Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C7 Chapter 7 - phantoms and phantoms
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Fate-Changing Wild Consort/C7 Chapter 7 - phantoms and phantoms
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C7 Chapter 7 - phantoms and phantoms

Su Xia Yue brought mud and chicken blood on his face. His hair was disheveled as well, and he went to change into a plain, simple skirt. Walk out of the house as lightly as possible

Right now, it was the Moon's Hanging Branch, a cool breeze and Xu Fu.

In the dead of night in the Su residence, there were only three to five guards still patrolling outside. Their guard was extremely relaxed.

Su Xia Yue effortlessly scurried into Second Aunt's courtyard. Through the window, he could hear Second Aunt's sarcastic and sarcastic curses, as well as Su Ping Ting's dying whimpers.

"You shameless bitch. Now that the streets know that you're a ruined flower, even if you can't get married in the future, you'll be in trouble. If people say that you've caused your little sister, Zi Xuan, to become a disgrace, then you're really dead!"

"Mom, it really wasn't me who went looking for a man. I was framed, wuuuuuuuuuu!"

"Then let me ask you, who framed you? Why couldn't you tell me who?"

"This …"

Su Ping Ting was speechless for a while, after racking his brains, he still couldn't think of someone in the Su Palace who would dare to mess with her like that.

Her mother, Ou Yang Jing Xian, was actually more experienced than Su Ping Ting. After calming down, she turned her head and instructed Li mama.

"Go and ask the old procuress at the Mirror Moon Restaurant, who sold her!" Go to the Beast Fighting Arena and ask if the Su Xia Yue that was sent to them was dead or not! Finally, we can find out who there is relationship between Liu Mu Xin and her daughter in the mansion, and then we can make a list of names to submit to us. "

"Yes, this old servant will send someone to do it in a while!" Hearing that, Li mama nodded his head, his eyes filled with admiration.

As expected, old ginger was spicier!

Ou Yang Jing Xian calmed himself down. Although he was angry, he still pitied his daughter and scolded her and beat her up. Right now, he was just thinking of how he could help her hide from the world.

"Listen up, your father will be back for a few days to harvest the Radix Atractylodes chinensis. In these few days, stay in the manor and don't go anywhere else!" "When the news has passed, we will fight to the death and refuse to admit it. After three to five years, Mother will find a good family for you to marry into."

"Wuuuuuuu, didn't you want me to snatch the Seventh Prince away? Now that Su Xia Yue is dead, then I … "

"Shut up! You want to talk about the Seventh Prince? You're not even as good as that trash Su Xia Yue! Tomorrow morning, I will go to the palace to look for Seventh Prince to plead for mercy. I hope that he won't reveal this matter to my family and Su Family out of respect for them.

"Yes, mother."

In a dark corner, Su Xia Yue sneered. You still want to get married? None at all!

Relieved, Su Ping Ting walked out of the house and went around the courtyard in circles.

When she thought about how she would be broken in the day, how she would be abandoned, and how she would have to live in the dark like a rat crossing a street in the future, she lost her soul. They had no idea that Su Xia Yue was already following them.

With a tap of Su Xia Yue's toes, he agilely jumped out and silently swam to Su Ping Ting's left and right, appearing and disappearing mysteriously. He would only let Su Ping Ting see his own clothes from time to time, and then call out to her in a miserable voice.

"White, white"

"Who?" Su Ping Ting regained his senses and looked around in panic.

In reality, she had already recognized that it was Su Xia Yue's voice from a long time ago. But wasn't Su Xia Yue already dead? How could he still hear her voice?

"I died a miserable death!"

"Su Xia Yue? You, don't come over here, I'm in trouble, please spare me! "

Su Xia Yue's startled voice, in addition to his ghost-like movements, frightened Su Ping Ting quite a bit.

Su Ping Ting immediately covered his head and squatted down, leaving even the strength of a Level 2 Warrior behind. One had to know, with her spirit energy, a mere move of her fingers would be able to eliminate Su Xia Yue. Otherwise, Su Xia Yue would not have come looking for her in such a roundabout way.

"If I spare you, who will forgive me?"

"You're not dead?"

Su Ping Ting reacted and tried to counterattack, but was taken advantage of by Su Xia Yue, who dodged it nimbly. He had even pointed at Su Ping Ting's acupoints. When Su Ping Ting could no longer stand upright, he fell face-first into the pond beside the corridor.

"Gulp. Gulp." The bubbles on the surface of the pond gradually decreased until they disappeared.

Su Xia Yue then shouted out: "Oh no, Second Miss jumped and committed suicide!"

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