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Hearing that, the lights in the Second Aunt's courtyard were lit up first, with the support of the Li mama, Ou Yang Jing Xian quickly rushed over, at the same time, several night watchmen rushed over.

Only after hearing the sound of wailing did Su Xia Yue, who was in the dark, leave with a cold smile.

She was a person without the slightest bit of spirit energy. Not to mention others, even she herself found it hard to believe that she could kill a Second Martial Stage practitioner.

However, she did it!

Back at the colosseum, she had told him that as long as she didn't die today, they would be the ones to die! Now, there was only Xuan Yuan Mo Yi left! Furthermore, according to her agreement with Nan Gong Ling Yun, she would only have two days to kill Xuan Yuan Mo Yi, if her luck wasn't too bad.

That night, Su Ping Ting's death caused a ruckus in the Su Palace.

Madam and maidservants had been informed. However, it was the Su Palace's eldest daughter, Su Xia Yue. Because she was insignificant, not to mention that no one had noticed her disappearance, even her own room had never been entered before.

She was also enjoying her leisure as she slept comfortably in Su Ping Ting's room.

In the dream, she saw all sorts of things that the original owner had experienced in the Su Family, adding onto her body like a nightmare. When she woke up, her nightgown was soaked with cold sweat.

However, this also wasn't a fake dream, which allowed her to get a general idea of the situation within the Su residence.

"Drip, drip, drip." The sound of suona swishing could be heard.

Su Xia Yue looked up, the genius had lit up a little, and Su Family had started to play a funeral song?

When she walked out to take a look, the entire Su residence was covered in white silk, both inside and outside. It was filled with flower wreaths. Even the coffin containing Su Ping Ting's corpse was placed in the Su Palace's main hall.

Ironically, these things were originally prepared for Su Xia Yue by Ou Yang Jing Xian. She never thought that they would be used by her own daughter first. The pain the white-haired man gave to the black-haired man caused Ou Yang Jing Xian to cry her heart out in the mourning hall.

"Mom, don't be too sad, your little brother and I will take care of you!"

"Sister-in-law, you have to restrain your grief. Don't ruin your crying! My big brother is out and will take a few days to come back. You are the one who is supporting the most important things in this house, so you can't let anything happen to him."

"That's right, sister. If you had cried yourself to death and the master had come back, he would have thought that I had not comforted you well!"

Everyone was busy comforting Second Wife Ou Yang Jing Xian. After all, she had the power to control the rear courtyard of the Su Palace in her hands.

And First Lady, also known as Su Xia Yue's mother, had been blinded by an accident. After being out of favour for so many years, no one bothered about being abandoned in the deserted western courtyard. This time, besides not informing Su Xia Yue of her death, no one else informed Su Xia Yue's mother.

Su Xia Yue was only concerned with taking revenge, she was one step ahead of them, so she squatted at the corner of the beam, and observed the people in the mourning hall.

Second Mother Ou Yang Jing Xian and Third Mother Chi Wen Zhen were crying by the coffin. Ou Yang Jing Xian's daughter Su Zi Xuan and son Su Jiang Xia, as well as her daughter Su Duo and son Su Wan Rong, were standing at the entrance of the mourning hall. They welcomed Eldest Uncle's family, Second Uncle Su Shuang Qiao's family, as well as Third Aunt Su Mu Xiao and Third Uncle Nie Xia Jiang's family who had been married into the Su Family.

When most of their relatives and friends had arrived, the Feng mama among them, who had taken care of Su Xia Yue for a few days, started to feel puzzled.

"Why are there no First Lady and Big Miss?"

"Shut up, these days they've been making you sad, sister-in-law. Why are you still bringing up that pair of berserk stars?" Su Mu Xiao immediately berated Feng mama.

"Yes yes, then we won't wait for them." The quiet Feng mama was immediately silenced.

Once everything was ready, the sacrificial ceremony began!

Ou Yang Jing Xian threw himself onto the coffin, wiping her tears. Just as she was about to speak, a notification came from the door.

"Seventh Prince has arrived!"

Before the people in the mourning hall could kneel down, Seventh Prince walked in quickly. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

When he entered, without saying a word, he took out a marriage annulment certificate and threw it in front of Ou Yang Jing Xian.

"Since she is already dead, I will forget about the marriage agreement!"

"This …"

Ou Yang Jing Xian lowered her head to look at the marriage annulment certificate that Seventh Prince had written for her. His originally mournful face suddenly turned gray, full of awkwardness.

That's right, she had told the Seventh Prince yesterday that she wanted to kill Su Xia Yue, and the arrangement for setting up the spirit hall and annulling the engagement was all in accordance with the agreement. He must have thought that the Spirit Palace was Su Xia Yue's Spirit Palace.


He had seen a ghost. The one who died was her own daughter! Not to mention that they had delayed the announcement of Su Xia Yue's death, the Seventh Prince had come to their doorstep ahead of time to end the engagement.

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