Ferocious Princess/C11 A little bit tempted
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Ferocious Princess/C11 A little bit tempted
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C11 A little bit tempted

"Zhuo Fei Yan?"

Fei Yan was slightly taken aback. The name seemed to suit her.

She was an orphan and had been sent to the training camp to receive hellish special training. She only had her name was Fei Yan, but never had a surname.

Seeing her cold expression, Zhuo Lei tactfully said: "Fei Yan, rest well. Fourth Brother went out first. In two days, Fourth Brother will bring you out to play if your body is better! "

"Going out to play?"

Fei Yan was slightly tempted.

She wasn't really going to play!

Only by going out to see and contact the world would he be able to understand this world better.

Fei Yan replied: "Fourth Brother. "Actually, my body has already recovered quite a bit."

Zhuo Lei laughed: "Don't be impatient. Let's rest for two more days. You said that you used to live in the desolate mountains and there were few people around. In terms of language, you still have some obstacles. In these two days, if you rest and communicate with others, the obstacles will naturally be eliminated. If you think you need help, Fourth Brother can help you invite a teacher to come back and teach you. "

Fei Yan said: "Thank you, Fourth Brother. "There's no need."

Her language talent was extremely high and there were basically no obstacles for her to communicate with others. It was just that she had just learned how to speak and her vocabulary was low. Furthermore, she was also a bit unfamiliar.

Zhuo Lei laughed honestly: "Foolish Fei Yan! I'm your brother, it's been so many years since we've met, Fourth Brother naturally wants to make up for the hardships you've suffered in the past few years by being nice to you, you still say thanks, aren't you being too polite? "

Fei Yan said: "In the future, Fei Yan will not say thank you anymore."

Zhuo Lei said: "That's right! Hehe! There are so many things to do in the Palace, Fourth Brother won't disturb your rest any longer. Rest well for two days. You'll be busy in two days. "

Fei Yan asked: What are you busy with?

Zhuo Lei smiled mysteriously: "It is kept a secret! You'll know when the time comes! You're so smart, you must be... Hehe! Fourth Brother has left! I'll come see you in two days! "

Just as Zhuo Lei walked to the doorstep, he met the oncoming Madam Xiao.

Madam Xiao was Zhuo Gonggui's concubine. Although she was helped to become his legal wife after the death of the main wife, because she was born into a poor family, her position was low, so even when she became the main wife, she did not have any status in the Zhuo Family. She did not receive any respect from others and even had to do some menial work.

"Good morning, Madam Xiao."

Zhuo Lei took the initiative to greet him. He was the only person in the Palace who didn't mind the fact that Madam Xiao was born with a lowly origin.

"Greetings, Fourth Young Master."

Although Madam Xiao was the stepmother, in terms of status, Zhuo Lei was the master and she was a servant, she naturally had to pay respects to Zhuo Lei.

"Is the Madam here to see Fei Yan again?"


"Madam, thank you for your concern. I am afraid that I have been too busy these few days, I will have to trouble Madam to take care of Fei Yan, she is not used to the environment here! "

"Yes." "Fourth Young Master."

Zhuo Lei left a few words behind before quickly leaving.

Madam Xiao was a very kind and honest woman, in her forties, she was already the age of the yellow-faced female. However, she still retained her looks, and it was likely that she was a beauty when she was young.

"Miss." Madam Xiao walked in.

"Madam, please take a seat. There's no need to stand on ceremony with me. "

Fei Yan followed Zhuo Lei and called her Madam. It was hard for her to understand why in this world, a stepmother still had to greet the children of her ex-wife.

"Yes." Miss. Miss, have you been having a bad appetite these past few days? "I saw that the young miss has never touched any of the dishes delivered by the kitchen!"

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