke didn't tell him to go kill Su Xia Yue, otherwise, he wouldn't even be able to be sure if he would be able to do it or not.

Su Xia Yue, who still did not know that she had stepped through the gates of hell, had almost followed Su Ping Ting back to the Su Palace.

Only, Su Ping Ting felt that she did not have the face to meet others, and chose to walk on paths that were secluded and devoid of people. Furthermore, due to her unstable mental state, she actually did not notice that Su Xia Yue was following her.

Along the way, the Su Residence was filled with pavilions, fake mountains, strange rocks, and beautiful flowers. Every courtyard in the mansion had a servant girl and a mama taking care of the living. Aside from the guard at the back door who was relaxing, teams of guards with three to five people could be seen scurrying past from time to time.

Looks like the Su Family I reincarnated into is a huge, wealthy family.

At this moment, it seemed that no one in the entire Su Clan knew of her disappearance, and everything went on as usual. Only the abnormal was stopped by the mama in the courtyard when she went back inside her room.

"Second Miss, didn't you personally bring Su Xia Yue out to kill her to vent your hatred? What had happened? "You, why did you come back like this?"

"Don't mention that bitch! She must be dead, but I don't know who plotted against me when I returned. I don't even have my innocence anymore … Wuuuuuuu!

"Huh?" Li mama's face changed drastically as she dragged Su Ping Ting into the house, "Hurry and tell Second Wife about this!"

"Li mama begs you, don't tell my mother!"

Su Ping Ting refused to give in, who knew that Li mama was actually an expert, her strength was so strong that even Su Ping Ting could not resist her. She was directly dragged to a room not too far away, before entering, Li mama had already forced back the servants and servants in the courtyard. The courtyard door was also locked. Other than Su Xia Yue who was hiding behind a well, there was no one else in the large courtyard of Second Wife.

The Second Mother was also involved in the murder of her? How many people in the Su Palace wanted to kill Su Xia Yue?

It seemed that although the Su residence was huge, it was like a pool of dirty water, filled with hidden murderous intent!

Su Xia Yue squinted, and her bright eyes revealed a strange coldness.

The doors and windows were already closed, and the good show was over. Su Xia Yue turned around and left, quietly making other preparations. But right now, in order to prevent the Second Branch from finding out, she had yet to reveal herself.

After walking around, she directly entered Su Ping Ting's room that had no one guarding it.

Once inside, she looked around the room.

It was a spacious boudoir, and the entire room was exquisite and ornate, not vulgar. Within the house, there was a soft couch, a small table, a bonsai, and antiques. Just by looking at their craftsmanship, one could tell that each and every one of them was extremely valuable.

Even a concubine had been given such preferential treatment, and his daughter was actually sold to a beast fighting ring? The heavens were truly unable to tolerate this!

After a long time, Su Xia Yue finally managed to suppress the anger in her heart. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of the dressing table in the corner of the room.

She hadn't even seen what she looked like in this life!

In the mirror, Su Xia Yue was demure, her skin as cold as frost, a tinge of natural delicacy within her fair skin. Under her long ink-like eyebrows were a pair of slightly rippling eyes that possessed a unique charm. She looked almost the same as she did in her previous life.

Although she was still a bit thin and weak right now, she would definitely be able to maintain her body in a more well-proportioned and beautiful state for a few days. Su Xia Yue was very satisfied with her looks. If she wanted to take revenge, this was the only chance she had.

However …

Right now, she had to make herself look bad!

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